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  • Genre: Comedy,Mystery
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 12
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    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (prequel)
    Futari wa Milky Holmes (sequel)


Sherlock, Nero, Ellie and Cordelia are a popular quartet known as “Milky Holmes” at the Homes Detective School as they have solved many cases in superb teamwork with their superhuman ability called “Toys”. The Milky Holmes girls are the idols of students and the Yokohama Residents alike. But on a stormy night, the four Milky Holmes girls lose their Toys during the battle against their nemesis, “Phantom Thieves”, and their fate changes drastically.

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  • The End of Ambition, The End of Vegetables
    Episode 1 - The End of Ambition, The End of Vegetables

    Milky Holmes has gone even farther afield from becoming detectives. In fact, they spend most of their time in a field, tending vegetables. But this setup doesn't sit well with Student Council President Henriette, who sics the Gentlemen Thief Empire on Milky Holmes in order to bring them back to their detective roots!

  • Nice Sushi
    Episode 2 - Nice Sushi

    Milky Holmes has lost their farm, and now they've got nothing to eat. To make money, they go back to part-time jobs. Elly works as model for the painter Cherry Picasso, and he gives her the painting he made. Then a man with a cane made out of a drill comes along and wants to pay 10,000,000 yen for it?!

  • Hakkei Island Stories
    Episode 3 - Hakkei Island Stories

    Milky Holmes has a brilliant idea! If they're going to use the detective academy to build a pavilion, why not just have them build the pavilion somewhere else? They set off to Hakkei Island, in Yokohama Bay, to convince the owner to let them build the pavilion there. But Hakkei Island is a prison, and as soon as they get there, they're captured and put in jail!

  • Milky Holmes Sleeps
    Episode 4 - Milky Holmes Sleeps

    Cordelia is peacefully dreaming of flowers one night when she's interrupted by Nero's foot. Nero's kicking in her sleep. It turns out Cordelia is, too. Since Milky Holmes is too poor to afford more than one bed, they decide to change the order they sleep in. But this just makes things worse...

  • Quiet Preparations
    Episode 5 - Quiet Preparations

    A pervert is stalking Yokohama and flashing its citizens! Milky Holmes is on the case, and they've got a new ally with them: Girl Detective Koron! Koron just happens to wear a long brown overcoat...

  • The Weirdo on the Orient Express
    Episode 6 - The Weirdo on the Orient Express

    Someone is threatening to destroy the Great Detective of Kamakura! Unless G4 rides the Enoden Express train and finds the criminal before it reaches its final stop, they will destroy the massive stone statue. G4 goes to find the culprit, but when they arrive, they find a stickier situation than they imagined. Milky Holmes is also there, for some reason.

  • And Then Hope Was Gone
    Episode 7 - And Then Hope Was Gone

    The Milky Holmes girls have failed time and time again to regain their Toys, and without them, her life is meaningless. She drinks herself into a stupor with a bottle of oolong tea, then sends a message to the police. At midnight tonight, she will destroy Holmes Detective Academy...

  • Lovely, Isn't It?
    Episode 8 - Lovely, Isn't It?

    Arsene has vanished for parts unknown, and the rest of the Gentlemen Thieves Empire is in jail. With nowhere to live and nowhere to go, Milky Holmes sinks into a deep depression. Then an unlikely source steps in to help them...

  • Got Vacation? Then Take it 2
    Episode 9 - Got Vacation? Then Take it 2

    Angry at her cronies taking a vacation, Kokoro decides to trick Milky Holmes into impersonating the Gentlemen Thieves Empire in order to draw them back.  This backfires, however, as Milky Holmes always manage to do the reverse of what they were intending!

  • Y.H. Confused?
    Episode 10 - Y.H. Confused?

    Milky Holmes has pushed lard-boy too far. Now he's absorbed all the animal fat in Yokohama, and all of history's most sinister toys, and he's out for revenge.

  • The God of Lard
    Episode 11 - The God of Lard

    It is the end of an era.  The God of Lard has descended to Earth, and threatens to cover the entire planet in Lard, creating Lard Ball Earth.  And the only ones who can stop him are Milky Holmes?

  • The Return of Henriette
    Episode 12 - The Return of Henriette

    Milky Holmes' Toys are back!  Hooray!  Now they can rebuild the academy, and till their fields with psychic powers! But Henriette is still missing...  To bring her back, Milky Holmes decides to enter a mascot contest!


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