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From the Creators of Robotech and Escaflowne

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Mystery,Romance,Sci Fi,Space
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26

9 out of 10.

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In the dark reaches of time and space, an age of oppression smothered the masses… A revolution stirs as the People’s Army rises up to begin their march toward freedom. Led by Michel Volban, a heroic rebel of stout heart, they seek a true victory for the people! They seek to cast off the reigns of the self-proclaimed Holy Emperor, Vetti Sforza. Head of a corrupt ruling class, Vetti will attempt to unite the very heavens under his rule!

As a hero is sought from among the stars, one arrives with the glint of glass against the galaxies. Cleo Corbeille – Pilot of a sleek battleship of long lost technologies and its rogue crew of pirates, descendent of the fallen Royal Family. Together, they might fail, but they will not go quietly!

Two men, two souls, both driven by the same prophecy…

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  • Like a Shooting Star
    Episode 1 - Like a Shooting Star

    Heroic Michel Volban leads the People’s Army on a march toward freedom. But unless a hero arrives to join the fight, the rebellion stands little chance against the might of the Imperial Fleet.

  • Like the Wind
    Episode 2 - Like the Wind

    All seems lost for the People’s Army until the arrival of a sleek battleship bearing the crest of the Royal Family! Hope dissipates when these saviors turn out to be no better than pirates.

  • Like Destiny
    Episode 3 - Like Destiny

    On a desolate planet populated by the scum of the universe, Michel follows Cleo into the mountains and challenges him to a duel.

  • Like Scars
    Episode 4 - Like Scars

    After Cleo crosses swords with Vetti Sforza in a dusty tavern, the duel spills into the streets and continues in the skies. Escape seems hopeless when the Imperial Fleet arrives.

  • Like a Mask
    Episode 5 - Like a Mask

    The pirates give the Imperial Fleet a taste of the Royal Family’s technology. With a truce reached between Cleo and Michel, a course is set for the stronghold of the People’s Army.

  • Like a Clown
    Episode 6 - Like a Clown

    A battle-damaged transport ship carries a surprise: Michel’s long missing brother. Reeling from shock, the wounded man claims no knowledge of the sibling standing before him.

  • Like a Rebuke
    Episode 7 - Like a Rebuke

    Michel Volban returns to the base of the People’s Army and introduces Cleo as their savior - but the pirate is concerned only with his reward.

  • Like the Truth
    Episode 8 - Like the Truth

    Aristocratic forces perpetrate an all out offensive against the rebellion, and Cleo rallies the troops with his expert tactics. As the fires of war are flamed, a hero rises.

  • Like Constant Change
    Episode 9 - Like Constant Change

    Shrewd political maneuvering could shape the outcome of the war, so both sides race across the stars to plead their case to a woman who holds much power and territory.

  • Like a Demon
    Episode 10 - Like a Demon

    B.B. plays the Holy Empire and the People’s Army against each other, but her eventual support may not matter. In a distant cathedral, a young lady struggles as politics and love clash.

  • Like a Hungry Wolf
    Episode 11 - Like a Hungry Wolf

    As Vetti’s battleships remind the territorial lords of the consequences of siding with the People’s Army, he reveals the horrors that shaped him to his soon-to-be bride.

  • Like the Setting Sun
    Episode 12 - Like the Setting Sun

    War has erupted among the stars! Vetti proves that even peace can be used as a weapon, and when the seemingly unbreakable is shattered, the Holy Empire takes control.

  • Like a Labyrinth
    Episode 13 - Like a Labyrinth

    The history of Michel Volban’s desperate search for one that would lead the People’s Army is revisited, as well as Cleo and Vetti’s fateful first meeting.

  • Like Daybreak
    Episode 14 - Like Daybreak

    The People’s Army is no more. Michel is in Vetti’s custody and wounded Cleo wakes in prison under the watchful eye of the feared Doctor Muscat.

  • Like Majesty
    Episode 15 - Like Majesty

    Cleo’s escape plan finds a valuable ally hidden away in the prison. Meanwhile, with so much lost, Michel tries to escape the feeling that the revolution has failed.

  • Like an Epoch
    Episode 16 - Like an Epoch

    Deep within the prison, Cleo hides with an old man who was banished by the Cross-Star Church.

  • Like an Embrace
    Episode 17 - Like an Embrace

    Having escaped captivity, Cleo has many questions for the Admiral. The tale of love and loss that spins from the old man’s lips stirs the royal blood in Cleo’s heart.

  • Like Flight
    Episode 18 - Like Flight

    Cleo and the Admiral scour the hostile landscape for any means of escaping the planet. Meanwhile, Sylvia has infiltrated Vetti’s fortress - but freeing Michel may prove impossible.

  • Like a Lion
    Episode 19 - Like a Lion

    The old Admiral must find an escape route through the swarm of enemy ships choking the atmosphere. Sacrifices must be endured if victory is to be achieved.

  • Like a Royal Road
    Episode 20 - Like a Royal Road

    Michel pilots Cleo’s ship across the stars, trying to break free of Vetti’s armada! Meanwhile, Pope Gorna reveals a shocking family secret to his daughter.

  • Like a House of Cards
    Episode 21 - Like a House of Cards

    As the leaders of the People’s Army take shelter in BB’s territory, Vetti unleashes chaos on Bardeaux. When the smoke clears, a powerful new ally takes up arms.

  • Like Adoration
    Episode 22 - Like Adoration

    A look back at Eimer’s life reveals the forces of fate that brought the little pilot under the guiding hand of a stoic space pirate!

  • Like Scarlet
    Episode 23 - Like Scarlet

    Without the power of the territorial lords, Cleo can never hope to coax Vetti to the bargaining table. Amidst all the plotting, Michel reflects on a life lived in secret for the good of the people.

  • Like Bloodshed
    Episode 24 - Like Bloodshed

    Emperor Vetti has stormed off into space, searching for the answer to an unanswerable riddle! Cleo rushes to intercept the crazed aristocrat as Pope Gorna sets in motion a plan of his own.

  • Like a Blood Edict
    Episode 25 - Like a Blood Edict

    The Imperial fleet moves to engage the growing People’s Army, both sides determined to achieve their goals despite the cost.

  • Like an Ovation
    Episode 26 - Like an Ovation

    As the galaxy swirls toward apocalypse, Cleo and Vetti - one seeking peace, the other only victory - clash in the final battle for freedom.


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"A mix between Outlaw star, Last exile, and Romeo/Juliet which has a twist ending"

With a varying pace, this slow to reveal love story is flowered by the use of space worthy battleships, sword combat, and a cross-dressing heroine. Is an epic battle for the survival of the space huma... more


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    In the dark reaches of space, the masses struggle beneath the tyranny of self-proclaimed Holy Emperor, Vetti Sforza. Driven by prophecy, he schemes to unite the heavens under his authority, but the...

    Rating: TV-PG

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