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    May 2014

    Anyone like Cosplay?

    Why there is seldom cosplay discussion on cosplay Center? I am a coser, and I have cosplayed many characters as Asuna from Sword Art Online, Yuna from Final Fantasy, Gaara from Naruto, http://worldcosplay.net/member/139936 here has my part cosplay photos. I want to make more friends who like cosplay as me!
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    Your cosplays look awesome! You can also try cosplay.com, it's a more active site hahaha. This year I was Bakura from Yugioh.

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    Man, I'd LOVE to get this forum to be a place for some good cosplay discussion, but I haven't personally worked on an anime cosplay in a long time.

    I'm working on some Welcome to Night Vale cosplays for A-kon and AnimeFest, though.
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    Sep 2013
    Bucks County
    My family thinks that I've lost my mind or that I'm having a midlife crisis, but I recently decided to go all out and experience anime conventions in cosplay. OMG I'm so happy that I did! I had a lot of fun at Zenkaikon and AnimeNEXT, and I'm really looking forward to Otakon! I have made three costumes including one for my daughter, and I see not reason to stop.....ever!

    Getting sucked in, in a bad way, sucks! ; P

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    May 2014
    Connecticut USA
    It does look like it would be lots of fun! Perhaps I'd be willing to give it a go if I had something to participate in that's nearby, of course I'd have to learn more about it as well; I wouldn't want to embarrass myself too much. lol

    But, oddly enough I have recently been thinking about how neat it would be try it and then I found these posts.

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    I'm so happy that I did! I had a lot of fun at Zenkaikon and AnimeNEXT............!
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