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Aired on G4/Tech TV’s Anime Unleashed

  • Genre: Action,Comedy,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26

keeps you watching and wanting more.


It’s the future, and humanity is worn out. Hajiki’s struggling to make ends meet on the hard-luck streets of Night Town, where everyone is fighting for the same thing: the Gad. If you’ve got a Gad, you’ve got the power of a robotic Techode at your disposal. And if you’ve got a Techode – you’ve got a chance.

Hajiki is about to find out just how much life can change when machine and man form an incredible bond.

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  • Looking Up At the Same Sky
    Episode 1 - Looking Up At the Same Sky

    When Hajiki is assigned to make a special delivery to a mysterious client, his entire world changes with the discovery of a mysterious GAD!

  • Putting the Pieces Together
    Episode 2 - Putting the Pieces Together

    Hajiki finds that even his most dangerous enemies are no match for his Techode - but that might not be the case when his last client starts wondering why he never received his GAD.

  • On a Street Corner in Night Town
    Episode 3 - On a Street Corner in Night Town

    Following a lead on another GAD, Hajiki is ambushed by some enemies he’d already dealt with. And this time they have a Techode of their very own.

  • With Bright Eyes
    Episode 4 - With Bright Eyes

    Hajiki forms a bond with a boy he rescued from a gang of thugs. As they trail a jewel thief, Hajiki finds there’s more to the little boy than it seems.

  • And Then the Rain Will Fall
    Episode 5 - And Then the Rain Will Fall

    Katana and Wanda work together to steal a GAD that’s being transported to the Day Town Museum after being mistaken for a jewel.

  • Five Masks
    Episode 6 - Five Masks

    Hajiki, Lightning, and the other Techodes must defend the city after a smuggler’s GAD becomes a powerful Atechode!

  • If I Can Fly
    Episode 7 - If I Can Fly

    Hajiki and Lightning have been hired to steal a coffin that’s suspected to contain a GAD - and the cops are on their tail!

  • Two Lost Souls
    Episode 8 - Two Lost Souls

    Two Guardian Techode Hunters have come to Night Town in order to eliminate the Techode population - but as the battle rages, Hajiki isn’t convinced the Techodes are as dangerous as the Hunters say.

  • Snow Melts the Heart
    Episode 9 - Snow Melts the Heart

    Katana sets out on a search for someone to repair Zero after the Techode sustained serious damage in a brawl with an Atechode.

  • Bundles of Bills in the Setting Sun
    Episode 10 - Bundles of Bills in the Setting Sun

    Lightning and Hajiki are chased through Night Town by Mary and Chris.

  • No Returning to Rainbow Town
    Episode 11 - No Returning to Rainbow Town

    Two crime families are waging war in Night Town - and Hajiki is thrown right in the middle of their fight!

  • Bluebird
    Episode 12 - Bluebird

    Hajiki’s school attendance problem is causing him trouble, but his life only gets more complicated when Hachisuka assigns him to deliver 100 wedding invitations.

  • Dwellers of the Dark
    Episode 13 - Dwellers of the Dark

    Hajiki and Katana must work together like never before to survive a lethal assassin who wields the gruesome power to fuse man with machine!

  • Seeking Lost Time
    Episode 14 - Seeking Lost Time

    At the docks to investigate a lead on a GAD, Hajiki and Lightning must rescue Catherine after a strange statue puts her life in serious danger.

  • A Garden in the Sun
    Episode 15 - A Garden in the Sun

    Aiko's father is trying to get his hands on a GAD that’s locked away in a museum - and his approach to claiming it is a little shady.

  • The Day We Bare Our Fangs
    Episode 16 - The Day We Bare Our Fangs

    Takumi and Katana are tangling with the mob and running from the police. And Aiko’s father wants everyone with a Techode to join him for dinner, but his reasons why aren’t clear.

  • Guns - Swords - Beasts
    Episode 17 - Guns - Swords - Beasts

    Hajiki’s in a tough spot when a police officer comes to his house to demand help in apprehending Katana - and the cop won’t leave unless Hajiki agrees to the plan.

  • The Logic of Those Who Leave
    Episode 18 - The Logic of Those Who Leave

    Jack Bruno offers Hajiki the option to leave town with him - but the kid doesn’t realize his mom is nearby and looking to reconnect.

  • A Road Companion
    Episode 19 - A Road Companion

    Even though nobody will help her find him, Arashi continues her search for Hajiki. The kid might be tough to find considering he’s already left town!

  • The End of the World
    Episode 20 - The End of the World

    Hajiki finds a job in a small village and suspects there’s more to the place than he can see. When Lightning and Hayate are stolen, his suspicions are confirmed.

  • Blue Slumber
    Episode 21 - Blue Slumber

    When Zero starts malfunctioning in the middle of a brawl with the police, it looks pretty grim for Katana - until an unlikely savior appears.

  • Spiral Dance of Glass
    Episode 22 - Spiral Dance of Glass

    Hajiki and Arashi get jobs to pay for passage across the ocean. Somewhere past the other shore, they hope to find Hajiki’s father.

  • The Atoning Man
    Episode 23 - The Atoning Man

    During their journey across the ocean, Hajiki and Arashi come to Chenis Island. The man they meet there could possibly be Hajiki’s dad!

  • The Will to Aspire to the Heavens
    Episode 24 - The Will to Aspire to the Heavens

    As Hajiki considers Sayuri’s sudden offer to take him to space, Katana and Zero show up looking to settle the score.

  • Time For the Sky
    Episode 25 - Time For the Sky

    While preparing to launch, Sayuri is captured by Katana! Hajiki has only one choice. The time for the final battle has come.

  • Young Traveler
    Episode 26 - Young Traveler

    Hajiki successfully launches into space thanks to the sacrifices of Zero and Hayate - and the trip will only be one-way.


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    It’s the future, and humanity is worn out. Hajiki’s struggling to make ends meet on the hard-luck streets of Night Town, where everyone is fighting for the same thing: the Gad. If you’ve got...

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