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Open your wings and fly away!

  • Genre: Bishoujo,Drama,Moe,Romance,Supernatural
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9,4:3
  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Number of Specials: 3
  • Sequence:

    Season 1, eps 1-12

    Special: Memories

    Special: Air in Summer, eps 1-2

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Every aspect of the show around the actual plot is lavishly done and filled with detail, emotion, and feeling.

Very heartwarming and a real tearjerker.

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Yukito is a travelling performer. He moves through this world with only the clothes on his back, driven onward by the stories of “The Girl in the Sky”. Not knowing when or if he will find her, Yukito wanders, clinging to fleeting hope.

Destitute and near starvation, Yukito's life changes after the eccentric Misuzu offers him food and shelter. This fragile beauty shares his dreams of a life lived amongst the clouds, and Yukito listens closely out of a gratitude which quickly gives way to curiousity.

The unlikely pair grows close, but Yukito cannot escape his destiny, or his past. His need to find "her" is much too strong. Who is the girl in the sky? Does she even exist? The answers twist in the breeze, and the qustions float aimlessly through the air.

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  • Breeze
    Episode 1 - Breeze

    Travelling puppeteer Yukito arrives in a small town where he hopes to earn money through the magic of his puppets. When a young girl named Misuzu lures him to her home with the promise of food, his life changes forever.

  • Town
    Episode 2 - Town

    Yukito’s story of searching for a cursed girl with wings strikes a familiar chord with Misuzu. Later, the puppeteer’s big performance scares away the audience.

  • Whisper
    Episode 3 - Whisper

    Yukito and Misuzu pay a visit to the shrine, but when Kano arrives, their surroundings take on a vastly different appearance.

  • Plume
    Episode 4 - Plume

    While in a trance, Kano chokes Yukito vigorously enough to leave a mark. Hijiri later explains how her sister’s strange behavior started with a feather found at the shrine.

  • Wing
    Episode 5 - Wing

    Yukito spends the day with a stargazer while Misuzu is at school. Later, the puppeteer takes drastic action when he learns of Misuzu’s serious condition.

  • Star
    Episode 6 - Star

    Minagi grows increasingly frustrated with her mother’s unstable mental condition, but does the young girl have the courage to hit the open road with Yukito?

  • Dream
    Episode 7 - Dream

    A series of flashbacks give Yukito every reason to leave town, but something compels him to stay by Misuzu’s side - no matter what the consequences.

  • Summer
    Episode 8 - Summer

    One thousand years before our story beings, a girl with wings escapes her life of confinement and embarks on a journey to find her mother.

  • Moon
    Episode 9 - Moon

    The heartbreaking story of the girl with wings and her “tainted” mother ends in tragedy, but there may yet be hope to break the curse.

  • Light
    Episode 10 - Light

    A mysterious crow sheds new light on events involving Misuzu.

  • Sea
    Episode 11 - Sea

    The curse afflicting Misuzu grows worse, and her memories gradually start to vanish. When her birth father shows up seeking custody, her mother is understandably distraught.

  • Air
    Episode 12 - Air

    The time has come for the summer festival, but rainclouds cast a foreboding shadow on the day’s festivities as Misuzu and her mother bond at the shrine.

  • Memories
    Special 13 - Memories

    The tragically beautiful details of Misuzu’s story are revisited.

  • Air in Summer I - Mountain Path
    Special 14 - Air in Summer I - Mountain Path

    The thousand year old story of the girl with wings unfolds with far richer detail.

  • Air in Summer II - Universe
    Special 15 - Air in Summer II - Universe

    The complex relationship between the girl with wings and her loyal bodyguard is reexamined.


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"What I wouldn't give for wings too"

A touching story about a few people who are directly touched by a single girl. This anime is a past, present, and present retold vignette format, with each of the transitions clearly depicted in origi... more


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"AIR review"

I must admit, when I first watched this it didn't make any sense to me. It was very confusing and I felt like nothing was explained. But after watched it again, it all made sense to me and I instantly... more


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"The emotion this puts out"

as you get use to the characters and start to love them some of them just die off. spoiler* the one that hit me really hard was the ending with the girl that most people were attached to just died in... more


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"It really touched my heart!"

I loved the story plot. It was really interesting how they mixed three diffrent points of views and or stories into one show. I couldn't of asked for a better anime watching expirience. You could real... more


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