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Do you need a heart to fall in love?

  • Genre: Action,Comedy,Fan Service,Romance,School,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24
  • Number of Specials: 4

Chobits proves to be another gem from the creative talent at CLAMP

Allen Divers,

Always cute, wacky, and funny, Chobits is a fun anime to get caught up in.

Danica Davidson, Otaku USA Magazine


From the celebrated manga group CLAMP (X, Cardcaptor Sakura), comes a stimulating exploration of the connection between a bumbling young man and his extraordinary android.

Tokyo is abuzz with persocoms – humanoid computers that are virtually perfect. The socially and technologically inept Hideki is dying to get his hands on one. When he finds Chi abandoned in the trash, she’s cuter than any current model he’s ever seen before. But when he gets her home and turns her on, she has no data and only a single learning program installed. While Hideki puts his whole heart into teaching Chi the ins and outs of humanity, a mystery unfolds as a dark secret within her awakens.

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  • Sumomo and Kotoko Deliver
    Special - Sumomo and Kotoko Deliver

    On his way out for school, Hideki forgets his wallet! Sumomo dresses Chi before sending her out after him, but Chi forgets something important too—her underwear!

  • Chi Awakens
    Episode 1 - Chi Awakens

    Persecoms are humanoid computers that can do almost anything humans can. Virtually everyone in Tokyo has one but Hideki, a displaced country boy going to a college prep school. His life is about to change when he finds a very special one in the trash.

  • Chi Goes Out
    Episode 2 - Chi Goes Out

    Hideki’s lucky find turns out to be a bigger deal than he thought. His neighbor Shinbo sends him to Minoru, a young Persecom specialist, to find out how she’s able to move without an operating system. Could she be one of the rumored custom-made Chobits?

  • Chi Learns
    Episode 3 - Chi Learns

    Getting into college is Hideki’s first priority, but he needs a job to pay the bills. Now he’s got a Persecom, but since he can’t afford to buy her software, his only option is to teach her everything himself.

  • Chi Goes on Errands
    Episode 4 - Chi Goes on Errands

    To avoid confusion or embarrassment, Hideki sends Chi to the lingerie store to buy some underwear. With child-like wonderment, Chi’s exploration of the city results in quite an adventure.

  • Chi Finds
    Episode 5 - Chi Finds

    Hideki takes Chi to the bookstore, where she finds a picture book with an eerie underlying message.

  • Chi Weakens
    Episode 6 - Chi Weakens

    Hideki knows so little about Persecoms that he doesn’t even realize Chi needs charging. He’s already late on his electric bill, and when he tries to plug her in to a power source the whole building loses power!

  • Chi Works
    Episode 7 - Chi Works

    Persecoms are so amazing: they can work for money just like people. Chi wants to help Hideki pay his bills, so she sets out to find a good job. Her mission gets a little off course, and a whole new side of Chi is exposed.

  • Chi Bewildered
    Episode 8 - Chi Bewildered

    When Hideki finally finds Chi, she and all the other Persecoms in the city seem to be in a trance. Even Minoru is stumped over the strange behavior. After things cool off, Hideki finds Chi a nice job at Tirol, a nearby bakery.

  • Chi Buys
    Episode 9 - Chi Buys

    Just the thought of teaching Chi how to bathe gets Hideki too excited to function. Meanwhile, Minoru discovers a photo of a legendary Chobit that looks shockingly familiar.

  • Shinbo & Sumomo Chat
    Special 9.5 - Shinbo & Sumomo Chat

    Sumomo’s hard drive is almost full, so Shinbo reviews all the memories his portable Persecom has collected of their fun and adventures with Hideki and Chi!

  • Chi Meets
    Episode 10 - Chi Meets

    When it comes to dating, Hideki’s clueless. While on a date with his coworker Yumi, he’s stumped by her heavy questions concerning Persecoms. Alone at home, Chi gets wrapped up in another book that seems to touch her in a deep, hidden place.

  • Chi Confirms
    Episode 11 - Chi Confirms

    Paranoia takes hold of Hideki when he hears a murder story and is convinced the apartment below his is haunted. Ms. Hibiya, Shinbo, and Minoru join forces to investigate the building and dispel Hideki’s fears before he loses too much sleep.

