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Fast forward 10 years after the DBZ Sagas left off!

64 straight-to-the-action episodes!

  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Martial Arts,Mystery,Shonen
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 64
  • Number of Movies: 1
  • Seasons:
    Season 1 (Eps 1-34)
    Season 2 (Eps 35-64)

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  • Movie Special:
    A Hero's Legacy


Action-packed right to the end.

Dragon Ball GT is a fun ride.


After enduring trials that would have crushed any other soul, Goku is now faced with the most important journey of his life. The Dragon Balls have been scattered to the ends of creation! The universe is dense with danger and the Saiyan hero must plunge head first into the peril, for if the seven magic relics of Shenron are not gathered within a year’s time, Earth will meet with final catastrophe.

Alongside his friends, Pan and Trunks, Goku will struggle against the most formidable evils yet, be they savage beast with the power to crumble mountains, false gods intent on sacrificing those who believe, or cruel manipulators of science who seek to strip the good of all power. The countdown to oblivion has begun… And before the clock strikes eternal midnight, the most incredible menace to ever threaten existence will rise!

   Super 17
   Shadow Dragon

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  • A Devastating Wish
    Episode 1 - A Devastating Wish

    Emperor Pilaf finally summons Shenron, only to blow his big chance at making a wish! Goku undergoes some unusual changes, and King Kai has bad news for the inhabitants of Earth!

  • Pan Blasts Off
    Episode 2 - Pan Blasts Off

    Bulma, Videl, and Gohan prepare a ship to be used in gathering the Dragon Balls, and Pan gets upset over being treated like a child. Meanwhile, Goku is abducted by greedy kidnappers!

  • Terror on Imecka
    Episode 3 - Terror on Imecka

    Goku, Trunks, and Pan crash-land on Planet Imecka, where the festive atmosphere of the city hides a disturbing truth: the Imeckians are money-hungry swindlers!

  • The Most Wanted List
    Episode 4 - The Most Wanted List

    Imecka, Goku, Pan, and Trunks mount a rescue mission to salvage their ship. Without it, they’ll be stuck on Imecka forever!

  • Goku vs. Ledgic
    Episode 5 - Goku vs. Ledgic

    While hiding from the authorities, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are moved by the cruelties inflicted upon the Imeckians. In the name of justice, they decide to confront Don Kee in a showdown at the Royal Palace!

  • Like Pulling Teeth
    Episode 6 - Like Pulling Teeth

    After narrowly escaping Imecka with their lives, Goku, Trunks, and Pan land on a planet where everything is larger than life. To secure a Dragon Ball, Goku must charge into the belly of a giant beast - literally!

  • Trunks, the Bride
    Episode 7 - Trunks, the Bride

    The Saiyans arrive on a peaceful planet with one very large problem: a lovesick monster called Zoonama who can produce massively destructive earthquakes merely by shaking his gigantic whiskers!

  • Whisker Power
    Episode 8 - Whisker Power

    Refusing to endanger innocent lives, Trunks reluctantly poses as Zoonama’s “bride” in an attempt to sneak deep into the monster’s volcanic lair and free the terrorized villagers forever.

  • Lord Luud
    Episode 9 - Lord Luud

    Three mysterious strangers steal the Dragon Balls. In their haste to track down the thieves, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are tricked into touching down on a dangerous asteroid.

  • Dance and Attack
    Episode 10 - Dance and Attack

    On the cave-ridden planet of Beehey, Goku, Trunks, and Pan encounter a pack of Mouma: a giant, wormlike species with a taste for humans! Even worse, dangerous dancing adversaries lurk in the shadows!

  • Lord Luud's Curse
    Episode 11 - Lord Luud's Curse

    Pan and Giru are stuck on the Para Para Brothers’ spaceship headed straight for Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy and his demented regime. Goku and Trunks follow close behind, but can anything prepare them for the shock that is to come?

  • The Last Oracle of Luud
    Episode 12 - The Last Oracle of Luud

    While Pan is under the control of Dolltaki, Goku and Trunks battle Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy. Meanwhile, Dolltaki has big plans for his faithful followers, and Lord Luud moves closer to resurrection.

  • The Man Behind the Curtain
    Episode 13 - The Man Behind the Curtain

    Goku and Trunks defeated Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, but they now face the awakening Luud: a mechanized mutant whose full operating power might make him indestructible.

