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    Nov 2013
    La Crosse, Wisconsin
    Not that big of an issue, but on the xbox Funimation app the "recently viewed" will mess up randomly. sometimes it will wipe the recently viewed clear and sometimes it will have random show/episodes that ive never watched show up in recently viewed. Earlier today episodes 2-14 from Baccano showed up in my recently viewed after I watched a few episodes of FoolyCooly. Ive never streamed Baccano.
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    Been using the XBOX app. Several episodes will just start to play audio only. So far it has been several episodes of Strike Witches and The Sacred Blacksmith. Pretty much making these series dead.

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    Having problems with my inbox; when I click it, it just loads up my basic profile information.

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    Jul 2014
    On PC the player is buffering every few seconds.

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    Nov 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by sariouso View Post
    On PC the player is buffering every few seconds.
    Hey sariouso, Welcome to the forums

    Submit a ticket

    "we are aware that there are still a very small number of users experiencing buffering. Please make a ticket if you are experiencing this issue, as we have some questions we would like to ask you about your experience, via e-mail. You do not need to provide any information in your ticket aside from the fact that you are experiencing buffering-- however, please be sure to note what device (computer, mobile/table app/Roku/Xbox) you are experiencing buffering on, or select the correct ticket reason. Thanks!" -Funimatin support page
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    Sep 2013
    -Lost everything in my queue

    -Tokyo ESP is gone from the site

    -Problems started around 11:30 EDT 18 July 2014

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    @Series5Ranger - Are you still seeing these issues? There was an issue this morning that we corrected. If so, please clear your browser's cache and cookies and try again.

    Please let me know immediately if you are still having issues, particularly with the contents of your queue. Thanks!
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    I am frequently getting a stuttering and garbled image during HD playback, as seen in the following screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/x9Ib7VC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eaqjJgS.jpg

    The video will freeze and jitter on a still frame with this corruption at the top of the screen for a couple seconds, while audio continues to play. The video will come back and continue playing, but anything (including subtitles) during that time will be missed, of course. This does not happen at any specific time, but rather seems to have something to do with the dynamic load balancing of your servers (despite being selected as 1080p or 720p, the quality will adjust down to SD depending on available bandwidth); since whenever this happens, the resolution of the video changes. The change in resolution is quite obvious, since the sharpness of the subtitles changes drastically. It is as if the different resolution video streams are not being spliced together properly. However, instead of being a minor annoyance to have a bit of the episode in SD, it becomes a pain having to seek back to re-watch what I missed when the video was frozen.
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    Profile Queue PHP Error

    Hello all!

    Two issues I have found with the FUNimation.com website. First is a style 'issue' with IE and the reply box. There is a mouseover popup on IE when you hover over the quick reply box. I don't see it on Chrome thankfully. A quick style sheet edit should take care of that.

    Second, I seem to have found an error within the user queue.

    Before I get too far into that I should say I have an open ticket (it would be nice to have a support ticket system rather then just email) that has been ongoing since before June 10th (her first reply was June 10th). The assigned rep has been very polite but I wonder if there is some barrier in the technological aspect of our conversations. Maybe someone here will be able to relate and if necessary 'translate' what I am trying to get across.

    There is an error within the user queue when a listed show has no videos.

    The error:

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Warning
    Message: array_multisort(): Argument #1 is expected to be an array or a sort flag
    Filename: controllers/profile.php
    Line Number: 539

    The error is not profile, computer, browser, or OS dependant. I have reproduced this error every time on a Mac, Windows 8.1 Pro (with Media Centre), Chrome, Safari, and IE with different profiles (cache cleared each time and also on different computers). The error is PHP, a server side error.

    To reproduce:
    1. Add a show to your queue.
    2. Go to your queue (#profile_queue page jump).
    3. Remove all videos from the show in your queue.
    4. Refresh the page or go to another page then return to the queue.
    5. Select the show title to expand the show and view any new videos.
    6. View the resulting error of an empty show queue.

    The reason why this error is happening is that the array_multisort function is looking for an array, or list if you will, to sort. The show queue is empty so when the PHP program on your server tries to sort the empty queue it can't and returns an error to me instead. PHP errors are server side errors, as in the problem is not with my computer (I have had to state this many times to the CS rep).

    To avoid this error you could add in an if empty clause such as:

    if (empty($show)) {
    echo 'Your queue for this show is currently empty';

    This is an easy fix that should only take a min or two. The hardest thing is figuring out what hook is used, and even that should slap you in the face once you read the code.


    I have been informed by an Online Requirements & Quality Analyst rep that the queue error is known and on the list to be fixed. I don't know if this post helped communications or not but thank you to anyone whom may have been involved. Hopefully this post will assist any one else who also runs into this error discover why, that it is a known error, and that it is due to be addressed.
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    @Kalanoch - This looks like it might be this issue: http://www.funimation.com/forum/show...in-HD-Playback

    @Nixed - thank you for your assistance with this error.
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