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153 action-filled episodes!

Digitally re-mastered.

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fan Service,Fantasy,Martial Arts
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9,4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 153
  • Number of Movies: 4
  • Sequence:
    Season 1 (Eps 1-31)
    Season 2 (Eps 32-61)
    Season 3 (Eps 62-92)
    Season 4 (Eps 93-122)
    Season 5 (Eps 123-153)

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The original Dragon Ball is something you just can't shake a stick at - it's very good stuff!

Filled with such humor and excitement that it's hard not to like them.


The greatest adventure of all time begins now!

Goku may be small, but this fearless warrior packs a punch as powerful as any on the planet. Left alone after his grandfather’s death, this unusual boy is happy to spend his days hunting and eating and eating some more. But everything changes on the day he meets Bulma – a bossy, blue-haired beauty with boys on the brain. Together, they set out to track down the seven magic Dragon Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever.

   Emperor Pilaf
   First World Martial Arts Championship
   Red Ribbon Army
   General Blue
   Commander Red
   Fortuneteller Baba
   Tien Shinhan
   King Piccolo
   Piccolo Jr.

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  • Secret of the Dragon Ball
    Episode 1 - Secret of the Dragon Ball

    Goku’s afternoon of fishing is interrupted by a bossy girl who is determined to get her hands on his most prized possession - a mysterious ball that belonged to his grandfather.

  • The Emperor's Quest
    Episode 2 - The Emperor's Quest

    Goku and Bulma aren’t the only ones looking for Dragon Balls. The little warrior runs into a couple of Emperor Pilaf’s henchmen during his search for a late night snack.

  • The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
    Episode 3 - The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi

    Bulma gets annoyed when Goku slows things down to help a lost tortoise, but his good deed could speed up their quest to collect the seven Dragon Balls.

  • Oolong the Terrible
    Episode 4 - Oolong the Terrible

    Another Dragon Ball is discovered in a small village with a big problem. Before Bulma can claim the fifth magic ball, Goku must do battle with Oolong the Terrible!

  • Yamcha the Desert Bandit
    Episode 5 - Yamcha the Desert Bandit

    Oolong joins the quest to locate the final two Dragon Balls, but the adventurers are interrupted by a desert dweller with ties to Goku’s past.

  • Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls
    Episode 6 - Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls

    The magic Dragon Balls are sought for many reasons. Oolong and Yamcha want success with women, Bulma wants a hot date, and Goku probably just wants something to eat.

  • The Ox-King on Fire Mountain
    Episode 7 - The Ox-King on Fire Mountain

    Bulma’s got a hunch about where to find another Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, it’s guarded by the Ox-King, and he won’t give it up unless he gets something in return.

  • The Kamehameha Wave
    Episode 8 - The Kamehameha Wave

    Goku and Chi-Chi are sent to borrow a magic fan from Roshi. When the old master can’t find it, he returns to Fire Mountain with his Kamehameha Wave!

  • Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch
    Episode 9 - Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch

    Bulma’s getting free stuff all over town, but it’s not because she’s so good looking. It seems her outfit reminds the villagers of a bad guy named Boss Rabbit.

  • The Dragon Balls are Stolen
    Episode 10 - The Dragon Balls are Stolen

    As the adventurers close in on the seventh and final Dragon Ball, Bulma and Oolong argue over what their wish should be - but it might not even matter.

  • The Penalty is Pinball
    Episode 11 - The Penalty is Pinball

    Goku, Bulma, and the others momentarily escape their prison only to find themselves trapped in a deadly game of pinball where Emperor Pilaf controls all the balls!

  • A Wish to the Eternal Dragon
    Episode 12 - A Wish to the Eternal Dragon

    Pilaf demands revenge for his wasted wish, so he puts Oolong and company in a room designed to cook them alive! There’s no way out - unless Goku can release the beast within!

  • The Legend of Goku
    Episode 13 - The Legend of Goku

    The Emperor may have captured Goku’s human form, but once the little man takes a look at the moon, nothing - except maybe a pair of scissors - can stop him!

  • Goku's Rival
    Episode 14 - Goku's Rival

    Goku must find Master Roshi a lady friend in order to continue his training. He tries his best to please, but it’s his new rival who’s got what the master really wants.

  • Look Out For Launch
    Episode 15 - Look Out For Launch

    Goku and Krillin are searching for the perfect woman, and Launch is a lady bandit on the run from the law. Could this be a match made in heaven?

  • Find That Stone!
    Episode 16 - Find That Stone!

    Master Roshi keeps a keen eye on Goku and Krillin during their training, but he watches Launch even closer - just in case she sneezes!

  • Milk Delivery
    Episode 17 - Milk Delivery

    Goku and Krillin get in shape for the tournament by delivering milk before dawn. Meanwhile, in a dojo far, far away, a familiar face is also in training.

  • The Turtle Hermit Way
    Episode 18 - The Turtle Hermit Way

    Roshi’s pupils get stung by bees and attacked by sharks during their training. If Goku and Krillin can survive this grueling regimen, the martial arts tournament should be a breeze!

  • The Tournament Begins
    Episode 19 - The Tournament Begins

    With their training under Master Roshi complete, Goku and Krillin travel to the World Martial Arts Tournament. At registration, Goku runs into a few familiar faces.

