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  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci Fi,Space,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 42
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In the year 2977, mankind has developed the technology to head into space. They've created robots to cultivate foodstuffs on other planets and live in an age of unprecedented gluttony. Mankind receives all its food from the government and is kept in check by the government’s use of hypnotic signals emitted from the television. So even high-ranking government officials have tossed their duties to the road and live a life of horse-racing and other indulgences. When humanity finds itself unprepared to face a new threat from space, there is only one hope – the space pirate Captain Harlock.

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  • The Jolly Roger that Flutters Through Space
    Episode 1 - The Jolly Roger that Flutters Through Space

    "Don't worry." 2977 A.D. Mankind has developed the technology to head into space. They've created robots to cultivate foodstuffs on other planets and live in an age of unprecedented gluttony.

  • A Message from the Unknown
    Episode 2 - A Message from the Unknown

    "You're a young girl with the heart of an angel. That's why you should befriend the flowers and birds and live!" A transport ship unit is attacked by an unidentified flying object as it exits Planet No.7.

  • A Woman who Burns like Paper
    Episode 3 - A Woman who Burns like Paper

    "If you're a man, you'll do what you have to before you grieve." The town is sent into panic by the sphere that landed.

  • Under the Flag of Freedom!
    Episode 4 - Under the Flag of Freedom!

    "I fight for no one. I just fight for something within my heart." After being invited to be a pirate by Harlock, Tadashi exits the Arcadia.

  • To the Shores of Distant Stars?
    Episode 5 - To the Shores of Distant Stars?

    "He can live, seeing the same cosmos that I do. He'll come to see them sparkling one day? Those stars in the darkness." Harlock tells Tadashi, upon joining his crew, to "just loiter around and enjoy it," leaving Tadashi confused.

  • The Phantom Mazone
    Episode 6 - The Phantom Mazone

    "Lafresia? A phantom enemy, but a fearsome opponent." The Mazone soldier mentioned the name Queen Lafresia as she blew herself up.

  • The Pyramid on the Ocean Floor
    Episode 7 - The Pyramid on the Ocean Floor

    "Even if it is unforgivable, enemy of mine, I pay the utmost respect to those who died in the line of duty." Upon seeing an odd looking formation from space, Harlock's crew heads to the Bermuda area.

  • The Queen's Space Fleet
    Episode 8 - The Queen's Space Fleet

    "Then please tell the Queen this- I, Captain Harlock, intend to proceed to the very heart of the Mazone!" There are signals being emitted from the pennant and the pyramid. These are homing signals to guide the Mazone to Earth.

  • The Fearsome Plant Life Form
    Episode 9 - The Fearsome Plant Life Form

    "Keep shooting until the very end! Even if you're all alone, kill as many Mazone as you can!" Dr. Zero analyzes the hair from the captured Mazone and sees their make-up is identical to sap found in plant life surrounding ancient ruins.

  • Advance on the Mystery Planet
    Episode 10 - Advance on the Mystery Planet

    This is a lawless, pirate-style battle technique." Believing that all the jungles of Earth are inhabited by the Mazone, Harlock decides to return to the Pirate Island again.

  • When Lola Shines Golden
    Episode 11 - When Lola Shines Golden

    "He cannot take his eyes off reality. Daiba must learn that the beautiful one who tempts him is his enemy." The Arcadia successfully makes its way to Venus. Along the way, they capture a Mazone pilot from a wrecked ship, Lola.

  • Mother, Be Eternal
    Episode 12 - Mother, Be Eternal

    "Man have things they must overcome with external help, just by themselves." Tadashi is upset at himself for talking about the Arcadia to Lola. Then he begins practicing like mad so he can shoot in time next battle.

  • The Castle of Evil in the Sea of Death
    Episode 13 - The Castle of Evil in the Sea of Death

    "This is the pirate way." The Arcadia heads back to Earth to investigate a third signal being emitted from the Sargasso Sea. There, the witch Aman, who was waiting for the Arcadia, wages an attack using a 1945 Imperial Japanese naval ship.

