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Animation, Photography, and Production from ufotable (R.O.D. -The TV-, Black Cat, Tales of Symphonia, Honey & Clover )

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Fan Service,Mystery,Sci Fi,Space
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 12

We're not precisely sure what the hell this show is about, but it's still damn fun.


Insurrection will not be tolerated! And to prove the point, the government has set a big, bad bomb to blast Graceland right out of the sky! To make matters worse, The King is dead. However, before Pirate King Bruce died, he hid billions in stolen loot on the doomed planet. Now, the galaxy's most infamous criminal - a mystery man known only as "Mister" - has busted out of the slammer to get his hands on the booty before it's too late! Along with King Bruce's daughter and his band of misfit "Coyotes," Mister sidesteps government goons, dodges a hottie investigator who's on his trail and fends off a dozen android Lolitas who are programmed to kill, kill, KILL!

Bullets, blades, bombs, beauty, and boobs... If it's capable of destruction or distraction, it's fair game in this chilling, thrilling, killing, blood-spilling show!

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  • Prison Break
    Episode 1 - Prison Break

    Angelica Burns is an investigator on the hunt for the elusive criminal known as Mister. When she tracks her prey to a far-away world, she learns she’s not the only lady on his tail.

  • The Girl from the Pirate Hideout
    Episode 2 - The Girl from the Pirate Hideout

    Mister and his gang run into Pirate King Bruce’s daughter, Franca, who decides to join the crew of the Coyote. Meanwhile, Angelica’s getting closer to finding Mister, thanks to a DJ’s help.

  • The One they Called
    Episode 3 - The One they Called

    Swamp Gordon’s living as a preacher, but he’s not looking to forgive his grudge against Mister, no matter how much the fugitive begs him to join the Coyote’s crew.

  • Bygone Days
    Episode 4 - Bygone Days

    Angelica learns that the action’s about to go down at Graceland. Marciano’s headed that way, and so is Mister - just as soon as he gets a history lesson in Swamp and Pirate King Bruce’s past exploits.

  • Never Change
    Episode 5 - Never Change

    At the Jupiter station, Angelica has no idea just how close she is to running into Mister. Meanwhile, after Bruce promises to take Franca on a nice vacation, Marciano shows up to send them to the grave!

  • Fierce Fight
    Episode 6 - Fierce Fight

    All hell breaks loose! Franca’s been nabbed by July, and Angelica finally has Mister right where she wants him! When it’s all said and done, Mister’s on the Coyote bleeding, courtesy of some hot lead.

  • Marciano, the Traitor
    Episode 7 - Marciano, the Traitor

    Marciano takes out Big Pink, and Mister’s hurting even as the Coyote crew tends to his injuries. They’re all still trying to reach Graceland, but when Hunter Bennett enters the fray, there’s no telling what will happen.

  • The Road to Gigabanks
    Episode 8 - The Road to Gigabanks

    The clock is ticking. There are only 24 hours ‘til Graceland - and the treasure of Pirate King Bruce - goes boom, and all three sides involved in this mess are on the move!

  • Jupiter
    Episode 9 - Jupiter

    After Swamp and Bishop figure out where the bomb is located, the whole Coyote gang arrives at Graceland. The inhabitants have started thinking they’re out of danger. Unfortunately, they’re wrong.

  • Angelica Burns
    Episode 10 - Angelica Burns

    After Angelica and Chelsea break free from captivity, they run into Mister, who’s got some bad news: the bomb is set to blow - but Angelica decides she’s not going anywhere.

  • Fading Memories
    Episode 11 - Fading Memories

    Mister and Franca have found the treasure! Of course, Marciano and the Sisters are pretty close to finding it, as well. Angelica’s pretty close to finding something, too: her true feelings for Mister!

  • Coyote
    Episode 12 - Coyote

    Mister and Marciano go at it with everything they’ve got and only one of them is going to live to tell about it! Meanwhile, Angelica’s got to find a way to make the President tell her how to defuse the bomb!


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    Insurrection will not be tolerated!

    To prove the point, the government has set a big, bad bomb to blast Graceland right out of the sky! To make matters worse, The King is dead. However, bef...

    Rating: TV-14

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