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Never a Dry Moment!

Part of our Super Amazing Value Edition!

  • Genre: Comedy,Fan Service,Fantasy,Harem,Romance
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 24

the nudity is as jiggly as can be

This is truly the epitome of a guilty pleasure.


Yukinari’s got girl problems – the poor guy is literally allergic to them. He can’t even be in the same room as a girl without getting a rash. It’s enough to put any red-blooded male in an awful mood.

Here’s the good news: things start looking up for Yukinari when he accidentally plays peek-a-boo with the naked girl-next-door. She freaks out and boots him in the face, magically transporting our hero to the coolest place ever – Seiren, a mystical land populated mostly by girls. As soon as he gets there, he meets Miharu, a super-bouncy, carefree cutie who can touch Yukinari without causing a rash! She becomes his roomie on Earth and – well, then it’s all bathtubs, swimming pools, hot springs, and you’re not even reading this anymore are you?

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  • Bravo from the Bathtub!
    Episode 1 - Bravo from the Bathtub!

    After catching Kirie in the bath, Yukinari takes a kick to the face! He wakes up in a distant world and meets Miharu. She’s a sweet girl, and best of all, she doesn’t make Yukinari break out in a rash!

  • Bravo at School!
    Episode 2 - Bravo at School!

    Miharu sets out to find some more tasty curry bread. During her shopping adventure, she finds another food that gets her mouth watering - bananas! Later, she makes quite an impression at Yukinari’s school.

  • Cooking is Bravo!
    Episode 3 - Cooking is Bravo!

    Following a clumsy sidewalk encounter with Yukinari, Lisa decides they’re meant to be together! Her plan: use the dark, mystical arts (and a little armed kidnapping) to make him marry her!

  • Bravo in the Mansion!
    Episode 4 - Bravo in the Mansion!

    Yukinari and Kirie infiltrate Fukuyama’s massive mansion to locate Miharu! It won’t be easy - the grounds are protected by land mines, maids with machine guns, and killer robot guards!

  • Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 1
    Episode 5 - Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 1

    Kirie and Miharu find a strange girl - Koyomi - unconscious in Yukinari’s bathtub! She’s very timid and suffering from amnesia, but a rain-soaked chase through the streets soon jogs her memory.

  • Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 2
    Episode 6 - Bravo on a Rainy Day! Part 2

    Koyomi’s torn; she’s supposed to take Miharu back to Seiren, but that would mean separating her from Yukinari. Fortunately, Maharu has a plan that might make everyone happy.

  • Look for a Groom Bravo!
    Episode 7 - Look for a Groom Bravo!

    Given her horrible fear of men, Koyomi’s been charged with quite a daunting mission: find Maharu a husband! Complicating matters is the fact that Tomoka is out to accomplish the task first!

  • Lots of Bravo!
    Episode 8 - Lots of Bravo!

    What’s better than having Miharu around? Having dozens of Miharus around! A chemistry class mishap has cloned the cutie several times over and now there’s a herd of hotties on an eating rampage!

  • Bravo at the Great Magic War!
    Episode 9 - Bravo at the Great Magic War!

    In an effort to prove just how powerful her magic is, Tomoka transforms Ebi into a little girl! When Lisa takes it upon herself to protect the tiny cutie from pushy Tomo, a spellbinding battle ensues.

  • Bravo at the Hot Springs!
    Episode 10 - Bravo at the Hot Springs!

    Yukinari and the gals head to the hot springs, but instead of a lazy day spent soaking, they end up lost in the woods. The group stumbles upon a creepy building - and the girly ghost who lives there!

  • Ping-Pong is Bravo!
    Episode 11 - Ping-Pong is Bravo!

    Fukuyama is ruining the gang’s hot springs fun! If any relaxation is to be had, Yukinari and Koyomi must beat him at ping-pong. What’s on the line if they lose? Kirie’s dignity!

  • Bravo at the Pool!
    Episode 12 - Bravo at the Pool!