  • The Battle Within
    Episode 14 - The Battle Within

    Determined not to rot inside Luud, Pan and the Para Para Brothers force Dolltaki to reveal the secret to escaping their mechanical prison. Meanwhile, Goku does his best to fend off the ever growing monster.

  • Beginning of the End
    Episode 15 - Beginning of the End

    Giru leads the group to a desert planet where they must battle monsters while scouring sand dunes for a hidden Dragon Ball. Will they succeed, or will they end up in the belly of ravenous giant centipedes?

  • Giru's Checkered Past
    Episode 16 - Giru's Checkered Past

    Goku and friends stop at Giru’s home planet, where an innocent walk down memory lane turns into something far more sinister, and a dark secret threatens to put them in the hands of Dr. Myuu!

  • Pan's Gambit
    Episode 17 - Pan's Gambit

    Goku and Trunks are captured by General Rilldo, and it’s up to Pan to save them! Disguised as a robot, she outwits the enemy throng, but when her cover is blown, she must face the Sigma Force in battle!

  • Unexpected Power
    Episode 18 - Unexpected Power

    After being freed from Dr. Myuu’s laboratory, Goku faces Rilldo’s top fighters: the Sigma Force! By combining their mechanical bodies to form deadly weapons, these killer-bots could spell trouble for Goku.

  • A General Uprising
    Episode 19 - A General Uprising

    With Giru’s secret out in the open, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are more determined than ever to complete their dangerous mission, but do they have enough strength left to face a potent new threat looming on the horizon?

  • The Source of Rilldo's Power
    Episode 20 - The Source of Rilldo's Power

    On the planet of the Machine Mutants, Trunks is frozen in metal and shipped to the sinister Dr. Myuu! Pan tries to hunt down Giru the traitor, and Goku continues his shocking battle with General Rilldo.

  • A Secret Revealed
    Episode 21 - A Secret Revealed

    Goku and Pan succumb to General Rilldo’s tricky tactics and are frozen in metal. Next, Dr. Myuu sends them to his laboratory, so he can drain their powers to further his evil plan!

  • The Baby Secret
    Episode 22 - The Baby Secret

    After stripping Dr. Myuu of all power, Trunks reveals the mystery that drove him to deceive. Locked behind a door lies the doctor’s darkest secret: Baby, a creature designed to subjugate the entire galaxy!

  • Hidden Danger
    Episode 23 - Hidden Danger

    Continuing their quest for the Dragon Balls, Goku, Pan, and Trunks discover a battered ship soon to be destroyed by the gravity of a nearby star! But there’s more than Dragon Balls to be found - something onboard is alive!

  • Discovering the Truth
    Episode 24 - Discovering the Truth

    Goku and company land on Planet Vidal to get medical treatment for the boy they recently rescued. Who is this mysterious young survivor, and why can’t the Doctor assigned to his case be trusted?

  • Baby's Arrival
    Episode 25 - Baby's Arrival

    When a roughneck wreaks havoc in the city, Goten breaks a date to teach him a lesson, but as soon as the brute is subdued, another deranged brawler steps in to take his place!

  • Saiyan Hunting
    Episode 26 - Saiyan Hunting

    Baby continues his search for the Saiyans, making his way across Earth via the bodies of unsuspecting humans. Resistance arises in the form of Goten, but will it be enough to stop Baby?

  • The Attack on Vegeta
    Episode 27 - The Attack on Vegeta

    Goku, Trunks, and Pan are on the brink of finding the last Dragon Ball, but Baby wreaks havoc when he uses Goten as a puppet in a devious attempt to infiltrate Gohan’s body.

  • A Worldwide Problem
    Episode 28 - A Worldwide Problem

    With Vegeta’s power at his disposal, Baby’s plan for world domination is nearly complete. As Goku, Trunks, and Pan near their return to Earth, they can’t possibly imagine what nightmare awaits them!

  • The Fall of the Saiyans
    Episode 29 - The Fall of the Saiyans

    After sealing away the Dragon Balls with Dende, Goku momentarily believes Earth to be spared from terrible destruction, but his worst fears become reality when Baby-Vegeta rears its vile head!

  • The Game After Life
    Episode 30 - The Game After Life

    After being hit by the full force of Baby-Vegeta’s most powerful attack, Goku is no more! Victorious, Baby-Vegeta begins the next phase of his plan: using the Dragon Balls to create a new world for his followers!

