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    Please Do Not Report Bugs or Support Issues in the Forum

    Please do not report bugs or issues here. Please use our Support page. www.funimation.com/support The same goes if you are having an account issue or just need help with the website.

    The FUNimation Staff responsible for reporting issues to developers and the Customer Support staff that are waiting to help you do not read the forum.

    If you report a bug or an issue in the forum, it will be locked or deleted. If you jump on a thread to report a bug or issue, the thread could get locked or your post could be deleted.

    We do have a FUNimation Help forum, which is for the most part, a read-only forum, but that still will have a lot of helpful information. If we need information from users on solving certain site issues, we will post open threads there.

    Thank you!
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