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  • Genre: Adventure,Sci Fi
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of Episodes: 48
  • Seasons:

    Season 1 (Eps 1-24)

    Season 2 (Eps 25-48)

  • Related:

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Part girl. Part railgun. All awesome.


Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities – and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move – make her a rock star in Academy City. The techno-metropolis is packed with supernaturally powered students known as espers, including Misaka’s flirty friend and roommate, Kuroko. She uses her teleportation skills as a member of the Judgment law enforcement team, fighting crime alongside her fellow agent Uiharu. Joined by their friend Saten, a spunky Level 0 esper, Misaka, Kuroko, and Uiharu have a blast taking on danger whenever and wherever it arises. Luckily, in a city full of super-powered gangs, mad scientists, and the occasional weird monster, the girls have no problem finding plenty of excitement, action, and adventure! From the director of Toradora!, take another explosively fun trip into the world of A Certain Magical Index with A Certain Scientific Railgun!

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  • Electromaster
    Episode 1 - Electromaster

    Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari, and Ruiko take action against a gang of bank robbers. When Ruiko is injured trying to rescue an innocent bystander, Mikoto angrily unleashes her railgun power!

  • When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential
    Episode 2 - When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential

    Mikoto and Kuroko get in trouble for using their powers in the dorm. Their punishment: pool cleaning duty! Later, Kuroko finds herself feeling frisky after accidentally ingesting a powerful aphrodisiac!

  • Tokiwadai is Targeted
    Episode 3 - Tokiwadai is Targeted

    Someone is tasering students and drawing on their faces with permanent marker! While Kuroko and Kazari investigate, poor Ruiko becomes the latest victim. Who is behind the unusual attacks?

  • Urban Legends
    Episode 4 - Urban Legends

    Awkwardness ensues when Mikoto runs into Kamijo. When they meet again later in the day, Mikoto demands a duel! She gives it her all, but there’s a chance she’s no match for Kamijo’s powers.

  • A Certain Pair of New Trainees
    Episode 5 - A Certain Pair of New Trainees

    Uiharu and Kuroko have an argument that leads to recollections of the past, when the girls were young Judgment recruits, and a dangerous mission resulted in a life-long promise between friends.

  • Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to This
    Episode 6 - Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to This

    Someone is planting bombs all over Academy City, and it’s up to Judgment to stop the person responsible. Mikoto, wanting a piece of the action, uses Uiharu’s badge to investigate on her own.

  • Abilities and Powers
    Episode 7 - Abilities and Powers

    As Kuroko and Konori begin to suspect Judgement officers are the true targets of the mysterious bomber, Uiharu, Mikoto, and Saten find themselves in an explosive situation while shopping!

  • Level Upper
    Episode 8 - Level Upper

    Mikoto and Kuroko ponder the ramifications of Kaitabi’s shocking display of strength and wonder if Level Uppers actually exist. Before they can find answers, Kaitabi mysteriously slips into a coma!

  • Majority Report
    Episode 9 - Majority Report

    Even as Mikoto and Kuroko question Dr. Kiyami about the side-effects of Level Uppers, Saten wonders if she should use the one she recently found - even though there could be dangerous consequences.

  • Silent Majority
    Episode 10 - Silent Majority

    Saten falls into a coma after she confesses using a Level Upper to Uiharu. Later, Mikoto and Kuroko discover that all of the recent coma patients are connected - in more ways than one!

  • Dr. Kiyama
    Episode 11 - Dr. Kiyama

    After inadvertently connecting to Kiyama’s mind, Mikoto learns what’s been motivating the doctor’s actions. Later, when the network goes out of control, Mikoto comes face to face with a monster!

  • AIM Burst
    Episode 12 - AIM Burst

    The girls work to stop the monster before it reaches a nuclear power plant! Uiharu’s efforts slow the abomination down, but Mikoto might be the only person able to stop the creature’s rampage!

