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  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Shonen
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 50
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Three years have passed since Taichi, Takeru and Hikari’s original adventure, but a new threat arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld - the Digimon Emperor intent on enslaving the Digimon for his own purposes. Two of the original DigiDestined, Hikari and Takeru, return joined by three newcomers: Daisuke, Miyako and lori. Together they go to the DigiWorld and with their Digimon partners Gatomon, Patamon, Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon fight the new menace to save the DigiWorld they love.

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  • The One Who Inherits Courage
    Episode 1 - The One Who Inherits Courage

    Three years has past from Taichi's adventure, but a new virus arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld. Due to the virus' special power, Agumon and others can't evolve.

  • Digigate Opens
    Episode 2 - Digigate Opens

    Daisuke and friends have been back in the real world after they saved the DigiWorld from a crisis. Missing out on the first adventure, Miyako gets to visit the DigiWorld together with her friends guided by Koushiro and Sora.

  • Digimental Up
    Episode 3 - Digimental Up

    Daisuke confronts Digimon Kaiser once again in the DigiWorld, where the latter is keeping up a hideous game. Digimon Kaiser's Control Spire is keeping the Digimon from evolving.

  • Digimon Kaiser, King of Darkness
    Episode 4 - Digimon Kaiser, King of Darkness

    To control the DigiWorld, Digimon Kaiser is building Control Spires. At the same time, Taichi and the others escape from Digimon Kaiser's prison.

  • Destroy the Dark Tower
    Episode 5 - Destroy the Dark Tower

    Digimon Kaiser is in a hurry to build a prison in the Crystal world, the icy northern region of the DigiWorld. Gomamon ends up becoming hostage to Digimon Kaiser while cover for the other Digimon, and calls for Jou's help.

  • Dangerous Picnic
    Episode 6 - Dangerous Picnic

    The DigiDestined usually venture into the DigiWorld to rescue Digimon, but this time around they just wanted to picnic there, away from the Control Spire.

  • Hikari's Memory
    Episode 7 - Hikari's Memory

    After trying to destroy a control spire located in a city within the DigiWorld, the group is attacked by Guardromon.

  • Loneliness of Digimon Kaiser
    Episode 8 - Loneliness of Digimon Kaiser

    Daisuke sees a rival in Ken Ichijouji, as he makes a desperate tackle to stop Ken in a soccer game. The two boys make up afterwards as they recognize each other's special ability.

  • Overdrive of the Dark Ring's Magic
    Episode 9 - Overdrive of the Dark Ring's Magic

    It is revealed to Daisuke that Ken is in fact Digimon Kaiser. Though a boy genius in the real world, Ken had been disappointed by reality and abandoned it for the DigiWorld.

  • The Enemy is MetalGreymon
    Episode 10 - The Enemy is MetalGreymon

    Using his dark power, Digimon Kaiser has transformed Agumon into SkullGreymon that destroys everything in its path, wreaking havoc on the DigiWorld.

  • Raidramon, the Blue Thunder
    Episode 11 - Raidramon, the Blue Thunder

    To release Agumon from Dark Spiral's force, the kids confront MetalGreymon even though they are outmatched.

  • Duel on the Digimon Ranch
    Episode 12 - Duel on the Digimon Ranch

    Sora immediately makes her way to the DigiWorld after receiving an SOS signal from Piyomon on her Digivice. When she and her friends pass through the other end of the DigiGate, they find themselves in a ghost town on the west side of the DigiWorld.

  • Dragomon's Cry
    Episode 13 - Dragomon's Cry

    Drops of water...Sounds of wave...A leaden ocean...Deserted fishing village...Is it real or just an illusion? The strange images scare Hikari, but at the same time entice her.

  • Shurimon of the Wind
    Episode 14 - Shurimon of the Wind

    Miyako and friends are walking around DigiWorld in search of new DigiEgg. There's no luck for them, but they come across a diner where they find all that they need.

  • Shurimon's Martial Arts
    Episode 15 - Shurimon's Martial Arts

    Glinting swords. Flashing sparks. Two ninjas run like a whirlwind in a gorgeous town called Edo. Both Control Spire and Digimon Kaiser have nothing to do with a duel between them.

  • Submarimon - Escape from the Bottom of the Sea
    Episode 16 - Submarimon - Escape from the Bottom of the Sea

    The kids have reached an offshore oil rig while they were following a signal from a DigiEgg. Knowing by intuition that this DigiEgg belongs to him, Iori rushes to the entrance of the oil rig ahead of the others.

  • Odaiba Memorial
    Episode 17 - Odaiba Memorial

    A red mark in a pocket diary: First of August. Anniversary. That day was supposed to be another ordinary day. It turned out to be the end of ordinary life."

