Daytime Drinking - The Movie (subtitled)
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Daytime Drinking
The Movie (subtitled)

Trailer  | TV-MA

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Hyuk-jin hits a bar in Seoul with his friends. Totally drunk, they decide to take a trip to console Hyuk-jin's broken heart and agree to leave first thing the next day. However, when Hyuk-Jin gets off the bus the next afternoon he finds out he's the only one that made the trip. His friends had horrible hangovers and completely forgot. Worse, he quickly finds that the festival they were headed to was weeks ago... No shops, no other tourists, and the beach is freezing cold. Hyuk-jin is truly, honestly, alone. Over the next few days, Hyuk-jin finds himself in a series of increasingly bizarre situations, most of them aided by the fact that, due to his respect for the etiquette of Korean drinking culture, Hyuk-jin cannot refuse a drink when someone offers him one. With his friends not showing up and his wallet gone, Hyuk-jin has to figure out how get out of what must surely be the world's worst hangover, get back to Seoul, and end his drunken odyssey.

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