  • A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, But a One-piece Shows Off the Figure, so They Only Flatter the Slender
    Episode 13 - A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, But a One-piece Shows Off the Figure, so They Only Flatter the Slender

    The Swim Club recruits Misaka and the gang to strut their stuff as swimsuit models! Later, after taking a break from posing and primping, the girls work together to make some curry.

  • Special Workshop
    Episode 14 - Special Workshop

    Saten and the other students who used the Level Upper learn some valuable lessons when they attend a special weekend workshop taught by Komoe and Yomikawa.

  • Skill Out
    Episode 15 - Skill Out

    Misaka and Kuroko investigate a gang called Skill Out. The group is known to be attacking Espers all over Academy City - but in some instances, a mysterious man arrives just in time to stop the confrontation.

  • Academy City
    Episode 16 - Academy City

    Konori’s past with Big Spider is revealed. In the present, she finds herself torn. Can she honor her responsibilities as a Judgment officer while somehow remaining loyal to Kurozuma?

  • Tsuzuri's Summer Vacation
    Episode 17 - Tsuzuri's Summer Vacation

    After Komoe and Yomikawa encourage her to get a hobby, Tesso rediscovers an old school arcade game she loved as a child and forms an unlikely bond with a fellow fan.

  • Asunaro Park
    Episode 18 - Asunaro Park

    Misaka and the girls decide to play matchmaker with their dorm’s Head Resident and Daigo, Uiharu and Saten's teacher. Things look to be working out - until Daigo brings up the subject of marriage.

  • Midsummer Festival
    Episode 19 - Midsummer Festival

    The midsummer festival arrives, and students are preparing to show off their school for friends and family. Misaka’s scheduled to perform a violin solo for the festivities - if her nerves don’t get the best of her!

  • Poltergeist
    Episode 20 - Poltergeist

    The gang discovers that the recent wave of earthquakes is connected to a phenomenon called poltergeisting - and there’s a chance Uiharu’s new roomie might be somehow be involved.

  • Voices
    Episode 21 - Voices

    Kuroko suspects Haru'ue has something to do with the recent poltergeisting events, and it’s causing tension between her and Uiharu. Later, Haru'ue reveals a hidden part of her past.

  • Level 6
    Episode 22 - Level 6

    The past comes into focus as Haru'ue and Edasaki’s connection to a common Child Error facility is revealed. Later, Misaka sets out to find Kiyama after learning that the rogue scientist is out on bail and working with the Frog Doctor.

  • What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?
    Episode 23 - What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?

    Therestina reveals new information about her real identity and her master plan. Meanwhile, Kuroko and the gang vow to fight alongside Misaka in order to save the children jeopardized by Therestina’s activities.

  • Dear My Friends
    Episode 24 - Dear My Friends

    Misaka and her friends reach the facility where the children are being held, but Therestina uses Capacity Down to take the Espers out of the fight. With everything on the line, it’s up to Saten to save the day.

  • Railgun
    Episode 25 - Railgun

    Haru'ue joins Saten and Uiharu on a trip to the Garden of Learning to see Misaka and Shirai, as well as to do some shopping. They later go to visit Edasaki in the hospital, where she is undergoing physical therapy, when things take an unexpected twist.

  • Critical
    Episode 26 - Critical

    After dreaming of her past, Misaka sets out for a day of shopping, but when Kuroko suggests a shortcut, they find an envelope with a cash card in it--one of many placed throughout town. Elsewhere, Saten thinks she sees someone who looks like Misaka.

  • Project Radio Noise
    Episode 27 - Project Radio Noise

    Rumors swirl about that Misaka is the template for a project to produce Level 5 clones. When Nunotaba refers to her as the "Original," Misaka decides to check her out, and learns that she worked at the hospital where Misaka submitted her DNA map.