  • The Mausoleum of the Sphinx
    Episode 14 - The Mausoleum of the Sphinx

    "I can hear it coming from over there. Mayu is over there!" Commander Kiruta takes Mayu with him. Desperate to find her, Harlock receives a message from Commander Kiruta.

  • Tragic Love! The Northern Pole Aurora
    Episode 15 - Tragic Love! The Northern Pole Aurora

    "I've got forty crewman with me, along with the invincible Arcadia!" The Arcadia is at the north pole after spotting an aurora that closely resembles a runway. While landing, Harlock and Miime spots a person.

  • Kei - A Farewell Song
    Episode 16 - Kei - A Farewell Song

    "This is Kei's problem. She has to take care of it." The operator, Kei Yuki, goes to visit her parents' grave. There, her father's ex-pupil, Kazuya, shows up.

  • The Skeleton Hero
    Episode 17 - The Skeleton Hero

    "We swore that we'd die together on this ship. One man's pain is all of our pain." Upon finding a message in a bottle floating in space that contains an SOS message from Captain Yamanaka of the Braves ship, the Arcadia sets off for the Horsehead Nebula.

  • The Evil Shadow Soldiers
    Episode 18 - The Evil Shadow Soldiers

    "That sort of your weak sympathy is no help to the Chief engineer." A group of Mazone suddenly appear in the ship. They carelessly assume they'll just be holographs, but soon real Mazone appear and they begin fighting.

  • Queen Lafresia's Trap
    Episode 19 - Queen Lafresia's Trap

    "Falling into the trap will be fun, as well. Will we become skeletons together?" There are supposed to be forty-two crewman aboard the Arcadia. Searching their true colors, they try to read the minds of all at the Horsehead Nebula.

  • The Extinct Planet Jura
    Episode 20 - The Extinct Planet Jura

    "So, being an alcoholic is useful for once!" Miime's old planet is named Jura, and it was once devastated by a nuclear attack. Making one of her occasional visits to her hometown, Miime and Harlock are once against ensnared in a Mazone trap.

  • Gohrum! The Tragic Soldier
    Episode 21 - Gohrum! The Tragic Soldier

    "It's out of respect for a veteran. This is how I do things. I make no distinction between friend nor foe." An asteroid belt hits the Arcadia. Mazone soldiers who were hiding in there invade the ship.

  • The Space Graveyard - Deathshadow
    Episode 22 - The Space Graveyard - Deathshadow

    "The beauty of the ocean of space is without limit. But, on occasion, it can be merciless." Upon returning to Deathshadow Island with the memory device left behind by Zol, Harlock and his crew learn something huge about Queen Lafresia's flagship.

  • Yattaran, Song of a Plastic Model Fanatic
    Episode 23 - Yattaran, Song of a Plastic Model Fanatic

    "A little leak will sink a great ship." Upon victory, Harlock orders First mate Yattaran to secure the hostages. But, Yattaran ends up being the one who is captured!

  • The Shooting Star of Pure Love
    Episode 24 - The Shooting Star of Pure Love

    "Zol issued the attack order! Your father!" A surprising couple, Zorba, the son of the warrior Zol, and a Mazone medic named Lucia, escaped from the Mazone fleet.

  • Dr. Zero and Mii
    Episode 25 - Dr. Zero and Mii

    "This is a gamble. But it's a gamble we will win." Doctor Zero becomes extremely resentful over Zorba and Lucia's murder. So, he sets off to do battle in the midst of a magnetic storm and leaves his pet cat to the ship's cook, Masu-san.

  • A Long Way Away Voyage
    Episode 26 - A Long Way Away Voyage

    "You have awakened the lion that sleeps within me." Due to Harlock's unrelenting resistance, there is a growing resentment between the Mazone military and its civilians.

  • The Will of the Arcadia
    Episode 27 - The Will of the Arcadia

    "Queen Lafresia is a Mazone with a heart." Having a hunch as to the reason why Harlock so staunchly opposes them, Queen Lafresia sends someone on a mission to Earth to find out why.

  • The Ulysses Nebula
    Episode 28 - The Ulysses Nebula

    "The human race started with two." In order to rescue Mayu, Harlock allows the will of the ship to choose its own course. It then sets course for the Human Planet within the seven planets of the Ulysses Nebula.

