Haganai - SPOILER: Yukimura's Bathtime Secret - Official Redband Clip
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SPOILER: Yukimura's Bathtime Secret - Official Redband Clip

Clip  | TV-MA

Yukimura and Kodaka get busy in the bath. Let's face it, Yukimura, we kind of knew all along.

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To: The Neighbors Club

From: Student Council Reps

Re: Club Guidelines

It has come to our attention that your club—officially formed with the goal of “making friends”—has been taking part in questionable behaviors on campus. We’d like to remind you that none of the following are approved club activities:

- Stalking (especially taking candid photos of your peers)
- Playing inappropriate video games
- Watching anime involving adult themes
- The creation of time machines

While we applaud your creative efforts in making a movie about intergalactic samurai robot wars, please note that the costumes do not fit our dress code. In addition, we have reports of brewing drama between Yozora and Sena regarding Kodaka—including the fact that an engagement has taken place. Please fill out required paperwork if the chapel needs to be reserved.

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