  • Sisters
    Episode 28 - Sisters

    In high spirits, Misaka joins the other girls for a day of shopping at Seventh Mist, where she helps the others with their shopping, as well. Misaka spends another day playing with children. One of Misaka's clones goes through the phases of her training.

  • Project Level 6 Shift
    Episode 29 - Project Level 6 Shift

    Finding herself face-to-face with a clone of herself, Misaka ends up helping her get a cat out of a tree, sharing ice cream cones, and having tea with her. It isn't until later that Misaka discovers the true, sinister project that calls for her clones.

  • I... Can See All Of You
    Episode 30 - I... Can See All Of You

    Misaka lashes out at Accelerator, but is left frustrated. She realizes the full breadth of the situation she has become involved in, and feels responsible for allowing it to happen. Nunotaba discusses the ramifacations of the clones' existence with Misaka.

  • I... I Want To Be Of Help To You, Sissy
    Episode 31 - I... I Want To Be Of Help To You, Sissy

    Misaka manages to sabotage most of the experimental facilities remotely before she is cut off, leaving her to deal with the rest in person. Shirai resolves to help Misaka by doing her part to be more vigilant at work, but risks shutting the others out.

  • Item
    Episode 32 - Item

    The members of the underworld organization Item finish one mission, and are called in to defend the remaining facilities. When Misaka tries to infiltrate one building, she encounters Item member Frenda.Meanwhile, Nunotaba drops in at the other facility.

  • AIM Stalker
    Episode 33 - AIM Stalker

    As Misaka continues her way into the research facility, she and Mugino play a game of cat-and-mouse. Meanwhile, at the other facility, Nunotaba sneaks into a control room, planning to disrupt the experiment by adding a new factor to the Misaka Network.

  • Meltdowner
    Episode 34 - Meltdowner

    Having realized who Misaka is, Mugino decides to give her a run for her third-place ranking. When Frenda mistakenly leaves her doll-bombs behind while heading to the other facility, Misaka collects them and uses them to supplement her diminished powers.

  • The Vending Machine
    Episode 35 - The Vending Machine

    Misaka and Kamijo meet again at the malfunctioning vending machine in the park, where Shirai mistakes him for being Misaka's boyfriend. Misaka becomes shaken when she bumps into another Misaka clone, and learns that the experiments are still ongoing.

  • Tree Diagram
    Episode 36 - Tree Diagram

    Misaka sets out on one last mission to put a halt to the experiments by destroying the supercomputer Tree Diagram. Meanwhile, Kamijo runs into Misaka's clone #10032 again, and the two of them decide what they should do about a stray kitten she has found.

  • Accelerator
    Episode 37 - Accelerator

    Thwarted in her attempt to sabotage Tree Diagram, Misaka takes her frustration out on a nearby lab that is part of the project. Meanwhile, Accelerator and #10031 carry out their experiment, while Kamijo searches for Misaka's missing sister.

  • The Promise
    Episode 38 - The Promise

    While Shirai frets about Misaka staying out again all night, she receives a visit from Kamijo, who manages to find Misaka's documents about the project. Kamijo catches up with Misaka on a bridge, where he tries to talk her out of doing anything rash.

  • Kamijo Toma
    Episode 39 - Kamijo Toma

    Kamijo races to the scene of the experiment, only to find that it has already started. Kamijo calls out Accelerator, who takes him to be yet another challenger to his position, until for the first time, as Misaka watches on, he gets his nose bloodied.

  • Sisterhood
    Episode 40 - Sisterhood

    Misaka stands up for clone #10032, declaring that she is doing so because they are sisters. The next day, the two of them spend time in a park, where 10032 asks her for a special favor. Later, Misaka has difficulty trying to express her thanks to Kamijo.

  • Study Group
    Episode 41 - Study Group

    With the end of summer vacation approaching, the girls plan a study session at Saten's apartment to catch up on homework. Everyone is to bring an ingredient for a potluck stew party, but most have trouble deciding what to buy, leading to some surprises.

