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Funimation.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

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What are the forum rules?

All forum rules and updates to the rules will be posted here. By posting to the forum, all users agree to these rules.

What are forum signatures?

'Signatures' contain information that you want to include at the bottom of all your forum posts. This might include pictures, links to your site(s), quotes, etc. Signatures only display in the forum. They do not display under comments, reviews, playlists, wish lists, or favorites.

All signatures must follow the signature rules within the Forum Rules. User signatures are subject to moderation.

How do I set my forum signature?

You can set and change your signature in your Account under 'Site & Profile Settings --> Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and build your signature in the Edit Signature field.

How do I post fan art, fan fiction, and fan videos to the forum?

To share fan art or fan videos in the forum, please only link or embed. If you would like to upload fan art, please upload it to another website like Photobucket or deviantART, and then link or embed it in the Fan Art forum. You may not upload videos or images (other than your avatar) anywhere on FUNimation.com.

To add your own fan fiction, you may either link to where the fic is hosted or post the entire story in the fan fiction forum. To share someone else's fic, please only post a link.

How do I report forum abuse?

Make sure you are logged in. Go to the post that you would like to report. Then click on the Report icon. It looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark in it. Type in your reason for reporting the post. Please only use the report feature to report posts that break the forum rules, such as spam. The offending post will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

If you are having an issue with another user and it is in violation of the forum rules and/or FUNimation's Terms of Use policy, please PM a moderator. The issue will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

How do I report an issue with the forum?

If something is not working on the forum, visit the Support page. If your issue has not already been addressed, please fill out and submit the contact form and choose "Technical - Other Technical" as the Reason for Contact.


What is a Group?

A Group is a group of people usually with a particular interest or something else in common. It provides a way of communicating between members as well as sharing photos or other images.

You can get to the list through 'Group Memberships' section on your public profile (?).

The Groups list page displays all groups that have been created. You can list the groups by the number of members, messages or pictures, the group name, when the group was created or by the date of the most recent message posted. You can use the controls provided to search for a group.

How do I join a group?

To join a group, click the group title then click 'Join Group'. When you have joined a group, its name will be shown in your public profile. You must be a logged-in, registered member to join groups.

Can I create my own Group?

As a registered member, you can create your own Group (providing the administrator allows this). Go to the groups page and click 'Create A New Group'. Complete the title and description for your group then select the type. There are three types of groups:

  • Public - open to everyone. There is no restriction on who can join or who can post messages to it
  • Invite Only - require an invitation to be sent to join them. Invitations can only be sent by the group creator or forum moderators and administrators. Invitations are sent by clicking 'Pending & Invited Members' at the bottom of the page for that individual group
  • Moderated - open to everyone to join but messages need to be moderated before they will appear. They are moderated by the group creator and the site moderators and administrators

Following Forums and Threads

Why should I follow forums and threads?

Following is a way of keeping track of different threads or forums. You can choose how you are notified about updates - for example by having them listed in your Favorites in your profile and receiving email updates for each one.

How do I follow a thread or forum?

To follow a forum, click the 'Forum Tools' link above the list of threads then select 'Follow Forum'. You will then have the option to choose the following mode for this forum. If the forum that you are following has any child forums (forums within a forum), then you will also follow these automatically.

To follow a thread, click the 'Thread Tools' link at the top of the list of posts then click 'Follow Thread'. You can then choose the following mode that you wish to use for that thread.

What following modes are available?

There are a number of different forum following modes available.

  • No Email Notification - lists the thread or forum in your favorites only. You do not receive any notifications about new posts or threads in the forum.
  • Daily Email Notification - sends one email a day with the new and updated threads in the forum and any sub-forums. If there are no new or updated threads in the forum or its sub-forums then you will not receive an email.
  • Weekly Email Notification - sends one email per week in the same way as the Daily Email Notification.

Following threads have the same options as following forums with the following additional option:

  • Instant Email Notification - sends an email as soon as a new post is added to the thread. This is not sent for every reply and will only be sent once until you revisit the forums.