  • Elimination Round
    Episode 20 - Elimination Round

    The tournament begins, and Goku barely lifts a finger to defeat his opponent. When it’s Krillin’s turn, he gets a chance to settle the score with a bully from his past.

  • Smells Like Trouble
    Episode 21 - Smells Like Trouble

    Poor Krillin draws Bacterian - the master of stench - in the finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament. It’s a good thing the little warrior packs his own brand of stink!

  • Quarterfinals Begin
    Episode 22 - Quarterfinals Begin

    As Yamcha unleashes his Wolf-Fang Fist attack on a strange old man who fights under the name Jackie Chun, Goku and Krillin grow concerned over Master Roshi’s mysterious absence.

  • Monster Beast Giran
    Episode 23 - Monster Beast Giran

    Giran’s brute strength and devious assortment of dirty tricks have Goku on the ropes, but the little warrior is about to get help from something he thought was gone forever.

  • Krillin's Frantic Attack!
    Episode 24 - Krillin's Frantic Attack!

    Krillin and Jackie Chun square off in an epic battle, and Yamcha notices some eerie similarities between the wily, old fighter and the great Master Roshi.

  • Danger From Above
    Episode 25 - Danger From Above

    Nam uses an impressive aerial attack to knock Goku senseless. While lesser fighters might have died from such a vicious blow, Goku responds with a whirlwind of fury!

  • The Grand Finals
    Episode 26 - The Grand Finals

    After many impressive battles, the final match of the World Martial Arts Tournament has finally arrived. This ultimate showdown features crafty veteran Jackie Chun taking on the rambunctious youngster Goku.

  • Number One Under the Moon?
    Episode 27 - Number One Under the Moon?

    Master Roshi - disguised as Jackie Chun - tries every attack technique in his arsenal to defeat Goku, but his Lightning Flash Surprise Attack threatens to push his student over the edge.

  • The Final Blow
    Episode 28 - The Final Blow

    The battle between Jackie Chun and mighty Goku rages on for more than four hours. When they become too tired for special attacks, the fighters must rely on martial arts alone!

  • The Roaming Lake
    Episode 29 - The Roaming Lake

    Goku parts ways with his friends to search for his grandfather’s missing Dragon Ball; his quest is interrupted by a noble warrior’s cry for help.

  • Pilaf and the Mystery Force
    Episode 30 - Pilaf and the Mystery Force

    A smelly thief leads Goku to a merchant who may have the Four Star Dragon Ball, but Emperor Pilaf and a mysterious military organization are after the same treasure!

  • Wedding Plans?
    Episode 31 - Wedding Plans?

    The much pursued Dragon Ball ends up in the possession of the great and powerful Ox-King - who just happens to be busy planning his daughter’s wedding.

  • The Flying Fortress - Vanished!
    Episode 32 - The Flying Fortress - Vanished!

    Emperor Pilaf escapes with one of the Dragon Balls, but Colonel Silver is hot on his trail. Elsewhere, Goku and Chi-Chi rescue the Ox-King and discuss wedding plans over dinner.

  • The Legend of a Dragon
    Episode 33 - The Legend of a Dragon

    Colonel Silver obsessively tracks Pilaf and the Five Star Dragon Ball. Back on Turtle Island, Master Roshi tells Krillin and Launch about the legendary origins of the seven magic balls.

  • Cruel General Red
    Episode 34 - Cruel General Red

    Colonel Silver is a skilled fighter, but when he mistakenly underestimates Goku’s incredible strength, it could end up costing him more than just a Dragon Ball.

  • Cold Reception
    Episode 35 - Cold Reception

    Goku repays the kindness of his young rescuer by waging a one-man war on the villainous scoundrels of the Red Ribbon Army.

  • Major Metallitron
    Episode 36 - Major Metallitron

    Before he can rescue the village chief, Goku must face his strongest opponent yet: an intimidating behemoth that’s too tough to be flesh and bone.

  • Ninja Murasaki is Coming!
    Episode 37 - Ninja Murasaki is Coming!

    Goku succeeds in reaching the fourth level of Muscle Tower - a place no man has gone before - but he must now prepare for the lightning-quick attacks of Ninja Murasaki.

  • Five Murasakis
    Episode 38 - Five Murasakis

    Goku has his hands full fighting the five deadly Ninja Murasaki Brothers. Even if he manages to survive, something far more terrifying lies in wait.

  • Mysterious Android No. 8
    Episode 39 - Mysterious Android No. 8

    Android 8 was supposed to crush the Red Ribbon Army’s enemies, but he doesn’t like violence. Instead, he teams up with Goku to help rescue the village chief.

  • Horrifying Buyon
    Episode 40 - Horrifying Buyon

    A hideous pink monster with a green tongue wants a taste of Goku, and none of the little warrior’s attacks can penetrate the beast’s bouncy-belly defense.

  • The Fall of Muscle Tower
    Episode 41 - The Fall of Muscle Tower

    Goku’s mission to save the village chief comes down to a fierce battle between him and General White. When the dust settles, only one fighter will be left standing.

  • The Secret of Dr. Flappe
    Episode 42 - The Secret of Dr. Flappe

    Android 8 can’t live in peace with a bomb waiting to explode inside his chest, and only one man can remove it: the strange old hermit, Dr. Flappe.