  • Collapse From Within
    Episode 31 - Collapse From Within

    After being saved by Kibito at the last moment, Goku finds himself playing a twisted game of chance in a bizarre world where nothing is as it seems. The only way for Goku to escape is to win!

  • The Return of Uub
    Episode 32 - The Return of Uub

    After saving Pan from the clutches of Baby, Uub tries to pick up where Goku left off, but Baby is a worthy adversary. Meanwhile, Goku endures some seriously strange training under the watchful eye of Old Kai!

  • The Tail's Tale
    Episode 33 - The Tail's Tale

    The fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and Uub quickly finds he is no match for Baby. Buu steps in to save him by joining with Uub’s body, thus fusing their respective powers into one potent force!

  • Back in the Game
    Episode 34 - Back in the Game

    After completing his tail-stretching, Goku returns to the Tuffle Planet to fight alongside Uub, but sadly, he’s too late. Goku must now rely solely on his newfound abilities as he faces Baby alone!

  • Goku's Ascension
    Episode 35 - Goku's Ascension

    After Baby retreats to avoid defeat, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 4! With his power boosted to its maximum level, Goku sets out to locate Baby’s hideout and finish the monster once and for all!

  • The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!
    Episode 36 - The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!

    While Goku grows accustomed his new abilities, Baby-Vegeta utilizes a device that will give him the power to crush even his strongest enemies!

  • Old Kai's Last Stand
    Episode 37 - Old Kai's Last Stand

    With Goku on the verge of utter destruction, Old Kai sends Kibito on a top secret mission where time is of the essence! Meanwhile, Bulma showers Baby with Blutz Waves that increase his strength!

  • Family Bonds
    Episode 38 - Family Bonds

    Old Kai’s quick-thinking frees Trunks, Goten, and Gohan from Baby’s control, but even their combined powers cannot stop the monster. Only Goku has that level of strength!

  • Baby Put to Rest
    Episode 39 - Baby Put to Rest

    Goku squares off with Baby in a battle that will decide the fate of the universe! Only one of the powerful warriors will leave Tuffle Planet alive! Who will it be?

  • Piccolo's Decision
    Episode 40 - Piccolo's Decision

    Baby has finally been destroyed, but now the Earth is set to explode in two short weeks! Goku organizes a massive evacuation, but he and Piccolo end up trapped on the soon-to-be-obliterated planet!

  • Curtain Call
    Episode 41 - Curtain Call

    It’s time for the World Martial Arts Tournament, but the competition proves challenging for all: Goku and Pan fight in the wrong divisions, a plan to fix the fight is uncovered, and an old ally returns to fight Goku one last time!

  • A Dangerous Union
    Episode 42 - A Dangerous Union

    In the depths of HFIL, an evil union between Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu takes place. Soon after, Trunks is ambushed by Android 17 to send Goku a warning: come to HFIL or the earth will be attacked!

  • The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza
    Episode 43 - The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

    Cell and Frieza are back, and Goku must defeat the villains if he is to return to Earth. Things get sticky when he falls into the deepest, darkest realm of HFIL, where he will endure tests that threaten his sanity!

  • 17 Times 2
    Episode 44 - 17 Times 2

    While Goku fights for his life in HFIL, the heroes of Earth experience troubles of their own: the two No. 17s have merged to form the ultimate artificial killing machine!

  • Piccolo's Best Bet
    Episode 45 - Piccolo's Best Bet

    Super 17’s destructive power reaches new heights, and the Z Fighters lay battered and broken at the android’s feet. Luckily, Piccolo has a plan to free Goku from his other-worldly prison.

  • Raising the Stakes
    Episode 46 - Raising the Stakes

    Goku’s attacks prove useless against Super 17 thanks to Dr. Myuu’s shrewd programming of the android. With each passing moment, Super 17 gets stronger - and Goku inches closer to his demise!

  • The Greatest Surprise
    Episode 47 - The Greatest Surprise

    While Goku prepares for the end, help comes from an unlikely source: Android 18! The lady-robot is fighting mad, and she’s determined to avenge the death of her one true love!

  • The Shadow Dragons
    Episode 48 - The Shadow Dragons

    When an evil Dragon emerges from the broken Dragon Balls, the serenity of Earth is shattered as well. With evil Dragons scattering across the globe, what horrors are in store for humanity?

  • The Two-Star Dragon
    Episode 49 - The Two-Star Dragon

    Haze Shenron, the dragon of pollution, begins contaminating everything in his path with a toxic mist that poisons those who breathe it. Goku and Pan try to help, but they’re soon overcome by the noxious fumes!

