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Original concept from GONZO (Afro Samurai, Witchblade)

Directed by Ichiro Itano (Gantz, animation direction on Robotech: The Untold Story & Robotech: Do You Remember Love?)

  • Genre: Action,Sci Fi,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 24

The action gets to an epic level.

Chris Beveridge,


A blood-borne plague races across Germany, giving life to mechanized monsters that are hell-bent on leaving a bloody trail of victims in their wake. Known as Demoniacs, these creatures have the perverse ability to meld with technology and wield it as an extension of their uncontrollable cyber rage. Standing in their way is civilization’s last hope for a savior. Joseph Jobson – the mysterious lone rider – fuses with the unreal technology of his battle-tested motorcycle to defend man against machine. But the same tainted blood that supplies his strength threatens to devour his soul, leaving him nothing more than a murderous demon.

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  • Prelude to Despair
    Episode 1 - Prelude to Despair

    Gerd Frentzen is the best of the best at burning up the track, but his life changes forever when a corpse-turned-demoniac leads to bloodshed on the blacktop.

  • The Price of Glory
    Episode 2 - The Price of Glory

    Gerd’s miraculous recovery is not without a price. The XAT keeps him under constant surveillance, and he begins to see the people closest to him for what they really are.

  • The Infection Spreads
    Episode 3 - The Infection Spreads

    No traces of the former champion’s remains are found in the fiery wreckage of Gerd’s crash. The XAT quarantines Matthew and Jil in order to monitor them for signs of infection.

  • Under Siege
    Episode 4 - Under Siege

    The XAT puts the city on lock down in an effort to apprehend - or destroy - the Amalgam known only as “Blue”. Elsewhere, Amanda’s younger brother is lured into a trap.

  • The Disdained
    Episode 5 - The Disdained

    Jil completes her transformation into a horrific Demoniac state. Before the XAT can intervene, Gerd arrives to cut her down, but can he harness the ferocity of his own assault?

  • The Song that Pities the Demon
    Episode 6 - The Song that Pities the Demon

    A race with Hermann triggers the uncontrollable beast lurking within Gerd, and Joseph realizes it may be time to keep an agonizing promise he made to the former champ.

  • At the Ends of Hatred
    Episode 7 - At the Ends of Hatred

    Amanda tries to ease Malek’s bitter rage in the wake of Gerd’s death and a close friend’s unthinkable act of betrayal. Video evidence surfaces revealing “Blue’s” true identity.

  • Weak No Longer
    Episode 8 - Weak No Longer

    While the XAT continues to hunt Joseph, a far more dangerous foe targets Wolf. Amanda’s fears are justified when Malek takes a desperate course of action.

  • The Price and the Meaning of Power
    Episode 9 - The Price and the Meaning of Power

    Malek keeps watch over Joseph while attempting to come to terms with his horrifying act of vengeance, but his vigil is disturbed by the man responsible for his twisted condition.

  • Inside the Conspiracy
    Episode 10 - Inside the Conspiracy

    Amanda and Hermann’s investigation into the origins of the Amalgam pandemic is troublesome to certain high-ranking XAT officials who would rather the truth stay buried.

  • Prelude to Apocalypse
    Episode 11 - Prelude to Apocalypse

    Wolf’s true colors are revealed as bloody havoc breaks out at XAT headquarters. Joseph emerges from his comatose state for a showdown with a familiar foe.

  • Judgment Day
    Episode 12 - Judgment Day

    Hermann and Amanda’s doomed comrades valiantly attempt to help them escape XAT headquarters, but Wolf is determined to infect his soldiers or watch them die.

  • Distant Memories
    Episode 13 - Distant Memories

    Amanda rescues Joseph, who leads her to a boarded-up cellar from his past. While they rest, he describes his painful youth and his first meeting with Xargin.

  • A Saintly Decision
    Episode 14 - A Saintly Decision

    Joseph discovers his long lost sister, but their reunion is short lived. In the wake of a deadly outbreak of Scarlet Fever, Xargin and Joseph’s friendship takes a dark turn.

  • The Millenary Knights of God
    Episode 15 - The Millenary Knights of God

    Amanda and Joseph are taken to Zwolf headquarters, where they learn the secrets of the Apocalypse Knights. Joseph agrees to undergo painful experimentation to prepare for his showdown with Xargin.

  • Reunion
    Episode 16 - Reunion

    Hermann makes a surprise appearance at Zwolf headquarters. When Amanda tries to explain the truth about Joseph and Malek, his rage and confusion provoke a shocking transformation.

  • Bellow of the Beast
    Episode 17 - Bellow of the Beast

    Devastated over his transformation, Hermann flees Zwolf headquarters in search of somewhere he can die alone, but Amanda refuses to sit by and watch her partner’s sanity slip away.

  • The Fourth Apocalypse
    Episode 18 - The Fourth Apocalypse

    Joseph lays waste to the battlefield in a berserk fit of madness. Hermann joins the fight in an attempt to stop him, and Amanda stumbles upon a girl named Snow.

  • Quondam Affections
    Episode 19 - Quondam Affections

    Amanda races to Hermann’s side as he begins his battle with Wolf; Snow seeks out Joseph, hoping to silence the uncontrollable rage threatening to consume him.

  • Legion from the Netherworld
    Episode 20 - Legion from the Netherworld

    Xargin marches on Zwolf headquarters with a demented army of thirty-thousand Demoniacs, and Amanda and Hermann attempt a daring rescue mission.

  • Phantom Rider
    Episode 21 - Phantom Rider

    Shido drops a hint that may lead Amanda and Hermann to Malek. Elsewhere, Xargin crosses paths with Sasha on his way to Isis, the nerve center at the heart of Zwolf.

  • Drifting Hearts
    Episode 22 - Drifting Hearts

    In the wake of Zwolf’s collapse, Sasha gives the Isis data to Amanda for safe-keeping, Beatrice attacks Hermann, and Malek finally regains consciousness.

  • Scorched Earth
    Episode 23 - Scorched Earth

    Malek attacks Xargin in a final, desperate attempt to gain redemption. Sasha races against time to complete the Isis after sending Elea to deliver an important gift to Joseph.

  • Promised Land
    Episode 24 - Promised Land

    As the final battle begins, it will be up to Joseph to end Xargin’s reign of madness. When the tide turns against him, Jobson gets some unexpected help.


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If you liked Witchblade and Speed Grapher, you'll like Blassreiter (Translation: Pale Rider). It's tragic and full of plot twists, with a solid story. However, Gonzo (as always), is ruthless, and ever... more


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    Includes: Eps 1-24

    A blood-borne plague races across Germany, giving life to mechanized monsters that are hell-bent on leaving a bloody trail of victims in their wake. Known as Demoniacs, these creatures have the per...

    Rating: TV-MA

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    Includes: Eps 1-24

    A blood-borne plague races across Germany, giving life to mechanized monsters that are hell-bent on leaving a bloody trail of victims in their wake. Known as Demoniacs, these creatures have the per...

    Rating: TV-MA

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