  • A Trip to the City
    Episode 43 - A Trip to the City

    An old friend gives Goku a surprise lift into the city. The little man is looking for Bulma, but he finds himself in a back-alley street fight, instead.

  • Master Thief, Hasky
    Episode 44 - Master Thief, Hasky

    Goku gets caught in the middle of a lover’s quarrel between Yamcha and Bulma, while the Red Ribbon Army hires a master thief to track down the Dragon Balls.

  • Danger in the Air
    Episode 45 - Danger in the Air

    Hasky the master thief plans to ruin Goku’s day at the amusement park by stealing his Dragon Balls and blowing up his friends. Can Goku stop her before it’s too late?

  • Bulma's Bad Day
    Episode 46 - Bulma's Bad Day

    Goku and Bulma locate a Dragon Ball hidden beneath the waves. While Goku attempts to retrieve it, Bulma gets into hot water with the Red Ribbon Army.

  • Kame House - Found!
    Episode 47 - Kame House - Found!

    While General Blue tracks the adventurers to the Kame House, Krillin temporarily derails Goku and Bulma’s search for the Dragon Balls with tales of pirate treasure.

  • Deep Blue Sea
    Episode 48 - Deep Blue Sea

    As the Red Ribbon Army prepares to invade Turtle Island, Krillin, Goku, and Bulma run into some trouble at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

  • Roshi Surprise
    Episode 49 - Roshi Surprise

    The Red Ribbon Army storms the beach at Turtle Island, but it quickly discovers that looks can be deceiving. Master Roshi should never be underestimated!

  • The Trap is Sprung
    Episode 50 - The Trap is Sprung

    With General Blue following closely behind, Goku and his friends search for Dragon Balls and pirate booty, but all they find are booby traps.

  • Beware of Robot
    Episode 51 - Beware of Robot

    Goku and Krillin tangle with a deadly pirate android, and Bulma tries blast the mechanical menace to bits. Will her poor aim do more harm than good?

  • The Pirate Treasure
    Episode 52 - The Pirate Treasure

    General Blue’s dirty trick gives him the upper hand on Krillin. Goku’s friends are badly in need of his help, but he’s got his hands full dealing with a giant octopus!

  • Blue, Black and Blue
    Episode 53 - Blue, Black and Blue

    As the walls crumble around them, General Blue uses his secret weapon to freeze Goku in his tracks. The arrogant military man better take his best shot because Goku won’t be fooled twice.

  • Escape From Pirate Cave
    Episode 54 - Escape From Pirate Cave

    Goku uses a trick of his own to get his friends out of the pirate cave alive. General Blue manages to escape as well, and he wants revenge!

  • Penguin Village
    Episode 55 - Penguin Village

    Goku summons the Flying Nimbus for a high-flying game of cat and mouse with General Blue. The winner gets the Dragon Balls and the loser goes down in flames.

  • Strange Visitor
    Episode 56 - Strange Visitor

    Goku’s high-speed aerial pursuit of General Blue comes to a crashing halt in Penguin Village. With the Dragon Radar broken, our hero turns to a strange little girl for help.

  • Arale vs. Blue
    Episode 57 - Arale vs. Blue

    The residents of Penguin Village have bizarre powers. General Blue discovers this the hard way when he takes Goku’s new friend Arale as a hostage.

  • The Land of Korin
    Episode 58 - The Land of Korin

    Goku saves a little boy from the dastardly Captain Yellow. When he returns the child to his father, Goku gets closer than ever to his grandfather’s heirloom.

  • The Notorious Mercenary
    Episode 59 - The Notorious Mercenary

    Enraged by General Blue’s failure, Commander Red hires Mercenary Tao to seek out Goku and destroy him. Has the young warrior finally met his match?

  • Tao Attacks!
    Episode 60 - Tao Attacks!

    Goku attacks Mercenary Tao with a furious flurry of martial arts techniques, but nothing fazes his opponent. To defeat the deadly Tao, Goku must ascend to new heights as a fighter.

  • Korin Tower
    Episode 61 - Korin Tower

    To magnify his strength as Master Roshi did before him, Goku must endure visions of the past, present, and future; outwit a talking cat; and drink the magic water found atop Korin Tower.

  • Sacred Water
    Episode 62 - Sacred Water

    Goku needs the magic water to defeat Tao, but Korin refuses to hand over his treasure. To follow in Master Roshi’s footsteps, Goku must prove his honor and push his body to the breaking point!

  • The Return of Goku
    Episode 63 - The Return of Goku

    After completing his training with Master Korin, Goku puts his increased speed and strength to the ultimate test in a rematch against Mercenary Tao and his deadly Dodon Ray!

  • The Last of Mercenary Tao
    Episode 64 - The Last of Mercenary Tao

    Unable to defeat Goku, Tao climbs the tower to boost his punching power, but he and Korin don’t see eye to eye. Could the talking kitty’s trickery spell doom for the menacing mercenary?

  • Confront the Red Ribbon Army
    Episode 65 - Confront the Red Ribbon Army

    Bulma’s newest invention tracks Goku to the heavily-guarded base of the Red Ribbon Army. The busy-tailed warrior may be strong, but Roshi and the gang would feel better if he waited for backup to arrive before he attacked.

