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A reboot from the original creator of the Bubblegum Crisis OVAs

From the director of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki! and El Hazard – The Magnificent World

From the animation studio that brought you Ah! My Goddess and Tenchi Muyo!

  • Genre: Action,Cyberpunk,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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2040 delves into the origins of Bubblegum Crisis icons like the Knight Sabers, Boomers, the AD Police, and Genom.


Tokyo has become the epicenter of advanced technology, but at a dangerous price: its workforce is riddled with humanoid robots that tend to go on destructive killing sprees. That’s when four young women gear up in cybernetic suits to crush the defective droids. They are the Knight Sabers: heavy metal heroines battling an evil corporation’s bionic pawns while its grip on the city threatens to strangle humanity. In order to shut down the android uprising, these ladies flirt with a critical meltdown in an adrenaline-fueled death match between woman and machine!

This red-hot reboot of the cyberpunk classic hacks the senses with rapid-fire intensity—truly a cutting-edge original “reimagined as a dark, sophisticated, deadly-serious action adventure.” –

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  • Can't Buy a Thrill
    Episode 1 - Can't Buy a Thrill

    Linna may be from a little country town, but she’s no pushover—and she moved to Tokyo with one goal in mind: to find the Knight Sabers and join them. When she’s attacked by a mad Boomer, Linna witnesses the Sabers’ prowess firsthand.

  • Fragile
    Episode 2 - Fragile

    Linna tracks down Priss and states her case—she won’t stand down until she’s one of the Knight Sabers. After trailing her to Sylia’s boutique, Linna enters the grueling simulation to test her mettle.

  • Keep Me Hanging On
    Episode 3 - Keep Me Hanging On

    Sylia has a hardsuit made for the new recruit. Linna gets a first-rate crash course in her highly-advanced mech when Priss calls for back up—she’s stuck in a diner with a waitress Boomer gone berserk!

  • Machine Head
    Episode 4 - Machine Head

    Linna’s suit malfunctions in the heat of battle and the rogue Boomer nearly serves her a death sentence. Later, Nene hacks into Genom’s server and uncovers information on the megacorporation’s most recent experiments.

  • Rough and Ready
    Episode 5 - Rough and Ready

    The Knight Sabers pull the plug on a rogue boomer with an appetite for more machinery, but the AD Police has orders to put the heat on the vigilantes!

  • Get it On
    Episode 6 - Get it On

    It looks like the gig is up for the Knight Sabers as the AD Police shoot to kill and news cameras hover overhead—until a fourth hardsuit comes in to take over the show! Later, an unexpected guest shows up at Sylia’s boutique.

  • Look at Yourself
    Episode 7 - Look at Yourself

    When a boomer at Genom’s deep-sea testing facility wreaks havoc in Tokyo, Sylia deploys the Knight Sabers before Nigel’s repairs on the suits are complete!

  • Fire Ball
    Episode 8 - Fire Ball

    The Knight Sabers hit the streets when a wheeled boomer runs amok on the highway. The high-speed chase isn’t going their way until Priss gives Nigel’s latest super-powered project a spin.

  • My Nation Underground
    Episode 9 - My Nation Underground

    Something is swiping boomers from Tokyo’s subterranean tunnels, and a rumor about a certain AD Policeman’s interest in Priss throws a wrench in the Knight Sabers’ gears.

  • Woke Up with a Monster
    Episode 10 - Woke Up with a Monster

    When orders from above snuff the AD Police’s case on the machine-devouring beast, Leon and Daley take matters in their own hands. Priss puts her foot down about a teammate’s missteps—a rescue mission may be Nene’s last chance to prove her worth!

  • Sheer Heart Attack
    Episode 11 - Sheer Heart Attack

    Genom’s newest project progresses and Mason digs deeper for dirt to disarm the Knight Sabers. While back home in the country, Linna is corralled into an arranged date—only to be interrupted by a desperate call from Nene.

