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Funimation.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

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  • It's FREE.
  • You'll get to watch our massive library of anime episodes of over 12,000 free anime episodes (Subscribers have access to over 13,000 anime episodes and movies commercial-free.)
  • You'll get to keep a handy list of everything you're watching in your Queue.
  • You'll get to keep track of everything you watch, and get through your anime backlog
  • You'll get to watch TV-MA episodes if you are at least 17-years-old.
  • You'll get to review any of our shows and help others in the ways of anime.
  • You'll get a high-five from a magical wizard*
  • You'll get to talk about anime, cosplay, manga, conventions, clubs, fan art, fan fiction, music, games, and anything else your heart desires in the official FUNimation Forum.
  • You'll meet tons of people who love the stuff you love.
  • * Funimation.com Wizard High-Five Feature coming soon.

What does FUNimation.com have to offer?

FUNimation.com is loaded with awesome stuff:

  • Free streaming English-dubbed and subbed anime episodes
  • Free simulcast anime episodes
  • A shop full of merchandise and Blu-ray and DVD box sets
  • Contests
  • Breaking anime news
  • The Official FUNimation Forum
  • Anime wallpapers, avatars, and other downloadable extras
  • Early-access simulcasts (subscriber-only)
  • FUNimation Broadcast Dubs (subscriber-only)
  • Behind-the-scenes exclusives (subscriber-only)
  • Exclusive promotions and sales in the FUNimation Store (subscriber-only)
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What are the age restrictions on FUNimation.com?

FUNimation.com is open to all users aged 13 and older. By using this site, all users have confirmed that they are at least 13-years-old according to the Terms of Use policy.

To view mature content including TV-MA video, wallpapers, and extras, users must be at least 17-years-old.

If you see something incorrectly rated, please visit our Support page. Choose "Technical - Other Technical". In the Message field, please provide the URL to the content that has been incorrectly rated. The content will be reviewed by FUNimation Staff.