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    Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Of the crappy magical battle academy harem genre, this one is definitely one of the best. It's seemingly self-aware, with characters making note of the fact that, yes, this scene they're acting out is a tired harem cliche, and then they do their best to separate themselves from the cliches (like when Ikki first met Stella). The best part is that it works! Other times, they seem to successfully avoid a cliche from happening, but then the universe tries to bend its will back to the tired narrative, which ends up with some odd situations (Ikki's related-by-blood sister, for example)

    But I think what makes it most endearing is that it doesn't really pan out like a harem at all. There's an actual relationship that's developed with one of the characters, and even though there is some fanservice for most of the other girls, the main character never truly gets into a dangerous situation with any other girl after the end of the first arc (albeit with one one-sided caveat), which makes you realize that you're not really watching a harem at all. The ending leaves the story open, but it gives a pretty satisfying resolution to the relationship, which isn't something pretty much any other show does. Consider me very impressed, and consider it a magical battle academy harem with shoulders above the rest (with the exception of High School DxD, probably, and Trinity Seven, maybe)

    DRAMAtical;Murder - I wouldn't recommend watching the OVA unless you're really into bloody, physically painful yaoi

    Punch Line - Enjoyable for what it is. The panty shots are so intertwined with the story itself that they're really not a big deal and turn to the point of unerotic by the end of the series. It's got time-travel, but it's relatively straightforward - the best way I can put it is that there are other mysteries of the show that will leave you in the dark more than how its time travel works. A lot of the narrative seems superfluous, and important plot points kinda disappear and resurface at a moment's notice, which left the story a little uneven, but overall it was a fun time. I'd recommend it, even to people that are really put off by shows with fanservice, since at some point I don't know if I could even call it fanservice anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    Started Overlord a couple nights ago and am enjoying it. Not as much as Log Horizon but more than SAO. The ED song is a big part of why I started watching it. So darn catchy and high energy. And Albedo has a cool character design.
    I really enjoyed the designs of a lot of characters from Overlord. Albedo was good, Shalltear was good, Pandora's Actor was phenomenal. I really wish they expanded more on the Pleiades since we really only got to know one in the main story

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    Just got my Higurashi When They Cry Blu-ray set, so I'll likely be watching some of that this weekend. It's been a few years since I finished Kai so I'm definitely due for a re-watch.

    And I'll just say that this season of Snow White has been largely disappointing so far, and I really hope the second half of the season makes up for it. This arc is rather uninteresting in terms of plot (the whole kidnapping business is so weak), though at least the interpersonal stuff has remained solid.

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