  • A Real Bind
    Episode 66 - A Real Bind

    Commander Red can’t believe his eyes when Goku shows up at Red Ribbon headquarters instead of Mercenary Tao. The military madman is headed for a showdown with Goku, and things could get ugly!

  • The End of Commander Red
    Episode 67 - The End of Commander Red

    While Goku struggles to defeat Officer Black, Yamcha and the reset of the reinforcements head straight for a mid-air collision with Colonel Violet.

  • The Last Dragon Ball
    Episode 68 - The Last Dragon Ball

    Officer Black is now Commander Black, and his first order of business is to destroy Goku with a little motorized muscle. In the aftermath of this epic battle, Master Roshi’s hair makes a nostalgic appearance.

  • Who is Fortuneteller Baba?
    Episode 69 - Who is Fortuneteller Baba?

    Bulma’s radar can’t get a read on the seventh Dragon Ball, and without it, Goku can’t wish Upa’s dad back to life. Things look bleak all around until Roshi suggests a visit to Fortuneteller Baba.

  • We Are The Five Warriors
    Episode 70 - We Are The Five Warriors

    Fortuneteller Baba won’t reveal the location of the Dragon Ball unless Goku and his friends defeat her five furious fighters. First up: Krillin versus Draculaman!

  • Deadly Battle
    Episode 71 - Deadly Battle

    Despite suffering a nasty bite to the brain courtesy of Draculaman, Krillin’s quick thinking might help Yamcha survive a fight with a foe who cannot be seen.

  • Goku's Turn
    Episode 72 - Goku's Turn

    Thanks to Roshi’s fascination with Bulma’s curves, Yamcha advances to the third round, but his next fight is in the Devil’s Toilet against Bandages the mummified mauler!

  • The Devilmite Beam
    Episode 73 - The Devilmite Beam

    While some warriors fight with tricks up their sleeves, Bandages’ sleeves are just plain tricky. Will Goku’s impenetrable defenses and lightning reflexes be enough to strike fear into the undead heart of the mummy?

  • The Mysterious Fifth Man
    Episode 74 - The Mysterious Fifth Man

    Goku goes head-to-head with Spike the Devilman, a winged freak known for feeding off negative vibes. If the little man survives, there’s a fifth fighter waiting in the wings, and he smells strangely familiar.

  • The Strong Ones
    Episode 75 - The Strong Ones

    With his amazing strength and speed, Goku can handle any fighter alive, but Baba’s mysterious fifth warrior somehow manages to stay a step ahead. Who is this masked man, and how does he know Goku’s only weakness?

  • True Colors of the Masked Man
    Episode 76 - True Colors of the Masked Man

    Goku suffers a beating at the hands of the masked man. As their battle draws to an end, the mystery man finally reveals his identity and his motives. Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf prepares to make a play for the Dragon Balls!

  • Pilaf's Tactics
    Episode 77 - Pilaf's Tactics

    Emperor Pilaf plans on using his mechanized arsenal to exploit Goku’s weakness, so he proposes a winner-take-all showdown. Little does he know, grabbing Goku by the tail will be tougher than he expected.

  • The Eternal Dragon Rises
    Episode 78 - The Eternal Dragon Rises

    Goku and Upa hop on the Flying Nimbus and jet off to the Land of Korin. The seven Dragon Balls have been collected, and it’s time to find out if Shenron will grant their wish!

  • Terror and Plague
    Episode 79 - Terror and Plague

    A little girl’s cry for help interrupts Goku’s training - and his search for food. His new friend’s name is Chao, and she’s looking for someone to save her village from a gang of biker punks and their magic gourd.

  • Goku vs. Sky Dragon
    Episode 80 - Goku vs. Sky Dragon

    Goku goes looking for a fight and ends up in the middle of a martial arts grudge match. His opponent is fierce, so Goku must quickly master a new technique or his aching tummy will be the least of his problems.

  • Goku Goes to Demon Land
    Episode 81 - Goku Goes to Demon Land

    Goku’s arrives at a tiny village with a big time demon problem. It seems somebody opened a portal to the underworld, and the king needs a hero to rescue his daughter and slam the door on ghosts and ghouls forever!

  • The Rampage of InoShikaCho
    Episode 82 - The Rampage of InoShikaCho

    Deep within the forest lives a horrifying beast known as Inoshikacho. While nearby villagers live in fear of the monster’s razor-sharp tusks, Goku thinks he may have found the perfect sparring partner!

  • Which Way To Papaya Island?
    Episode 83 - Which Way To Papaya Island?

    Goku’s got the brawn to demolish the competition in the upcoming World Martial Arts tournament, but his run-in with a conniving con-artist proves that his mental muscles could use a work out.

  • Rivals and Arrivals
    Episode 84 - Rivals and Arrivals

    Krillin and Yamcha are eager to test their strength after training under Master Roshi, and the World Martial Arts tournament is the perfect place to show off their new moves. There’s just one problem - Goku is missing in action!

  • Preliminary Peril
    Episode 85 - Preliminary Peril

    Yamcha unveils a new technique in his first match, but Krillin’s acting chops steal the show when goes head to head with a giant. Before Goku can tangle with his opponent, he has an unpleasant run-in with Tien.

