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From the studio that brought you Martian Successor Nadesico and Star Blazers 2199

From the character designer of Gundam Seed

Teen Pilots in Giant Robots Battle Aliens!

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Mecha,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9,4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26
  • Number of Movies: 1
  • Movie:
    Fafner: Heaven and Earth (sequel)



Terrorized by a hostile alien race’s mental warfare, humans hear only this question just before their lives—essentially their minds—are assimilated by the violent invaders. Kazuki and his classmates lay everything on the line to pilot their heavily-guarded island’s secret weapons: towering mechs for which only they are genetically qualified to control. With most of Earth destroyed, humanity’s survival relies on these youths’ selfless determination to protect the only home they know. But when each battle pushes the pilots to the brink of assimilation, who will protect them?

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  • Beginning (Paradise)
    Episode 1 - Beginning (Paradise)

    When an enormous golden being attacks the peaceful Tatsumiya Island, citizens evacuate the surface to underground protective shelters. Soshi urges Kazuki to fight this horrifying adversary by piloting the Fafner Mark XI.

  • Life (Confession)
    Episode 2 - Life (Confession)

    Aboard the Mark XI, Kazuki has a brush with death in his first battle to save the island from the Festum. Soshi tells Kazuki about the secrets of the island. Once a paradise, Tatsumiya is no longer safe from the dangers wrought on the rest of the planet.

  • Truth (Labyrinth)
    Episode 3 - Truth (Labyrinth)

    A probe from the Neo United Nations has threatened to reveal Tatsumiya. As Alvis prepares to move the island to the northwest, students are drafted as new pilots and begin grueling training.

  • Departure (Escape)
    Episode 4 - Departure (Escape)

    Kazuki and Soshi pursue the Festum while Alvis begins to move Tatsumiya Island. Then a Neo U.N. unit interferes with the plans, moving the battle directly into the island’s path.

  • Pledge (Promise)
    Episode 5 - Pledge (Promise)

    After their discovery of Tatsumiya, the leader of the Neo U.N. forces Makabe to hand over the Mark VI. Shoko promises Kazuki that she will protect the island as he leaves for battle. Suddenly, another Festum attacks.

  • Sacrifice (Soaring Sky)
    Episode 6 - Sacrifice (Soaring Sky)

    As the second Festum breaks through both of the island’s shields and starts to ravage Alvis’ underground shelters, Shoko reacts. Determined to keep her promise to Kazuki, she boards Mark VI to save the island.

  • Parents & Children (Family)
    Episode 7 - Parents & Children (Family)

    While the pilots mourn over the devastating loss of their friend, others lament her recklessness. After a combat field test, two pilots are chosen to be a part of a fleet exploring a newly-discovered island almost exactly like their own.

  • Koyo (Strife)
    Episode 8 - Koyo (Strife)

    Troops sent to probe the new island’s core fall under attack by an army of Festums. When Mizoguchi receives orders to destroy the island with him and Maya trapped underground, one Fafner must fight while the other risks an underwater rescue mission.

  • Parting (Assimilation)
    Episode 9 - Parting (Assimilation)

    Koyo manages to save the two soldiers, but fate doesn’t find him so fortunate. Two pilots confront Soshi over whether he is more concerned for Fafner or his friends.

  • Crossing Paths (Disintegration)
    Episode 10 - Crossing Paths (Disintegration)

    Kazuki receives an answer from Soshi. Later, a student locks himself in the school broadcast room to protest the Arcadian Project after learning his aspirations to leave the island in hopes of fame are dashed.

  • Human Force (Old & New)
    Episode 11 - Human Force (Old & New)

    Kazuki takes in a bird’s eye view of the outside world for the first time. His refuge from the island quickly takes a turn for the worse when a Festum approaches followed by two foreign mechs—neither party showing peaceful intentions.

  • Desperation (Absence)
    Episode 12 - Desperation (Absence)

    With Kazuki gone MIA, Kenji and Mamoru are recruited as pilots, just as a long-range firing Festum begins to attack. Mamoru boldly leads the defense with a plan that risks his own safety—but gains his commander’s trust.

  • Festum (Erosion)
    Episode 13 - Festum (Erosion)

    At the Neo U.N. underground base, Kazuki is told he has the choice to fight or save the human race without fighting. Just as they discover new data and broadcast their plan to use the Mark XI, the base falls under attack.