  • The Life-and-Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet
    Episode 29 - The Life-and-Death Struggle on the Rainbow Planet

    "A man learns little by little while in battle." The Mazone come attacking the Arcadia which has had too much free time lately. Tadashi, thinking he may find clues to Mayu's whereabouts, gives chase in a fighter and is wrecked on the Rainbow Planet.

  • My Friend, My Youth
    Episode 30 - My Friend, My Youth

    "If you can imagine, I drank whiskey that time?" While the Arcadia is being repaired at the dock of a Pirate Island, Tadashi and Tori-san come back with a pair of glasses. Harlock says they belonged to the man who built the Arcadia.

  • Arcadia - The Secret Story of Its Construction
    Episode 31 - Arcadia - The Secret Story of Its Construction

    "We're all as one, together on the Arcadia." The Arcadia is rapidly being repaired on a Pirate Island while Lafresia continues her bloodthirsty hunt for it. While this is happening, Harlock tells Tadashi the secret story behind the Arcadia's origins.

  • The Call of the Star Flute
    Episode 32 - The Call of the Star Flute

    "Earth is meaningless to me without Mayu." The Mazone plot is to use Mayu to lure Harlock and the Arcadia to the Wind Planet and then attack with a powerful mine.

  • A Lone Man's Charge
    Episode 33 - A Lone Man's Charge

    "When a man is searching for his final resting ground, don't go running your mouth." Commander Kiruta learns of the existence of the Mazone and persistently tries to inform the Prime Minister of the impending doom.

  • A Galactic Lullaby
    Episode 34 - A Galactic Lullaby

    "It's time for our showdown, Lafresia." The Arcadia is trapped due to an artificial gravity device. However, they escape and protect Mayu from the Mazone base.

  • The Beautiful Mysterious Woman
    Episode 35 - The Beautiful Mysterious Woman

    "Mayu, come here. The Earth is beautiful." After rescuing Mayu, all that remains is the final showdown with Lafresia. Harlock decides that she cannot remain on the ship during the battle and to return her to Earth.

  • The Eve of the Showdown
    Episode 36 - The Eve of the Showdown

    "Even within all this silence, a flame is toiling." The beautiful, dazzling Shizuka Namino becomes a bit of a celebrity on board the Arcadia after being rescued. However, she's really a spy sent by Queen Lafresia.

  • Tears on a Red Sweater
    Episode 37 - Tears on a Red Sweater

    "It's cold in space." Upon realizing that Harlock knew who Shizuka's real identity is, she deems that she has failed in her mission. Harlock was going to banish her from his ship but he sees Shizuka help someone out and reconsiders.

  • Farewell! Mayu
    Episode 38 - Farewell! Mayu

    "Commander Kiruta gave me his word. I have trust in a man's promise." The invasion Mazone forces finally begin their attack on Earth. With no power to resist, the air space on Earth is quickly dominated.

  • Heroic! The Commander Dies
    Episode 39 - Heroic! The Commander Dies

    "Have a drink and talk to me. Sometimes people need to clear the air between them." The Arcadia leaves for space with Kiruta on board, after he was injured while trying to save Mayu.

  • Then, the Angels Sang
    Episode 40 - Then, the Angels Sang

    "I want to have a drink with you. Once the battle is ended." After a bunch of skirmishes, the true battle finally begins. The Mazone use an underhanded tactic by camouflaging a medic ship and sneaking in to attack.

  • Duel! The Queen VS. Harlock
    Episode 41 - Duel! The Queen VS. Harlock

    "I want to make a flower bloom. A flower of the future." Making its way past countless gunshots, the Arcadia finally arrives at Queen Lafresia's flagship. The crew sans First mate Yattaran makes a full assault on the ship.

  • Farewell, Space Outlaw
    Episode 42 - Farewell, Space Outlaw

    "Mayu, plant flowers on this burnt field. Then call the butterflies and birds back here. Daiba, make history." Harlock and his crew go for their triumphant return to Earth, but, all that awaits them is an order that they've been banished from Earth.


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