    Thanks to his family fortune, Fukuyama’s in charge of the school’s pool! He’s remodeled it into resort, but that’s not the only new change - with some help from Lisa, the creep has switched bodies with Yukinari!

  • Fight Bravo!
    Episode 13 - Fight Bravo!

    Fukuyama invites the gang to a baseball game, but upon arriving at the stadium, they learn they’ve been tricked into attending a girl-on-girl fighting tournament - and Kirie might have to get in the ring!

  • First Date is Bravo!
    Episode 14 - First Date is Bravo!

    Yukinari takes Miharu on a date in the city, going from the lingerie shop to the theater and everywhere in between! Unfortunately, they’re so caught up in the fun that they don’t realize they’re being followed!

  • Clean Up Bravo!
    Episode 15 - Clean Up Bravo!

    Mamoru’s on a mission to keep the school trash-free, obnoxiously challenging every litter-bug he sees. Hopefully, spending some time with Fukuyama's maid, Lilica, will help him refine his approach.

  • As Long as We're Together Then Bravo!
    Episode 16 - As Long as We're Together Then Bravo!

    Tomoka is ready to get back to the work of finding a husband for Maharu, but she finds herself distracted by - and trying to fix - Kirie’s guy troubles.

  • Bravo at the Part-Time Job!
    Episode 17 - Bravo at the Part-Time Job!

    Miharu, Koyomi, and Kirie get work as booth-babes at a gaming con! When the fourth girl hired to do the job doesn’t show up, Yukinari’s friends convince him to dress in drag and fill the position!

  • Bravo at Mah-Jong!
    Episode 18 - Bravo at Mah-Jong!

    The gang’s hanging out at home and Tomoka’s bored out of her mind. Luckily, Fukuyama has an idea: an exciting game of Strip Mahjong!

  • Rabbit Ears Bravo!
    Episode 19 - Rabbit Ears Bravo!

    It’s time for an adventure in make-believe. Kirie, Miharu, and Koyomi pretend to be infamous thieves, and detectives Fukuyama and Yukinari are hot on their (rabbit) tails!

  • School Festival is Bravo!
    Episode 20 - School Festival is Bravo!

    Maharu’s bath is interrupted when she’s accidentally transported to Earth from Seiren, and she arrives just as the school festival is getting underway

  • Sunny Afternoon Bravo!
    Episode 21 - Sunny Afternoon Bravo!

    Koyomi sets out on a solo mission after she spots a man on the TV news who just might be her dad!

  • Present is Bravo!
    Episode 22 - Present is Bravo!

    While Miharu is out on the town buying everyone gifts, things are going completely nuts back at Yukinari’s place.

  • Bravo to Seiren!
    Episode 23 - Bravo to Seiren!

    Miharu’s missing! When the gang investigates, evidence suggests she’s been transported back to Seiren - possibly against her will. Now it’s up to Yukinari and the girls to rescue her!

  • Final Bravo!
    Episode 24 - Final Bravo!

    The entire gang travels to Seiren to rescue Miharu. Danger waits around every corner, but if Yukinari and the girls hope to save their friend and return to Earth, they can’t give up!


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"it's ok"

this show is all over the place. it's one only a few people might like.


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"I absolutely loved this show"

I mean it's more so entertaining than anything. However I can't help seeing how adorable Miharu is and how much I wish I had someone like that around me. Anyway, if you're into fan service definite... more


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This Anime TV show was the first one I ever watched. And it made me like anime shows. NOT because it has nudly in it but its funny and romantic=)


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    Yukinari’s got girl problems – the poor guy is literally allergic to them. He can’t even be in the same room as a girl without getting a rash. It’s enough to put any red-blooded male in an...

    Rating: TV-MA

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  • $49.98 $37.49 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-24

    Yukinari’s got girl problems – the poor guy is literally allergic to them. He can’t even be in the same room as a girl without getting a rash. It’s enough to put any red-blooded male in an...

    Rating: TV-MA

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