.hack//G.U. Trilogy - The Movie
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.hack//G.U. Trilogy
The Movie

Trailer  | TV-14

.hack was – and to this day, still is – more than just an anime. It’s a transformative entertainment experience that transformed an entire generation’s view of the world. This wildly-successful franchise gave us all the chance to escape. Thanks to .hack, we no longer have to settle for being normal. We can delve into The World in search of adventure. We can run dungeons, collect treasure, and lose ourselves in virtual labyrinths. Each installment of this classic franchise is a melding of future and past where the rules of reality no longer apply. After all these years, .hack remains our ticket to the wired world, and we can’t wait to log back in.

Haseo embarks on a quest to avenge a fallen friend. Accompanied by Atoli, Haseo must unlock the mystery behind a computer glitch capable of leaving players comatose. Can the two allies work together to prevent The World from falling into an eternal slumber – or will vengeance blind them to the danger lurking everywhere?

Official Site: www.funimation.com/shows/hackgu-trilogy

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