  • Then There Were Eight
    Episode 86 - Then There Were Eight

    Krillin and Yamcha make Master Roshi proud as they punch their way to the final eight of the tournament. Goku’s fired up after his bout with King Chapa, and an old friend’s injury gives him added incentive to fight!

  • Yamcha vs. Tien
    Episode 87 - Yamcha vs. Tien

    Yamcha and Tien kick off the quarterfinals with a high-flying fight for the ages. There’s no love lost between these fierce competitors, and with the way their fists of fury are flying, someone could get hurt - or worse.

  • Yamcha's Big Break
    Episode 88 - Yamcha's Big Break

    Tien and Yamcha mesmerize the crowd with their spirited attacks. Master Roshi taught his pupil well, but it may not be enough to survive Tien’s cruel onslaught. Speaking of that wily Turtle Hermit, where did he disappear to?

  • Full-Moon Vengeance
    Episode 89 - Full-Moon Vengeance

    Man Wolf is a monstrous brute who’s got a bone to pick with Jackie Chun. The beastly brawler wants revenge for something that happened at the last tournament, and if Jackie’s not careful, things could get hairy.

  • The Dodon Wave
    Episode 90 - The Dodon Wave

    The third quarterfinal match features two tiny fighters, but the action packs a big time punch. Chiaotzu’s Dodon Ray has Krillin on the ropes, and Mercenary Tao’s death could spell doom for Master Roshi’s pupils.

  • Counting Controversy!
    Episode 91 - Counting Controversy!

    The bone-crushing action kicks into high gear as Krillin takes a beating courtesy of Chiaotzu. Seeking revenge for his brother’s death, Master Shen orders his pupil to put Krillin six feet under, but can Chiaotzu do the math?

  • Goku Enters the Ring
    Episode 92 - Goku Enters the Ring

    The last match of the quarterfinals features Goku mixing it up with a movie star. Pamput the action hero has what it takes to make the ladies weak in the knees, but can he take a punch?

  • Tien Shinhan vs. Jacky Chun
    Episode 93 - Tien Shinhan vs. Jacky Chun

    The semi-finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament kick off with a brutal slug-fest between Jacky Chun and Tien Shinhan. It’s experience verses youth, brains verses brawn, and only one fighter will remain standing!

  • Stepping Down
    Episode 94 - Stepping Down

    Tien Shinhan is a powerful fighter, but his training under the ruthless Master Shin has fashioned him into a reckless killer. When Tien attempts to use the Kamehameha Wave against Jacky Chun, he puts the entire audience in great danger.

  • Goku Vs. Krillin
    Episode 95 - Goku Vs. Krillin

    While Goku and Krillin prepare to throw down in a semi-final match pitting Master Roshi’s most accomplished students against each other, Tien seeks out an unlikely source on his quest for answers.

  • Tail's Tale
    Episode 96 - Tail's Tale

    Goku and Krillin continue their spirited battle for martial arts supremacy. The fighting remains friendly until Krillin tries to exploit his friend’s only weakness!

  • Final Match: Goku Vs. Tien
    Episode 97 - Final Match: Goku Vs. Tien

    The tournament crowd is hungry for a new Master of Martial Arts to be crowned. Goku kicks off the action with a ferocious onslaught, but Tien - anticipating his opponent’s every move - responds with a brutal counterattack!

  • Victory's Edge
    Episode 98 - Victory's Edge

    Tien nearly flattens Goku with his powerful Volleyball Technique, but there’s something the three-eyed villain doesn’t know. Goku has yet to unleash his full “battle strength!”

  • Tien's Insurrection
    Episode 99 - Tien's Insurrection

    The final match of the World Martial Arts Tournament takes a bizarre turn when an unseen force hinders Goku’s ability to fight and Tien unleashes a terrifying new technique!

  • The Spirit Canon
    Episode 100 - The Spirit Canon

    Goku never backs down, but bravery can be deadly when you’re battling a maniac with four arms and three eyes. To make matters worse, Tien threatens to attempt an attack so lethal it could end the lives of both fighters.

  • The Fallen
    Episode 101 - The Fallen

    Tien’s Tribeam Cannon destroys everything in its path, but Goku manages to survive. As both fighters near their breaking point, Goku summons the strength for an attack that will determine the next Master of Martial Arts!

  • Enter King Piccolo
    Episode 102 - Enter King Piccolo

    In the aftermath of the tournament, Goku embarks on a perilous mission to avenge Krillin’s death. An ancient evil has returned to haunt mankind, and not even Master Roshi can defeat this menacing monster!

  • Tambourine Attacks!
    Episode 103 - Tambourine Attacks!

    One by one, Tambourine tracks down and slaughters the most powerful martial artists in the world. As Roshi returns to Turtle Island for Krillin’s burial, he can only wonder if Goku is among the fallen.

  • Mark of the Demon
    Episode 104 - Mark of the Demon

    Tambourine continues his killing spree, and Piccolo hatches a heinous fiend whose sole purpose is to track down the Dragon Balls. Elsewhere, Goku emerges from his slumber with vengeance - and food - on his mind!

  • Here Comes Yajirobe
    Episode 105 - Here Comes Yajirobe

    Goku’s appetite puts him at odds with a mighty master of the sword, but their earth-rattling battle is put on hold when Cymbal comes looking for the Dragon Balls.