  • Tracking Down the Base of the Kaiser!
    Episode 18 - Tracking Down the Base of the Kaiser!

    The ground is now covered with Control Spires. After a long silence, Digimon Kaiser begins a serious advance in order to gain control of DigiWorld.

  • Kimeramon - The Amalgamated Monster
    Episode 19 - Kimeramon - The Amalgamated Monster

    A Dark experiment produces the evilest composition monster, Kimeramon. It has Kabuterimon's head, MetalGreymon's hair, Greymon's torso, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Angemon and Airdramon's wings, SkullGreymon and Kuwagamon's arms.

  • The Miraculous Digivolution! Gold Magnamon
    Episode 20 - The Miraculous Digivolution! Gold Magnamon

    The evilest composition monster Kimeramon is created. Its overwhelming destructive power burns everything in its path and gradually turns DigiWorld into ruins.

  • Good-Bye, Ken-chan!
    Episode 21 - Good-Bye, Ken-chan!

    With the help of the gold DigiEgg, Veemon miraculously succeeds to Digivolve into Magnamon. Giving off dazzling light, Magnamon faces Kimeramon. However Kimeramon's darkness is so deep it threatens to swallow even this miraculous, dazzling shine.

  • The Courageous Digivolution! Ex-Veemon
    Episode 22 - The Courageous Digivolution! Ex-Veemon

    Released from Digimon Kaiser's menace, the DigiWorld regains its peace. Although the scars he left are seen everywhere, Digimons feel positive about the restoration.

  • When the Digivice is Tainted by Darkness
    Episode 23 - When the Digivice is Tainted by Darkness

    Thanks to Daisuke and his friends, the DigiWorld regains its peace. Meanwhile Ken Ichijouji is in a long, deep sleep since his return from DigiWorld. Even his parents' calls do not wake him.

  • Ankylomon - Warrior of the Earth
    Episode 24 - Ankylomon - Warrior of the Earth

    Ken Ichijouji returns to his true self by accepting his past. Then he is reunited with Wormmon. However, a strange woman appears in front of them to take away the little peace they finally were able to grasp.

  • Aquilamon - The Knight of the Sky
    Episode 25 - Aquilamon - The Knight of the Sky

    The mysterious Digimon that saved Iori's life prove to be Stingmon, the Digivolved-self of Wormmon. Daisuke believes that Ken is penitent and makes an effort to have him join the party.

  • Jogress Digivolve Now, Hearts Together as One
    Episode 26 - Jogress Digivolve Now, Hearts Together as One

    All the Digimon that Ken terminates turn out to be Control Spires transformed by the mysterious woman. Ken apologizes to the kids for what he did as the Digimon Kaiser and leaves them.

  • The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon
    Episode 27 - The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon

    In order to atone for his sins and restore the DigiWorld, Ken decides to go alone into a desperate battle alone prepared for death. What stops him is Daisuke's cry: 'You must live!...'

  • Trap of the Bug Charmer!!
    Episode 28 - Trap of the Bug Charmer!!

    Piledramon protects the DigiWorld from catastrophe. Daisuke and friends are in high spirits as they have been granted a new measure called D.N.A. Digivolving.

  • Arukenimon, the Mistake of the Spider Woman
    Episode 29 - Arukenimon, the Mistake of the Spider Woman

    Invited by the mysterious woman, Daisuke and friends have ventured into the gigantic Giga House, where they fall into a deadly trap that is far beyond anything they imagined.

  • BlackWarGreymon, Dark Ultimate Form
    Episode 30 - BlackWarGreymon, Dark Ultimate Form

    The kids break through Arukenimon's trap with incredible teamwork. Although Iori and Ken respect each other's abilities, both of them still harbor hard feelings.

  • Silphymon - The Storm of Love
    Episode 31 - Silphymon - The Storm of Love

    Complete defeat. The difference in power between the Digimons and BlackWarGreymon is too great. As the kids look for a way to increase Digimons' fighting power, they direct their attention to Tailmon's lost Holy Ring.

  • Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone
    Episode 32 - Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone

    Following in the footsteps of Daisuke and Ken, Miyako and Hikari have succeeded in the second Jogress Digivolving. Meanwhile, BlackWarGreymon who left Arukenimon wanders about DigiWorld with an empty soul.

  • Miyaki in Kyoto Today
    Episode 33 - Miyaki in Kyoto Today

    Miyako is taking time off from the DigiDestined's mission for a while. She's visited Kyoto on a school trip. Having left Poromon in Koushirou's care, she's been having a good time on her own.