  • Occupation (Awakening)
    Episode 14 - Occupation (Awakening)

    While Kazuki and the Human Army battle hordes of Festum, the Neo U.N. invades Tatsumiya—only to find that the island’s core has vanished. Hino entrusts data on his most advanced Fafner to Maya, who has arrived to bring Kazuki back.

  • Scream (Memory)
    Episode 15 - Scream (Memory)

    Someone who Kazuki thought he’d never see again returns to give him Hino’s powerful Mark Sein. During battle with a massive Festum, a childhood memory of Soshi helps him realize his role in protecting Tatsumiya Island.

  • Welcome Home (Friends)
    Episode 16 - Welcome Home (Friends)

    A flock of Pleidaes Festum begins to wreak havoc on the island. As controls in the base start to seemingly move on their own, Makabe and his crew are lead to a second control room. The Fafner are grossly overpowered, but one pilot makes a timely return.

  • Device (Survival)
    Episode 17 - Device (Survival)

    Makabe finally has the upper hand and recovers the island from the Neo U.N., but the Human Army’s Colonel leaves Canon behind with orders to destroy the island. It’s up to Kazuki to defuse the detached kamikaze pilot.

  • Memory (Father)
    Episode 18 - Memory (Father)

    Maya’s father returns to discover her medical files had been falsified, preventing her from piloting Fafner. His wife and Yumiko stand trial, facing possible exile from the island—but they aren’t the only ones guilty of the offense.

  • Sight (Maya)
    Episode 19 - Sight (Maya)

    Maya displays impressive stability and sharp-shooting skills during her first test flight, but Soshi is reluctant to allow her to fight. But when 5 rare Festum breech the island’s shield, the newest pilot gets a chance to prove her worth.

  • Light (Lantern)
    Episode 20 - Light (Lantern)

    The island commemorates those who’ve lost their lives fighting for peace at the Bon Festival. Then, when Koyo mysteriously wakes up from his coma, his friends step in to protect him from termination.

  • Future (Sakura)
    Episode 21 - Future (Sakura)

    The pilots are stronger than they’ve ever been. After another battle, an unexplainable phenomenon takes the island by surprise. Then, Yumiko and Michio lead a camp for the young warriors, but it’s for more than just combat training.

  • Power (Protection)
    Episode 22 - Power (Protection)

    After collapsing in the yard, Sakura is rushed to the medical ward. Makabe approaches Tsubaki to confirm that the pattern in enemy attacks and recent phenomenon shows progress in the Mir’s agenda—foretelling a potentially devastating next move.

  • Decoy (Pillage)
    Episode 23 - Decoy (Pillage)

    Tatsumiya suffers more casualties when a spy sabotages the Human Army’s experiments with a new Fafner model and attacks the island—disrupting a critical operation to save Soshi from the Festum.

  • Mir (Conversation)
    Episode 24 - Mir (Conversation)

    Makabe receives a message and vital data from someone who has learned to understand the enemy. The remaining four pilots prepare for Operation Azure to save Soshi, the island, and the future of humankind.

  • Symbiosis (The Final Battle)
    Episode 25 - Symbiosis (The Final Battle)

    Kazuki and his fleet take off to face the North Pole Mir. With millions of lives hanging in the balance, their success in the do or die mission is imperative—if one of them is killed, everyone’s chances of survival are close to nothing.

  • The Sky (Azure)
    Episode 26 - The Sky (Azure)

    As Tsubaki rejoins the island’s core, Kazuki and the pilots pull together their remaining strength to save Soshi. Through the struggle to show the Festum the cycle of life, coming to terms with loss ultimately restores hope for the survival of humankind.

  • Fafner: Heaven and Earth
    Movie - Fafner: Heaven and Earth

    A hiveminded alien force reengages war with Tatsumiya Island years after Kazuki led a team of mech pilots to destroy them. In an explosive battle over the fate of humankind, the young warriors risk everything to save their only home from assimilation.


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"Solid watch or purchase"

This is a great series / movie but suffers from delayed character attachment. That is literally my only fault in this otherwise beautifully crafted story. The audio, video are both good to great pendi... more


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    Terrorized by a hostile alien race’s mental warfare, humans hear only this question just before their lives - essentially their minds - are assimilated by the violent invad...

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