  • Terrible Tambourine
    Episode 106 - Terrible Tambourine

    Another marital artist falls at the hands of Tambourine, and the next name on the monster’s hit list is none other than Yamcha! Meanwhile, Master Roshi leads Tien and Chiaotzu on a quest to recover the remaining Dragon Balls.

  • Tien's Atonement
    Episode 107 - Tien's Atonement

    Master Roshi’s mission to collect the Dragon Balls hits a snag when Tien crosses paths with a rival from his dark past. Will Roshi’s newest pupil make amends - or return to a life of violence?

  • Goku's Revenge
    Episode 108 - Goku's Revenge

    Goku finally gets what he’s been waiting for: a rematch with Tambourine! The monster killed his best friend, and now the little warrior is hungry for vengeance!

  • Goku vs. King Piccolo
    Episode 109 - Goku vs. King Piccolo

    King Piccolo and Goku square off in a grudge match for the ages. The little man surprises his monstrous opponent with a dazzling display of quickness, but not even Goku can match the sheer power of Piccolo!

  • Piccolo Closes In
    Episode 110 - Piccolo Closes In

    Mater Roshi and Tien set a trap for Piccolo. Their goal: to attain the final two Dragon Balls and wish away the monster forever! Meanwhile, Goku - battered after his battle with the green fiend - can think only of Korin Tower.

  • Roshi's Gambit
    Episode 111 - Roshi's Gambit

    All seven Dragon Balls have been collected, and only Master Roshi stands between Piccolo and his devious wish. The Turtle Hermit puts a scare into the monster by invoking the name of Mutaito, but can he live up to the memory of his master?

  • King Piccolo's Wish
    Episode 112 - King Piccolo's Wish

    Master Roshi fails to harness the power of the Evil Containment Wave, thus allowing Piccolo to summon the Eternal Dragon. Tien has a plan to save humanity, but it hinges on Chiaotzu surviving a deadly mission.

  • Siege on Chow Castle
    Episode 113 - Siege on Chow Castle

    With his youth restored, Piccolo ushers in a new world order marked by agony and bloodshed. Meanwhile, humanity’s only hope clings to the back of a ravenous brute who’s climbing Korin Tower on a quest for beans.

  • Conquest and Power
    Episode 114 - Conquest and Power

    Yajirobe and Goku finally reach the top of Korin Tower, only to receive staggering news regarding Master Roshi. King Piccolo continues his rampage, and Tien attempts to master a technique that could destroy him.

  • Awaken Darkness
    Episode 115 - Awaken Darkness

    Goku embarks on a perilous journey to locate the Ultra Divine Water. Yajirobe is his reluctant companion, but the two warriors are not alone in the icy maze. Something sinister lurks in the darkness!

  • A Taste of Destiny
    Episode 116 - A Taste of Destiny

    Goku endures a particularly brutal beating to prove himself worthy of the Ultra Divine Water. But there’s a catch. Those who drink the magic elixir either become unfathomably powerful - or die a horrible death!

  • The Ultimate Sacrifice
    Episode 117 - The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Tien has mastered the Evil Containment Wave, and he’s willing to sacrifice his life to stop Piccolo. Back at Korin Tower, Goku’s eager to test out his new powers, but will he find Piccolo before Tien joins the ranks of the fallen?

  • Prelude to Vengeance
    Episode 118 - Prelude to Vengeance

    King Piccolo plans to annihilate the world one city at a time - starting with Bulma’s hometown! Tien arrives at Piccolo’s headquarters looking for a fight, only to find himself face-to-face with a formidable new menace!

  • Battle Cry
    Episode 119 - Battle Cry

    Before targeting King Piccolo with his Evil Containment Wave, Tien Shinhan must defeat Drum: a devious monster with blazing speed. Goku is powered up and ready to rumble, but even the Flying Nimbus might not get him there in time!

  • Goku Strikes Back
    Episode 120 - Goku Strikes Back

    Driven by vengeance and empowered by the Ultra Divine Water, Goku enters the field of battle on a mission to make King Piccolo pay for his evil deeds. The little warrior is faster than ever, and he fights for his fallen friends!

  • The Biggest Crisis
    Episode 121 - The Biggest Crisis

    Tien watches from the sidelines as Goku and King Piccolo trade blows that could crush buildings, let alone mere mortals. The Ultra Divine Water gave Goku the strength to face his greatest enemy, but will it be enough to save the world?

  • Final Showdown
    Episode 122 - Final Showdown

    Piccolo uses Tien as a pawn in his battle with Goku. Torn between saving his friend and saving the world, the young warrior allows himself to be crippled at the hands of his arch-nemesis. If Goku falls, so does the world.

  • Lost and Found
    Episode 123 - Lost and Found

    Goku may have defeated Piccolo, but his fallen friends will linger in agonizing limbo for eternity unless he can find his missing power pole and use it to reach Kami - the only man who can resurrect his comrades.

  • Temple Above The Clouds
    Episode 124 - Temple Above The Clouds

    Goku survives his electrifying ascent to the Temple Above the Clouds, only to learn that he must defeat the jovial - yet formidable - Mr. Popo before being granted an audience with Kami.