  • Made in Japan
    Episode 12 - Made in Japan

    Priss flies solo against one of the military’s massive secret weapons, Nene works overtime from her desk and the third Saber sister makes a tough call. Genom’s manipulations deepen as a double agent makes his last deal and a mechanic gets a visitor.

  • Atom Heart Mother
    Episode 13 - Atom Heart Mother

    Sylia recruits the Knight Sabers to unearth her father’s lab before Genom gets to it, but Nene cross-examines her leader about alarming facts behind the Stingray’s history.

  • Shock Treatment
    Episode 14 - Shock Treatment

    Priss locates the buried lab, but Sylia’s still holding back details. The Knight Sabers rush underground to save their leader when her crazed solo mission is sabotaged, but a bizarre phenomenon—unlocked by Sylia herself—renders their suits useless.

  • Minute by Minute
    Episode 15 - Minute by Minute

    After watching helplessly as Mason saunters off with the Sotai, the Sabers are forced to abandon their suits in the ruins. Priss takes a night ride with an AD Policeman and Nigel divulges the connection between Sylia and the glowing child she released.

  • I Surrender
    Episode 16 - I Surrender

    Sylia musters up the strength to begin building new hardsuits, but a pissed off Saber walks out on the project. The AD Police go on strike and Nene is locked inside HQ when Galatea’s playtime awakens hundreds of rogue boomers in storage!

  • Moving Waves
    Episode 17 - Moving Waves

    Nene hacks away at the building’s security system for a way out, but the rampaging boomers infiltrate her station before she can send an SOS! With their suits far from being complete, the Knight Sabers need to think of something quick.

  • We Built this City
    Episode 18 - We Built this City

    Priss and Leon blast their way through the hoard of machines on the motoslave to Nene and the AD chiefs—but when a biomechanical mass blocks their only escape, the chiefs make a last ditch effort to freeze the boomers cold in their tracks.

  • Are You Experienced?
    Episode 19 - Are You Experienced?

    Tokyo is crawling with mad boomers. Leon hatches a plan to cut off the Dragon Line, but a giant megaboomer looms in their path. Meanwhile, Nigel and Mackey put the finishing touches on the new and improved hardsuits.

  • One of These Nights
    Episode 20 - One of These Nights

    As Galatea awakens the Dragon Line, she grants Mason’s request—but not exactly how he intended. Leon’s not a smooth dude, but just as he gets to Priss, the Knight Sabers call her into action!

  • Close to the Edge
    Episode 21 - Close to the Edge

    The Sabers’ new suits let them unlock a new power when they get entangled in the Dragon Line! Back at Sylia’s mansion, the group celebrates their victory—but Galatea sends them a late night surprise.

  • Physical Graffiti
    Episode 22 - Physical Graffiti

    An underwater battle ensues as boomers pour into Sylia’s mansion. When the Knight Sabers finally find refuge from the biomechanical fallout, they discover they aren’t the only survivors.

  • Hydra
    Episode 23 - Hydra

    The Knight Sabers assemble and rocket toward the Genom tower to face Galatea. Mackey makes a critical sacrifice and Priss melds with the boomer technology to battle the phenomenon.

  • Light My Fire
    Episode 24 - Light My Fire

    As the Genom tower takes Galatea’s shape and heads for the Umbrella orbiting Earth, the Knight Sabers launch a plan to send themselves into space and save the globe from boomer domination!

  • Walking on the Moon
    Episode 25 - Walking on the Moon

    A moment from Galatea’s perspective sheds light on Dr. Stingray’s downfall. The Knight Sabers infiltrate the Umbrella, but can they destroy the boomer queen’s hive before she takes over all mechanical material—including their own suits?

  • Still Alive and Well
    Episode 26 - Still Alive and Well

    Nene and Linna are hurled towards Earth in the explosion as Priss makes a final stand against Galatea in a battle of human will against the corrupted machine.


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    Tokyo has become the epicenter of advanced technology, but at a dangerous price: its workforce is riddled with humanoid robots that tend to go on destructive killing sprees. That’s when four youn...

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