  • Chi Plays
    Episode 12 - Chi Plays

    After his boss gives him a DVD player, Hideki gets a video game from Minoru. Overjoyed to know Chi can play games too, Hideki hooks her and Sumomo up to the TV to give it a try, but things never seem to go as expected with Chi.

  • Chi Goes to the Ocean
    Episode 13 - Chi Goes to the Ocean

    Hideki’s got the bad grade blues, but a trip to Minoru’s beach house is too tempting to turn down. When curiosity gets Chi and Hideki into deep water, an unexpected rescue surprises everyone.

  • Chi Entertains
    Episode 14 - Chi Entertains

    A tipsy Ms. Shimizu shows up at Hideki’s apartment for a personal pop quiz. At school the next day, Shinbo doesn’t act like himself either.

  • Chi Doesn't Do Anything
    Episode 15 - Chi Doesn't Do Anything

    With no warning, Shinbo disappears, leaving Sumomo under Hideki’s care. When Hideki gets to school he realizes Ms. Shimizu is gone, too! When Shinbo finally calls he better have a good explanation.

  • Chi Provides
    Episode 16 - Chi Provides

    Hideki takes a week off from work to study for a big test. But when he loses his wallet, growls from his empty stomach ruin all hopes of concentration. Determined to help her master, Chi goes on a mission to cure his hunger pangs.

  • Chi Helps
    Episode 17 - Chi Helps

    While helping Ms. Hibiya with routine cleaning around the apartments, Hideki learns some unexpected facts about his landlady’s past experience with Persecoms.

  • Chi Disappears
    Episode 18 - Chi Disappears

    Yumi makes a comment that leaves Hideki pondering his relationship with Chi. His true feelings show as he jumps into action when Chi doesn’t make it home from work at Tiroll.

  • Minoru & Yuzuki Chat
    Special 18.5 - Minoru & Yuzuki Chat

    Minoru and Yuzuki continue their diligent search for clues to Chi’s origins and reliable information about the legendary Chobits. They recall what they’ve observed since Hideki brought Chi to Minoru’s mansion for any hints.

  • Chi Waits
    Episode 19 - Chi Waits

    While Hideki, Minoru, and Ueda (Chi’s manager at Tiroll) frantically scour the entire city for poor Chi, Ueda shares a personal story about the Persecom dear to him.

  • Chi Wants
    Episode 20 - Chi Wants

    Anxious to analyze her, Chi’s abductor, who goes by Dragonfly on the web, connects her to a room full of his custom models. As he trespasses on forbidden territory, Chi’s dark side gets physical to disable his attempts.

  • Chi Answers
    Episode 21 - Chi Answers

    Chi is home safe, but Hideki notes something new between them. Minoru continues his relentless search for more information on the mysterious Chobits. Despite Hideki’s violent contempt, Dragonfly eagerly - and apologetically - offers his help.

  • Chi Wears and Takes Off
    Episode 22 - Chi Wears and Takes Off

    When Chi tries on what she thinks is a new uniform at Tiroll, she learns even more about how people show their feelings for each other - and decides who her special someone is.

  • Chi Decides
    Episode 23 - Chi Decides

    Chi’s tragic past is finally revealed, and Hideki realizes now more than ever just how extraordinary the little supercomputer really is.

  • The Person Only For Chi
    Episode 24 - The Person Only For Chi

    With the utterance of his true feelings for Chi, Hideki unknowingly triggers a special program so powerful it will affect the future of all Persecoms and their owners.

  • Hibiya & Kotoko Chat
    Special 24.5 - Hibiya & Kotoko Chat

    Ms. Hibiya is preparing a special dinner for Hideki and his friends. With only Kotoko around, she reminisces aloud the events leading up to how Chi discovered true happiness.


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Hard to express my love, watch and enjoy. I watched it all the way through, no breaks.


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Amazing, an interesting yet touching story with limitless lessons and morals to learn. If you are into something that will hit you right at the roots this is one for You.


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    From the celebrated manga group CLAMP (X, Cardcaptor Sakura), comes a stimulating exploration of the connection between a bumbling young man and his extraordinary android.


    Rating: TV-14

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    Includes: Eps 1-24

    From the celebrated manga group CLAMP (X, Cardcaptor Sakura), comes a stimulating exploration of the connection between a bumbling young man and his extraordinary android.


    Rating: TV-14

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