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    Sep 2013
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    Recently just finished Akame ga Kill. a good cast of characters that tends to break their own rules a lot. lol
    the show would have been better though if a couple of certain characters hadn't been killed. Over all wasn't a bad show but not one I would buy.

    Also finished Golden Time. A pretty good show, a decent amt of comedy and romancing and some heart break
    just think that they took too long for Banri regaining all his memories. Maybe not too long ut leaving that as the last ep and ending off with it just din't feel like a ending to me.

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    Sep 2013
    Watched the first 3 episodes of Love Live! and thought it was pretty okay. The songs aren't to my taste and I'm not into the idol scene, but the girls are cute and likable and in a way I see how it could be inspiring to some people even at this early stage. The girls are starting up an idol group from nothing, they have to work hard at it and are shown working hard at it (versus them just telling us), they don't have immediate success, and they keep pushing forward despite setbacks. Umi's my favorite so far.

    I'm also giving One Piece one final chance. I watched this show a lot when the 4Kids dub was on Toonami way back when, and once it was off TV I stopped watching it. I tried watching it again from the beginning several years ago, and made it only a few episodes before I quit. Then I skipped ahead to the Arlong Park arc about a year or two after that because I remembered really liking it (and I did enjoy watching it again), then I stopped again shortly after. Now I'm skipping ahead further to Alabasta, another arc I remember liking. I dunno, I'd like to get into One Piece but each time I try to watch (or read) I just can't seem to stick with it.

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