  • Earth's Guardian Emerges
    Episode 125 - Earth's Guardian Emerges

    Mr. Popo proves stronger than Goku ever could have imagined, but the little warrior won’t give up until his friends are resurrected. Impressed by Goku’s courage, Kami makes a shocking appearance!

  • Eternal Dragon Resurrected
    Episode 126 - Eternal Dragon Resurrected

    Meeting Goku restored Kami’s faith in humanity, so he agreed to revive the Eternal Dragon. But there’s a catch: Goku must promise to spend three years training with Kami in preparation for the rematch of all rematches!

  • Quicker Than Lightning
    Episode 127 - Quicker Than Lightning

    Under the watchful eye of his new master, Goku embarks on a treacherous trek to the top of Mount Rumble. He’s on a mission to don the legendary Sacred Crown, but one false step could lead to a fate more painful than death!

  • Secret of the Woods
    Episode 128 - Secret of the Woods

    Mr. Popo sends Goku deep into the woods on a journey of mysterious origin. The little man believes he’s on the lookout for a fearsome fighter, but could a peaceful afternoon with a master fisherman be the next step in his training?

  • The Time Room
    Episode 129 - The Time Room

    Time travel lands Goku in the middle of a rivalry between teenage versions of Roshi and Shen. The young masters have eyes for the same woman, and Goku must learn to harness the power of his Spirit Energy - or the girl goes up in flames!

  • Goku's Doll
    Episode 130 - Goku's Doll

    Goku has his hands full with a spitting-image sparring partner who knows all his best moves. Meanwhile, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu journey to Korin Tower with hopes of training under the Master.

  • Walking Their Own Ways
    Episode 131 - Walking Their Own Ways

    Goku’s training takes an unusual twist when Mr. Popo challenges him to a game of hide and seek. Back on Earth, Krillin and the gang get lured into a mysterious festival where something very bad is about to happen!

  • Hotter Than Lava
    Episode 132 - Hotter Than Lava

    The sparks flying between Krillin and Mint are the only things hotter than the lethal lava threatening to level her village. Krillin and his friends have been training hard, and they refuse to let the volcano beat them!

  • Changes
    Episode 133 - Changes

    The crowd is eager for the start of the World Martial Arts Tournament! Bulma is baffled by the arrival of a tall, handsome stranger, and Master Roshi is worried his students won’t arrive in time for registration!

  • Preliminary Peril
    Episode 134 - Preliminary Peril

    The element of surprise dominates the tournament’s opening round as Goku wins with brains instead of brawn, a formidable female fighter wows the crowd, and a mechanized mercenary deals Chiaotzu a deadly blow!

  • Battle of the Eight
    Episode 135 - Battle of the Eight

    Yamcha, Krillin, Goku, and Tien battle their way to the semifinals, where Master Roshi is confronted by a malevolent martial artist from his past. Meanwhile, Piccolo waits for the right moment to extract his vengeance!

  • Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao
    Episode 136 - Tien Shinhan vs. Mercenary Tao

    Mercenary Tao is back from the dead, reborn as a robot and seeking revenge against Master Roshi and his students. Unfortunately for the mechanical menace, Tien’s learned a few tricks since the last time they sparred!

  • Anonymous Proposal
    Episode 137 - Anonymous Proposal

    Goku squares off against a beautiful brawler who fights with the fury of a woman scorned! This enchanting warrior won’t reveal her identity unless Goku defeats her - or makes good on a promise he made as a boy.

  • The Mysterious Hero
    Episode 138 - The Mysterious Hero

    Krillin and Junior mix it up in a high-flying battle the audience won’t soon forget, and Yamcha suffers a blow to his manhood when he underestimates the bumbling fighter known as Hero.

  • Rematch
    Episode 139 - Rematch

    Hero unveils his true strength - and hints at his true identity - when Yamcha desperately conjures a powerful attack. Next up, Tien and Goku trade crushing blows in a not-so-friendly rematch!

  • Goku Gains Speed
    Episode 140 - Goku Gains Speed

    Goku and Tien dazzle the crowd with a midair display of martial arts madness! Tien’s incredible speed gives him the upper hand until Goku slips into something more comfortable.

  • The Four Faces of Tien
    Episode 141 - The Four Faces of Tien

    Fighting Goku at top speed is too much for one man to handle, so Tien calls upon a technique capable of turning a lone fighter into an army of destruction! Death has many faces, and Goku’s about to meet them all!

  • Kami vs. Piccolo
    Episode 142 - Kami vs. Piccolo

    The Evil Containment Wave takes center stage when the two most mysterious fighters in the tournament meet in a ferocious semifinal match that quickly escalates to all-out warfare.

  • Battle for the Future
    Episode 143 - Battle for the Future

    Titles and tournaments take a backseat as Goku faces his nemesis in a battle that will determine the fate of the world! Should Goku fail to defeat the monstrous mauler, humanity will tremble at the feet of Piccolo!

  • Super Kamehameha
    Episode 144 - Super Kamehameha

    Goku has the power to end Junior’s ruthless reign of terror, but he cannot destroy the monster without sacrificing Kami! Goku’s hands appear tied until Krillin saves the day with a sudden stroke of genius!

  • Junior No More
    Episode 145 - Junior No More

    The audience erupts into mass pandemonium after Junior reveals his true identity! While the world searches for a place to hide, Goku turns his attention to defeating Piccolo - a challenge that keeps getting bigger.

