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    I enjoyed the times when I tried cosplaying at anime or fantasy conventions.

    I agree with CJ that most of the time you are either posting for pictures or talking to other convention attendees. But the best times to cosplay is when you participate in a group with other friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul_Chaos View Post
    But the best times to cosplay is when you participate in a group with other friends.
    ABSOLUTELY. All the most fun I've had cosplaying was in groups, pretty much, except for back when I was very first getting into it.
    Shark McShark for President 2016!

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    Hmm, are you talking about people wearing outfits like the anime characters? If that is cosplay then I have seen some people do that before. I think it looks interesting.
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    I love to cosplay! I've cosplayed since 2008. I haven't sewed any of my costumes though... But I plan to start sometime this year!! I'm going to start out simple though ahaha *sweatdrop* In case you want to follow me, I have my cosplay pages here: http://kiyo-cosplays.tumblr.com or WorldCosplay Page

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    I'm starting to cosplay, friends got me to cosplay two shows for expo this year

    Keep a look out for a short sphinx (from terror in resonance) during Anime expo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ View Post
    The best way to start, IMHO is either by purchasing a costume, or by picking someone where you can mostly purchase the costume pieces (in other words, it's mostly normal clothing with some minor alterations. If you already know how to sew, you can also include characters that have clothing that matches to ready-made patterns as well. Some of my early cosplays were Winry and, once I learned to sew a bit better, Tsunade, both of whom have pretty simple costumes. I've stuck mostly to patterns for years, though you eventually start doing some pretty extensive alterations. I've never been interested in doing it competitively, though.

    And I think you would be surprised-- the reception is usually so very, VERY positive from the cosplay community. Sometimes, you don't have time to be embarrassed, because you're too busy posing for pictures.
    This is sort of the route I went with. I had a piece of a costume (by chance) then realized I could easily get the rest of it made or bought. I'm not outgoing enough to cosplay, just wear as Halloween costumes; so one year I was Luffy and the next I was Ace. Both started out because I had the hats lol. If I end up with Sabo's hat maybe I'll be the third brother at some point haha.

    I some how ended up with Edward Elric's pocketwatch, I have white gloves, black boots, black tank top, can easily get black pants, so now I'm trying to make his red coat/cloak and black coat, and belt then voila: I'll be Edward Elric for Halloween this year.

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    i really love cosplaying and counting down the days until my local convention. i really hope one day i will get good enough to make my own but for now i am happy with the ones i have done.

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    I know this may seem weird but I have this app called cute and great wig prices on the app only if I had money out of my bank account

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