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    Lots of people would like to get these issues resolved. It has been going on for way too long. It seems like they just don't care about heir customers. Tech support is non existent . Nothing from Sophie. Not sure who's supposed to be fixing things but an update or two would be very appreciated. This is only encouraging people to view illegal streams and taking away potential revenue from FUNImation.

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    RIght now you could try contacting CJ (he has posted in this thread) since I believe he's covering for Sophie at the moment.

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    The following errors occurred with your submission

    CJ has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.

    If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove CJ from the recipient list and send the message again.

    ...Yeah, I've tried that

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    Huh, that's weird. I have myself set to receive them. Thanks for letting me know though. Lemme see if I can fix that real quick.
    Shark McShark for President 2016!

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    Also, as a point of reference, normally our volume of required tech support is pretty small, and because of this, our tech support team is pretty small as well. There have been a number of issues with the site that have increased the volume of tickets, which was reported under Known Issues.

    We're pretty overwhelmed right now, much moreso than normal, but we're getting there, and we DO respond to every technical support question. We really appreciate your patience!

    (because of this, I actually haven't had a chance to play around with the forums much (usually that's aaaaaall Sophie, and if you see me posting here, it's in my (very rare) off time cause I'm an anime nut), hence my ignorance on the PM issue-- though it looks like I should be able to receive them from everything I can see. :( )
    Shark McShark for President 2016!

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    I'm currently in contact with someone from support, who is in the process of helping me with my issues. The overwhelming site issues are understandable, and I've really been trying to be patient, but I too am an anime nut, so it's been difficult. But it looks like soon all will be well for me and I can catch up on what I've been missing. I know support has been working very hard since the new site went up, harder than I would care to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedrox7 View Post
    TIL - it either was not when I had this problem occur OR I was not able to find it. I cannot verify that, however customer self support via a limited and confusing FAQ is hardly what I would expect.
    robecop - It's unfortunate, but I almost agree. There is no alternate vehicle for communicating dissatisfaction with the service, hence the title of this thread.
    Try dealing with Steam, they have really bad customer service. I bought an older game that required GFWL and I couldn't get it to work since MS discontinued the GFWL service. I emailed their support, 2 days later I got a response saying to try to load things manually and if that doesn't work contact the developer. The developer obviously didn't care and I'll never buy a Codemasters game again because of it. Took me 2 weeks of constant arguing with Steam support before they'd just let me pick out another game. They was condescending the entire time.

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    I was having the same question on my mind and was through exactly what you are right now,Than i contacted support and got rid of this tiny little issue,
    So yeah mate given suggestions are making sense for you,Go for it.

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    You just gave advice to a post made half a year ago, you're a little late ;)

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    I can not even find the number what is it?

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