  • Goku's Trap
    Episode 146 - Goku's Trap

    After a savage beating at the hands of Piccolo, Goku fights back with a double dose of internal punishment for the green fiend. The monster’s next attack is lethal to say the least, but Goku’s evasive maneuvers leave Piccolo painfully shorthanded!

  • Goku Hangs On
    Episode 147 - Goku Hangs On

    Eager to end his brutal match with Goku, Piccolo unleashes a technique of unprecedented power! In the aftermath of the monster’s onslaught, Goku’s friends are elated to find their hero still standing, but how much longer can he continue?

  • The Victor
    Episode 148 - The Victor

    Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance as Goku and Piccolo battle for the title of world’s greatest martial artist! Kami has a sure-fire way to swing the momentum in Goku’s favor, but it requires the ultimate sacrifice!

  • Dress in Flames
    Episode 149 - Dress in Flames

    Goku and Chichi’s wedding plans are put on hold when an earthquake sparks an uncontrollable blaze that threatens to incinerate the Ox King - and Chichi’s wedding dress!

  • The Fire-Eater
    Episode 150 - The Fire-Eater

    Goku and Chichi’s quest to build a new Basho Fan leads them to the center of a deadly volcano. Deep within the molten-mountain lives a mystical flame-guzzling bird that carries the key to saving the Ox-King!

  • Outrageous Octagon
    Episode 151 - Outrageous Octagon

    While the Ox-King struggles to escape the mysterious flames threatening to consume his kingdom, Goku and Chichi journey to a treacherous mountain peak protected by a bone-chilling curse!

  • Mystery of the Dark World
    Episode 152 - Mystery of the Dark World

    When the Basho Fan fails to extinguish the blaze surrounding the Ox-King’s castle, Goku and Chichi must venture into a horrifying world of darkness in search of the Magical Furnace!

  • The End, The Beginning
    Episode 153 - The End, The Beginning

    Goku and Chichi reach the Magical Furnace, but its guardian refuses to extinguish the flame. To spare the Ox-King from certain death, Goku takes matters into his own hands, venturing into the heart of the blaze!

  • Curse of the Blood Rubies
    Movie 1 - Curse of the Blood Rubies

    Deep within the core of the Earth a fire rages. Within the heart of this fire dwells the Eternal Dragon, a magical beast of limitless power that can be summoned from his fiery lair only when the seven magic Dragon Balls -- now scattered over the face of the Earth -- are found and brought together. When the seven magic Dragon Balls are united, the Eternal Dragon will appear before the adventurer who brought them together and grant that person a single wish. Then, once more the balls will be scattered to the four winds, and the dragon beast will return to his fiery lair until another brave or foolish soul rediscovers the balls and tries to bring them together again.

  • The Path to Power
    Movie 2 - The Path to Power

    When an adventure thirsty girl named Bulma runs across - and nearly runs over - a bizarre young boy named Goku, they find themselves thrust into an adventure that will last a lifetime! Together they set out to recover the mystical Dragon Balls, artifacts of incredible power. Legend says that whomever collects all seven Dragon Balls can call forth the awesome Eternal Dragon, a powerful creature that will grant whatever whish their heart desires! But there is another interested party eager to control the power of the Dragon Balls. They are known as the Red Ribbon Army, and they will stop at nothing to use the Dragon balls to achieve their wish of total world domination. Along the way Goku will find out that the greatest power of all lies within himself. This is where the legend begins!

  • Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
    Movie 3 - Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

    It's time to power up, and Roshi holds the key! Before Goku and Krillin can unlock the secrets of the hermit's training, a thrilling quest awaits! The old teacher directs the two warriors to the treacherous Devil's Hand where they must find a Sleeping Princess and return the maiden to their master's island. Their journey is wrought with peril, as the devious Launch races the heroes to their goal! In a true test of Goku and Krillin's might, Lucifer, a sinister vampire backed by an army of vicious ogres, seeks to annihilate the Saiyan and his friend, and destroy the Earth! Join Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, and the whole Dragonball gang as the fate of the world is decided in this epic adventure!

  • Mystical Adventure
    Movie 4 - Mystical Adventure

    Goku and Krillin have completed their training under the mystical Master Roshi. Now the duo is off to test their newly acquired skills at a prestigious martial arts tournament sponsored by the young emperor Chiaotzu. The winner of the tournament is said to get an audience with the Emperor, and a wish for anything they want! But sinister plans are underway beneath the fa??ade of the elaborate tournament. The young emperor's wife has been kidnapped! The emperor's right-hand man, Master Shen, has convinced him the Dragon Balls must be gathered to wish her back. But secretly, he and his henchman Master Tao plan to overthrow the Emporer, and with the help of the Dragon balls, rule the kingdom themselves! And to complicate matters even more, Bulma and the gang are desperately searching for the dragon balls as well.


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"A classic !! if you havent seen already.. i feel bad for you !!"

An amazing show that made way for many animes today! a true classic .. amazing characters and incredible story line and world. it may not be the same thing as seeing it when you are a kid but if you h... more


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"This is the best anime ever!"

Simply the best, anyone who argues this is clearly entitled to their own opinion. But if you have watched all episodes from Goku's childhood till GT and still believe there is something greater out th... more


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