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    Unhappy My Funimation Account Reset

    When the site got renovated, did it redo the accounts that were on the old one? Reason I say this is because my
    account seems to have reset itself. The join date is wrong and my subscription is gone. The join date says Sept. 2, 2013
    but I joined way before then? I was just wondering was my account suppose to reset because now the app's show tab only
    shows two shows instead of all of them. Is it something wrong or did my subscription expire?
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    There were some issues with Subscriptions once the change-over was made. Any issues regarding that need to be sent to the support staff. There is a button at the top of the page. If your question is more specific, and isn't a support related issue, then please try checking the FAQ page to see if it can help.

    If you do not find an answer to your satisfaction, please feel free to PM a moderator, or the forum administrator; we will gladly help with answering questions; but be sure that any support issues go to the support page.

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    I want to know why i can watch elite only videos but i have tons of commercials now like wanted to watch war of grimore or however you spell it and it had comm at start and 7 others like one every 5 minds this is just plain sad.. i'm beyond mad.. i wish had to wait for my email to just get in and now i have to watch commercials and i pay $8 a month been doing it for well over a year i mean the site sucked before but at least it was commercial free.. this needs to be fixed i'm not giving them long you test this stuff before hand to prevent this the people in charge of all this should be fired i would be if i did this in my job.

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