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    Halo 5 baby! I'm Diamond 4 in SWAT.
    If anyone wants to play with me(MINIMUM rank diamond 1) add me and tell me you're from funi.
    GT: Hayato Uchiha

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    Lots and lots of Splatoon! Taking a break from the current Splatfest.

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    I finished Tales from the Borderlands. Undeniably Telltale's best series to date. There were some pacing issues - episode 3 kinda dragged, and episode 5 was pretty dense - but it was such a unique blend of action and jokes that will be tough to top in any future Telltale installments

    You can really see how much they've learned after several years of these episodic games. Compare Borderlands with the first season of The Walking Dead, and you'll see all kinds of unique camera tricks and musical cues that really bring the game even more to life than before. It absolutely helps that Borderlands is a rich enough universe with still a lot of exposition out there, and I was thrilled that Gearbox gave Telltale a LOT of space to develop a strong, meaningful story that actively impacts the universe directly, such as recurring characters actually dying

    Gortys x Loader Bot OTP forever and always

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