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    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

    Are all showings of this movie in English or will there be showings in Japanese with english subtitles?

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    Sep 2013
    From the commercial I saw a few days ago, I have to say that's Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods will be in English. I'm looking forward to see how the movie turns out. Knowing that it's Dragon Ball Z, I'm pretty sure it will be great.

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    Yes, all of the theatrical showings will be in the English dub.

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    Aug 2014

    dragon ball z battle of the gods

    I so ready to see this in theather. They need to advertise the movie better. I didn't know about it until last night on cartoon network. If they dont promote the movie better no one is going to see it. Go Goku.

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    there's been non stop marketing of the movie on facebook and youtube. commercials are expensive, and I don't think they can pay for lot of them

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    yes, it is english dubbed and a fantastic movie.. i liked it..
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    Anyone know when pre orders for battle of gods are being sent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitcard View Post
    Anyone know when pre orders for battle of gods are being sent?
    Which website did you order it from? Amazon? RightStuf? FUNimation Shop?

    If you ordered from RightStuf, it should've already shipped. Many people have already gotten their copies early.

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    I am assuming he means from Funimation because I have it pre ordered and it hasn't shipped yet.

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    Oct 2014
    subtitles should always in English language of every english or japanese movie
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