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Director: Koichi Masimo (.hack//Sign, Avenger, Kagaku Ninja-Tai Gatchaman)

Studio: Bee Train (.hack//Sign, Murder Princess, Noir, Madlax)

Completes the girls with guns trilogy of Noir, Madlax, and now El Cazador De La Bruja

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Bishoujo,Drama,Mystery
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26

as fun and dirt-filled as you could want

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All they have is each other.

Ellis is an amnesiac with a bounty on her head, and Nadie’s trigger finger is the only thing keeping her friend from falling into the wrong hands. They’re looking for pieces of Ellis’s past, and every mile of open highway brings the girls closer together – but their special bond is bound to be tested.

At the dusty border crossroads where ancient spirits and modern science meet, a storm of conspiracy is brewing low in the desert sky. Someone out there can explain the hazy mysteries of Ellis’s past. If she and Nadie just keep moving south, the Hunter and the Witch will get their answers soon enough.

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  • A Woman on the Run
    Episode 1 - A Woman on the Run

    Ellis is laying low in a border town with a case of amnesia. Bounty hunter Nadie knows something about Ellis - the girl is wanted dead or alive.

  • A Woman Who Waits
    Episode 2 - A Woman Who Waits

    There’s a diner in the middle of nowhere, and the woman serving coffee knows all about running from the past. Thankfully for Ellis and Nadie, she knows a little something about killing, too.

  • A Woman Rained Upon
    Episode 3 - A Woman Rained Upon

    Ellis and Nadie spend a rainy evening relaxing in an abandoned cabin - but things get tense when a stranger comes knocking and tells Ellis that he’s been watching her every move.

  • A Woman with an Angle
    Episode 4 - A Woman with an Angle

    Ellis and Nadie take cover in a convent, and in no time, their pursuers are stalking the sanctuary with guns blazing.

  • A Woman Who Puts It On
    Episode 5 - A Woman Who Puts It On

    Hoping to pay for some big city thrills, a small town girl tries to collect the bounty on Ellis’ head. Nadie draws her pistol and offers the girl a different kind of excitement.

  • A Man in Love
    Episode 6 - A Man in Love

    A manipulative mariachi from Nadie’s past reminds her of the sad song he taught her years ago, and he’s got plans to perform an encore for Ellis.

  • A Man Who Works
    Episode 7 - A Man Who Works

    Stopping at a swank hotel, Nadie and Ellis look forward to a nice, hot shower. Too bad all Rosenberg has in mind is a bloodbath.

  • A Woman Who Lies
    Episode 8 - A Woman Who Lies

    The surrogate son of a mafia boss takes Ellis to work her magic on the ailing don. If her bedside manner isn’t up to speed, the little fugitive could be dead before the old man.

  • A Woman Who Digs
    Episode 9 - A Woman Who Digs

    Trapped deep inside a crumbling silver mine with a girl digging for a legendary relic, Nadie and Ellis find themselves hunted and lost in a maze of shadowy caverns.

  • A Man Who Lives With an Angel
    Episode 10 - A Man Who Lives With an Angel

    Nadie and Ellis learn about love from a couple who left a life of secrets to open a taco stand. But the past creeps in to offer another lesson: two people best keep a secret when one of them is dead.

  • A Woman Who Conjures
    Episode 11 - A Woman Who Conjures

    Ellis and Nadie encounter a woman who has conned an entire village into believing she’s a witch - but the lucrative scam is about to come crashing down.

  • A Man Who Shoots
    Episode 12 - A Man Who Shoots

    The girls are in for a night of danger, under attack by a gun-toting horde. It’s a good thing they just hooked up with a weapon collector who happens to own an armored van.

  • A Woman Who Conceals
    Episode 13 - A Woman Who Conceals

    In a decaying biological research facility, the picture of Ellis’s past comes more into focus, forcing Nadie to decide how far she’s willing to go to keep her friend safe.

  • Maple Leaf
    Episode 14 - Maple Leaf

    A glimpse into Ellis’s past reveals the constant experimentation, loneliness, and shady dealings that led to her life as an amnesiac fugitive.

  • A Woman Who Defies
    Episode 15 - A Woman Who Defies

    After a dramatic restructuring of allegiances makes it tough to tell who works for whom, Nadie decides to work for nobody.

  • A Woman Angered
    Episode 16 - A Woman Angered

    Nadie and Ellis are out of cash, so they take a job at the taco shop. Rude customers aren’t enough to anger Ellis - but she finds a whole new hostile side of herself when L.A. shows up.

  • A Woman Who Corners
    Episode 17 - A Woman Who Corners

    The gas tank is running low, so Nadie looks for a bounty hunting gig. She quickly finds out she’s not the only gun in town looking for quick cash.

  • A Woman Who Quarrels
    Episode 18 - A Woman Who Quarrels

    Ellis and Nadie are offered lodging by an old man innkeeper. While it’s obvious that the guy’s hiding something, Ellis doesn’t bother hiding that she’s mad at Nadie.

  • A Man Who Protects
    Episode 19 - A Man Who Protects

    Killing time while they wait for some auto repairs, Nadie and Ellis join Ricardo and Lirio for some fine dining. On tonight’s menu: kidnapping.

  • A Woman Captured
    Episode 20 - A Woman Captured

    Nadie finds out there are worse things that can happen than getting thrown in jail - like being locked in a cell with someone who wants to kill you.

  • A Woman Who Takes Wing
    Episode 21 - A Woman Who Takes Wing

    With her finger on the trigger and Nadie lined up in her scope, Blue-Eyes has only a moment to decide between following orders forever or finally living free.

  • A Woman Who Awakens
    Episode 22 - A Woman Who Awakens

    In a village rich in witch lore, among ancient ruins, the power in Ellis comes alive. As the heavens quake, the display shocks all who see - and sets Rosenberg’s plan in motion.

  • A Woman Uncertain
    Episode 23 - A Woman Uncertain

    The pieces of Ellis’s past are falling into place, and allies are gathering around her - but fearing the pain she often brings to those she loves, Ellis bids farewell.

  • A Man Who Passes On
    Episode 24 - A Man Who Passes On

    Rosenberg’s plot is revealed, pushing Ricardo and L.A. into a showdown under the desert moon - and only one of them will survive to see the dawn.

  • A Woman Divine
    Episode 25 - A Woman Divine

    The Hunter and the Witch find their destinies waiting at the end of Rosenberg’s gun. For Ellis and Nadie, the long road ends at Wiñay Marka.

  • A Woman Sparkling
    Episode 26 - A Woman Sparkling

    After a couple of goons from the past arrive to ruin the calm of their new lives, the Hunter and the Witch decide that the open road is all they need - as long as they are together.


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"This is worth a watch & a buy!"

This anime has great voice actresses & actors, great plot, and a unique setting. Great character development! You will sit, and constantly wonder what will happen next. Even the small things are inter... more


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    Includes: Eps 1-26

    All they have is each other.

    Ellis is an amnesiac with a bounty on her head, and Nadie’s trigger finger is the only thing keeping her friend from falling into the wrong hands. They...

    Rating: TV-MA

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  • $49.98 $37.49 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-26

    All they have is each other.

    Ellis is an amnesiac with a bounty on her head, and Nadie’s trigger finger is the only thing keeping her friend from falling into the wrong hands. They...

    Rating: TV-MA

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