  • Protect the Holy Stones
    Episode 34 - Protect the Holy Stones

    BlackWarGreymon continues to destroy the Holy Stones one after another without knowing the reason why. However the moment he destroys the third Holy Stone, a mysterious Digimon emerges in a distorted phase with an enormous power he hasn't ever felt

  • Assault on BlackWarGreymon
    Episode 35 - Assault on BlackWarGreymon

    'I want to fight against that Digimon.' Possessed by a hunger for the fight, BlackWarGreymon continues to destroy Holy Stones. Even MagnaAngemon's power was no match for his tremendous power.

  • The Steel Angel - Shakkoumon
    Episode 36 - The Steel Angel - Shakkoumon

    In spite of Iori's attempts at persuasion, BlackWarGreymon destroyed the sixth Holy Stone. There is only one Holy Stone left now. The war to decide the destiny of the DigiWorld is finally about to begin.

  • Gigantic Mega Form - Qinglongmon
    Episode 37 - Gigantic Mega Form - Qinglongmon

    Takeru and Iori finally succeeded in making their partners Jogress Digivolve. Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon are now Jogress Digivolved. They stand between BlackWarGreymon and the last Holy Stone.

  • Holy Night the Big Digimon Reunion!
    Episode 38 - Holy Night the Big Digimon Reunion!

    With the help of Qinglongmon, the DigiWorld has returned from the brink of collapse. The children now know their mission, and with renewed resolve, begin destroying Dark Towers one after another.

  • All DigiDestined, In Action! Imperialdramon!
    Episode 39 - All DigiDestined, In Action! Imperialdramon!

    A sudden scream rings out over a peaceful Christmas Eve. Digimon appear and throw the town of Odaiba into panic, just as they did three years ago.

  • New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!
    Episode 40 - New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!

    Dark Towers and Digimons have turned up suddenly all over the world. Daisuke and his friends use Imperialdramon to fly to other nations. They join allies waiting in each nation to save the world from this crisis.

  • Coral and Versailles, the Rebel Fight
    Episode 41 - Coral and Versailles, the Rebel Fight

    The Digimons that appeared in New York and Hong Kong returned to the DigiWorld thanks to Daisuke, Mimi, Hikari and Koushirou.

  • Love and Borscht, The Ferocious Battle
    Episode 42 - Love and Borscht, The Ferocious Battle

    The United States, Hong Kong, Australia and France. Thanks to our heroes, Digimons who turned up in each area have gone back to the DigiWorld. Now only Mexico and Russia are left.

  • Onslaught of the Daemon Army
    Episode 43 - Onslaught of the Daemon Army

    Daisuke and his friends succeed in sending Digimons back to the DigiWorld, then fly back to Japan. That area was supposed to have become peaceful again, but who do they meet there, but...

  • The Deadly Battle Against the Dark Digimon
    Episode 44 - The Deadly Battle Against the Dark Digimon

    Daemon and evil Digimons make a surprise attack on a peaceful city. With the help of Paildramon in fighter form, the kids escaped the worst. However, the fact that they killed Digimon weighs heavily on their minds.

  • The Gate of Darkness
    Episode 45 - The Gate of Darkness

    Daisuke dashes by Raidramon as he chases after the truck. But just as he finally catches sight of it, Daemon appears. Arukenimon and her ally have copied the seed of darkness and are ready to hand Ken over to Daemon.

  • BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon
    Episode 46 - BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon

    The strong wish of Ken, Daisuke and the others opened the gate, and Daemon was thrust back to the world of Darkness. But their struggle still continues.

  • The Seal of BlackWarGreymon
    Episode 47 - The Seal of BlackWarGreymon

    After a fierce battle, BlackWarGreymon leaves, with Agumon's words lingering in his mind. Meanwhile, Miyako and her friends were on the verge of getting Oikawa, but lose him in a crowd.

  • The Terror of Malomyotismon
    Episode 48 - The Terror of Malomyotismon

    Oikawa has finally obtained the flowers of darkness. BlackWarGreymon was fatally wounded by enormous Dark Power, but used all his strength to seal the gate to the DigiWorld and shatter Oikawa's plans.

  • The Last Armor Digivolution
    Episode 49 - The Last Armor Digivolution

    At last, the final enemy, MaloMyotismon, has appeared. The kids freeze with terror before his cruelty and overwhelming strength. Only Daisuke dares to stand face to face with MalMyotismon.

  • Our DigiWorld
    Episode 50 - Our DigiWorld

    Daisuke and his friends have turned their powerful desires into energy and have MaloMyotismon on the ropes. But MaloMyotismon flees through the Distortion to find refuge in the once-sealed DigiWorld.


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