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    Nov 2015
    I do a sort of cosplay but in video graphic games. I like recreate characters as best as i can in video graphic games such as dark souls. This game and its mechanics works out well for making some Fairy Tail characters.


    here is a link if you would like to have a look and let me know what you think! thank you

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    Do strangers really ask to take your picture without prompt? I don't like pictures :s

    And I've never cosplayed before but through some peculiar circumstances I'll be cross-playing as Miki Naoki from Gakkou Gurashi later this year, so jumping in at the deep end I guess ^^

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    Strangers will not only ask to take your picture, a lot of time strangers will just take your picture without asking you first. It's considered rude, but people still do it.
    Shark McShark for President 2016!

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    I'm a cosplayer for past 4 years this year is my first with anime cosplay which will take me a other 6 months to be done with my Cosplay

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