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  • Genre: Comedy,Fantasy,Harem,Slice of Life
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 12


In a busy trade city, Leicester Maycraft’s band of adventurers – Oasis – gathers to watch a meteor shower. After one of the falling stars crashes into the cathedral, Maycraft discovers a sleeping girl. When she wakes up, his life takes an unusual turn.

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  • Night of the Meteor Shower
    Episode 1 - Night of the Meteor Shower

    In a busy trade city, Leicester Maycraft’s band of adventurers - Oasis - gathers to watch a meteor shower. They get more than they bargained for when one of the meteors hits, setting off an unusual chain of events.

  • The World of Dragons
    Episode 2 - The World of Dragons

    As Oasis adjusts to life with Agnes and Minette, the grand duke of Ert'Aria asks the clan to investigate his treasure chamber, which has been plagued by a mysterious presence ever since the meteor shower.

  • The Staff of Bonds
    Episode 3 - The Staff of Bonds

    After Leicester and Agnes propose a quest to gather mysterious Black Rainbow Flowers, Chelsea gets lost and Carina and Leicester are attacked by a shadow-dwelling monster!

  • Within the Darkness
    Episode 4 - Within the Darkness

    When the gang sets out in search of hot-springs crystite, their quest leads them into an abandoned mine. Deep within a hidden shaft, they find a mysterious gemstone that may shed light on recent rumors.

  • Day Off for Oasis
    Episode 5 - Day Off for Oasis

    When Minette and Garnet head to the marketplace to gather the ingredients needed for dinner, an encounter with a stray cat and a run-in with Chelsea could keep the food from making it to the table.

  • Night of the Party
    Episode 6 - Night of the Party

    Clan Oasis provides security at a party thrown for the Sacred Knights. As Leicester and Nick patrol the grounds, Agnes and Minette entertain their fans - and an uninvited menace prepares to crash the festivities!

  • The Forest of Dolls
    Episode 7 - The Forest of Dolls

    Clan Oasis travels to the lab of Mizeh Altworth to learn why El energy still lingers after the meteor shower. Upon arrival, Altworth is missing - and the group is attacked by the powerful and mysterious Avril.

  • The Eighth Episode! Everyone Gets Together!
    Episode 8 - The Eighth Episode! Everyone Gets Together!

    Wary of another attack by Aberdeen and Avril, Clan Oasis is on high alert. Meanwhile, even as much of the town settles in for a night of harvest festival revelry, Ritos appears to have plans of her own.

  • An Unusual Omen
    Episode 9 - An Unusual Omen

    Minette spends some time with Miriam, but their visit is cut short when Miriam suddenly collapses. Before there's even a chance to summon help, Garnet appears and shares the shocking truth behind Miriam's illness.

  • Minette's Choice
    Episode 10 - Minette's Choice

    Salsa and Ritos volunteer to investigate the El anomaly, so that Oasis can focus on Minette. Unfortunately, they soon learn that Minette may have placed herself directly - and willingly - into enemy hands!

  • Differing Thoughts
    Episode 11 - Differing Thoughts

    Leicester battles Aberdeen while Carina takes on Avril! However, a shocking discovery puts both sides in danger: the El anomaly is worse than previously thought - and it could mean the end of the world!

  • Blessing of the Campanella
    Episode 12 - Blessing of the Campanella

    After tracking the El anomaly to an Artifact’s core, Oasis faces a tough choice. Do they let the monsters unleashed by the anomaly go unchecked? Or do they repair the Artifact and risk eliminating the El flow?


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I have recently been disappointed with a few shows I have tried watching but my faith was restored by this one not to long but a great story with alot of fun, feels, and laughs a great feel good show... more


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