  • Moving
    Episode 42 - Moving

    Edasaki is due to be discharged from the hospital, and it is learned that she will be living with Haru'ue. The move is bittersweet for Uiharu, who is losing her roommate, but she feels it is for the best. Meanwhile, a new movement is afoot in the city.

  • Academic Reach Assembly
    Episode 43 - Academic Reach Assembly

    Febri takes an instant liking to Saten, and is warm to everyone except for Misaka, much to her chagrin. At Judgment, Uiharu is unable to find any information on who Febri is, so arrangements are made to admit her into an orphanage as a "Child Error."

  • Febri
    Episode 44 - Febri

    As Yomikawa takes over investigating the runaway security robots, Konori invites the whole gang out to take in a bath at a bathhouse. On their way home, a number of detours lead them to a confrontation with yet another, much more dangerous runaway robot.

  • Darkness
    Episode 45 - Darkness

    With the revelation that Febri is synthetic, Misaka is determined to find whoever built her, and have them fix her. The investigation is stalled on all fronts, even with the help of her friends running down leads, until help comes from a surprise source.

    Episode 46 - STUDY

    Therestina reluctantly provides Misaka with the clues she needs to find the group behind Febrie's secret. With Kongo's help, the girls identify Aritomi as the man they are pursuing, and find out more about him and his company, the STUDY Corporation.

  • Silent Party
    Episode 47 - Silent Party

    Aritomi reveals his motivations for STUDY's project to Misaka. She also learns about Nunotaba's plight, and some of the details concerning what STUDY has planned at the Reach Assembly the next day. Will she be able to escape and put a stop them?

  • Eternal Party
    Episode 48 - Eternal Party

    Shirai, Konori, Kongo and friends, and Uiharu and Saten confront the powered suits at the four Assembly sites, where they soon receive backup. Misaka and Febrie move to take on Aritomi directly, but he has one final surprise up his sleeve for them.


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Blue Comet
Blue Comet



"A railgun is apparently a middle schooler..."

The side story to "A Certain Magical Index". Mikoto Misaka is the "Ace of Tokiwadai" and nicknamed "Railgun" because she's a human railgun. If you're looking for panty shots you won't find any here cu... more


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"You will love the ace of tokiwadai!"

Great story, great characters, great voice actors, great music. I honestly can't find one poor thing about this show. There is lots of action, great morals, great plot, and plenty of characters to fal... more


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Remido Dosol
Remido Dosol



"Great Anime, Terrible Adaption!!!"

The Railgun series was designed as an adaption of Index to flesh out the universe, showing it through Misaka Mikoto's POV This anime F#cked that up, between the 1st an... more


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"Saddle up boys and girls. "

The Railgun has arrived! This great expansion series of Index is a thrill a minute. If you have not watched index yet I would do so first helps with character development. You will not be disappointed... more


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"The Railgun is quite shocking!!!"

A definite must-see!!!

I love every part of this series and wouldn't change a thing in it other than making it longer!

I can't get enough of it!

This is definitely ano... more


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"i love it"

i love it


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"If you like the first episode,, you'll like it."

Season 2, Currently Railgun S, is amazing shift of animation style and music which makes it really unique. It is without a doubt certainly not out of's just dolled up so much it puts index... more


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"A Certain Scientific Review"

A Certain Scientific Railgun delivers with a colorful cast of recognizable and very likable characters, an outstanding soundtrack and more than a couple memorable moments. The story could have been mo... more


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    Something sinister is growing in Academy City. The shadows are filled with whispers of a project to clone one of the super-powered students known as espers. High-ranking master of electricity Mikot...

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  • $59.98 $44.99 Add

    Includes: Eps 1-12

    Girl power’s never been such a blast!

    Misaka’s electro-manipulation abilities – and delightfully destructive Railgun projectile move – make her a rock start in Academy City. The tec...

    Rating: TV-14

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