  • The Five-Star Dragon
    Episode 50 - The Five-Star Dragon

    During their search for the dragon balls, Goku and Pan stumble upon an abandoned city. A couple fleeing what was once their home warns the heroes of a mysterious slime capable of absorbing electricity.

  • The Six-Star Dragon
    Episode 51 - The Six-Star Dragon

    A once-peaceful seaside village becomes a battleground as Goku and Pan square off against Oceanus Shenron, the 6-Star Dragon.

  • The Seven-Star Dragon
    Episode 52 - The Seven-Star Dragon

    After stumbling upon Naturon Shenron, Goku and Pan must save an entire city from the earthquakes caused by the dragon’s digging.

  • Saying Goodbye
    Episode 53 - Saying Goodbye

    Naturon Shenron takes control of Pan, and Goku is forced to make the most gut-wrenching decision of his life! The path to possess the Dragon Ball lies directly through his granddaughter!

  • The Four-Star Dragon
    Episode 54 - The Four-Star Dragon

    With four Dragon Balls in their possession, Goku and Pan set off in search of the fifth. Standing in their way is Nuova Shenron, the ferocious Dragon of Fire!

  • The Heart of the Prince
    Episode 55 - The Heart of the Prince

    For far too long, Vegeta has played second fiddle to his greatest adversary: Goku. Now, after years of battling with - and alongside - Earth’s greatest hero, Vegeta makes a supremely shocking admission!

  • The Three-Star Dragon
    Episode 56 - The Three-Star Dragon

    After defeating Nuova Shenron, Goku spares the dragon’s life in exchange for not killing Pan when he had the chance. Later, things get complicated when Eis Shenron reveals a shocking secret no one saw coming!

  • The One-Star Dragon
    Episode 57 - The One-Star Dragon

    In the aftermath of the intense battle between Goku and Nuova Shenron, the devious Three-Star Dragon, Eis, rears its ugly head and freezes Goku solid!

  • Shadow Dragons Unite
    Episode 58 - Shadow Dragons Unite

    Responding to Pan’s panicked plea for help, the Z Fighters descend on the battleground in a frenzied, last-minute attempt to save Goku’s life!

  • Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
    Episode 59 - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

    With Goku blinded and battle-weary, it appears highly doubtful he can survive a brutal battle against the combined power of all 7 Dragons. Could Vegeta have a life-saving trick up his sleeve?

  • Super Saiyan 4 Fusion
    Episode 60 - Super Saiyan 4 Fusion

    Even pitted against two Super Saiyan 4s, Omega Shenron is vastly superior in terms of speed and strength, but when Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta, the playing field is leveled!

  • The Limits of Power
    Episode 61 - The Limits of Power

    Goku and Vegeta try to regain their advantage by doing Fusion again, and Omega Shenron responds by trying to devour the Four-Star Dragon Ball! It’s a defensive struggle as each side tries to prevent the other from gaining supremacy!

  • Rescue Goku
    Episode 62 - Rescue Goku

    With Goku and Vegeta unable to fuse, is there anyone who can stop Omega Shenron? A new ally appears from a most unlikely place - Goku’s forehead - but will it be enough to bring down the ultimate Shadow Dragon?

  • Universal Allies
    Episode 63 - Universal Allies

    In his final battle, Goku continues his struggle with Omega Shenron! Needing more help than his fellow Z-Fighters can offer, Goku enlists the aid of King Kai, who coordinates the largest attack of all time!

  • Until We Meet Again?
    Episode 64 - Until We Meet Again?

    On the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, The Eternal Dragon appears in the sky without being summoned and explains why the Dragon Balls cracked.

  • A Hero's Legacy
    Movie - A Hero's Legacy

    Honor. Perseverance. Dedication. The courage to do what is right. Throughout the years Goku's life burned as a beacon of truth, a prime example of a life well lived. His journey was a triumph of commitment and resolve. But the torch must pass. Now Goku, decades after departing this world, watches as his descendant undertakes his own journey of discovery, a journey where veiled dangers lurk at every turn, to uncover the amazing truth behind the Dragon Balls. It is an ordeal demanding everything Goku Jr. is not. But what Goku Jr. yet realizes is that the same fire which fueled the mighty Goku burns within himself as well. Goku Jr. must discover that fire to realize his legacy, to prove that some things never die.


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