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From Shoji Kawamori, the legend behind Macross Plus and The Vision of Escaflowne

Score and Soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Wolf’s Rain)

  • Genre: Action,Drama,Mecha,Romance,School,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 26
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Some of the finest mecha artistry ever seen in an anime.

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When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, humanity is held captive by fear and sheer alien dominance. Eleven years after the Great Catastrophe decimated the world, most of those left alive are scavengers, dirty and starving in the streets.

There is hope, however - Mechanical Angel Aquarion!

Powered by three souls intertwined, a rare breed of pilot takes the controls. Known as Elements, one among them must rise if mankind is to survive. Prophecy is being fulfilled as the end of the world approaches… Through a swirling cloud of love, betrayal, loss and destiny, the last hope for the new century arrives and takes flight!

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  • Memories of Heavenly Wings
    Episode 1 - Memories of Heavenly Wings

    When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, one young man - Apollo - could be the prophesized missing piece that finally completes Aquarion.

  • Beast of Darkness
    Episode 2 - Beast of Darkness

    The Elements lose their edge, their souls unraveling in battle. Aquarion is torn asunder and the situation looks grim - until Apollo joins the fight!

  • Element School
    Episode 3 - Element School

    Apollo reports for duty with the new Elements, making some of the more experienced pilots touchy. When an alien harvesting team appears in the city, veteran and rookie alike are pushed to the limits.

  • Barefoot Warrior
    Episode 4 - Barefoot Warrior

    The recruits undergo a strange training exercise at the will of Gen Fudo, their new commander. Paying attention to the odd lesson could mean surviving versus perishing.

  • King of the Underground Labyrinth
    Episode 5 - King of the Underground Labyrinth

    Apollo goes AWOL and the team is sent out to find him. His motivations for vanishing are personal, and his vendetta puts the whole team at risk.

  • To the Other Side of Emotions
    Episode 6 - To the Other Side of Emotions

    Apollo and the other recruits begin work on their telekinetic abilities, enhancing the powers of their imaginations and spirits. The new techniques create a connection easily transferred into fighting strategy.

  • Knight of the Crimson Rose
    Episode 7 - Knight of the Crimson Rose

    As the pressure for perfect unity mounts, the recruits’ feelings are getting ragged. If victory is to be assured, the Vector pilots must embrace their darkness. Only in their weakness will true strength be found.

  • The First Merge
    Episode 8 - The First Merge

    When you’re one of the few recruits that haven’t experienced a merge, it’s easy to get the wrong idea about it. If you get too excited, things can get explosive.

  • The Path to Dreams
    Episode 9 - The Path to Dreams

    A Harvest Beast has opened the door to human dreams and the Shadow Angels seem to be plucking children from their sleep. The fighters take an amazing risk to save them.

  • Stars in the Sky, Flowers on the Ground
    Episode 10 - Stars in the Sky, Flowers on the Ground

    The Shadow Angels unleash a dreadful new weapon, designed to be guided by their most powerful warrior. Elements are seriously injured and must heal while the Vectors are repaired in the field.

  • Happiness is at the Bottom of the Lake
    Episode 11 - Happiness is at the Bottom of the Lake

    A crisis of confidence has shaken Reika to the core, forcing the depressed pilot to leave the program and her partners behind.

  • The Time of Amber
    Episode 12 - The Time of Amber

    An artifact from a holy scripture unleashes a flood of recollection, igniting the souls of Apollo and Silvia. Toma himself visits the Earth in a war machine - and Apollo is in the crosshairs.

  • A 12,000-Year-Old Love Letter
    Episode 13 - A 12,000-Year-Old Love Letter

    Apollo may be a beast, but Toma knows his weakness: the loyalty that will allow the Shadow Angel access to the relic.

  • Shining Shadows
    Episode 14 - Shining Shadows

    The Shadow Angels are depending on the Solar Wing to deliver them unto a new world - but who is the true Solar Wing? Silvia struggles to make sense of past lives and present frustrations.

  • Aquarion's First Love
    Episode 15 - Aquarion's First Love

    Pierre has grown addicted to merging, and there’s a real chance his mind will slip into madness if he ever does it again. When the Shadow Angels attack his hometown, Pierre must choose his fate.

  • Black Mirror
    Episode 16 - Black Mirror

    The recruits grow uneasy when one among them is suspected of being a vampire. As rumors float through the base, mysterious sicknesses and strange encounters within the team have Silvia intrigued.

  • Merge to Eat
    Episode 17 - Merge to Eat

    The Shadow Angels are disgusted by the gluttonous dreams of humanity. Exploiting the ultimate weakness as punishment, the Earth’s food supply begins to vanish and the populace is soon starving.

  • Cosplay of the Soul
    Episode 18 - Cosplay of the Soul

    To become intimately familiar with their partners, the Aquarion recruits are commanded to dress and act like their counterparts. Some will have their feelings hurt before the lessons of the exercise become clear.

  • Mischief Without Malice
    Episode 19 - Mischief Without Malice

    As the pilots wander in a strange land of twisted dreams, Aquarion lays broken - and Apollo and the others struggle to stay sane.

  • Sound of an Angel's Feather
    Episode 20 - Sound of an Angel's Feather

    A young Shadow Angel is captured and the creature is poked and prodded in a cold laboratory. The horrible result of the torture leaves two species boiling in anger

  • Crimson Path
    Episode 21 - Crimson Path

    The Shadow Angels lust for revenge after the loss of one of their own. The line between good and evil begins to blur as secrets are revealed and bonds tested.

  • Wings Unseen
    Episode 22 - Wings Unseen

    Ex-comrades meet on the battlegrounds of a new war. Element will fight Element, the dead will rise to fight their own, and the true Solar Wing will be revealed!

  • Fleeting Wings
    Episode 23 - Fleeting Wings

    A next generation Aquarion appears and joins the fight, piloted by a victim of the unending war. As tradition and dreams clash, one girl takes a stand.

  • Heaven's Gate
    Episode 24 - Heaven's Gate

    The Shadow Angels have gained the upper hand now that Sirius has joined them. Apollo must open the gates to Heaven and undertake a dangerous rescue mission - though it may already be too late.

  • Final Battle! Atlandia
    Episode 25 - Final Battle! Atlandia

    The remaining members of the Aquarion team have broken through to Atlandia! Sirius and Apollo meet in combat, heading toward their final destiny.

  • The Day the World Begins
    Episode 26 - The Day the World Begins

    The secrets of the Solar Wing have been revealed, and Aquarion may be forced to make the final sacrifice in order to save the souls of every sentient being.


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    When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, humanity is held captive by fear and sheer alien dominance. Eleven years after the Great Catastrophe decimated the world, most of those...

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