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    FUNimation Channel come to Canada thread

    Welcome to the FUNimation Channel come to Canada thread, where I give updates and news about the FUNimation Channel coming to Canada.

    Known information:

    At their 2010 Anime North panel, FUNimation marketing director Lance Heiskell said that FUNi working on expanding the availability of the FUNimation Channel into Canada.

    From FUNimation Channel's Facebook page, we have been told "We do plan to expand to Canada at some point in the near future" and "We will get there eventually".

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    I'd love to see Funimation Channel come to Canada. Hell, I'd love to see FC, Animax AND Toonami come to come to Canada. It's about time we get a new TV outlet for anime; I can't deal with crappy video buffering and usage-based billing anymore.

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    Very.. very true. It would be great if this could come to Canada. We dont have alot of options for anime on tv sadly.

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    Too many picayune interests,(Rogers, Bell, Shaw), hold broadcast rights in Canada. Not that they'd ever make an anime channel.

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    They're planning to have Funimation Channel to Canada? HELL YA!!! It's been hell when I don't have anime on TV anymore. For about a year I've been very bitter and angry towards YTV and the CRTC. It's been hell with no anime on TV at all. If both Rogers, Bell and Shaw can put Funimation Channel up and ready. I'll be crying to the heaven thanking them. Oh as long as after the free privew for a whole month, they should leave it there and not remove it at all.

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    If it saves me on $60+ extra tarrifs on my bill for overage in data use, I'll subscribe. It better have english dubs tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomask View Post
    It better have english dubs tho.
    FUNimation Channel is "all dubbed, all the time".
    ... and get off my lawn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIL Nobu View Post
    FUNimation Channel is "all dubbed, all the time".
    Actually the FUNimation Channel has been airing some anime sub-titled.

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