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Funimation.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

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Where can I find all of my reviews?

You can find a list of all of your reviews in your Profile under My Stuff → Reviews.

How do I edit one of my reviews?

Go to your Profile, then to My Stuff, then to Reviews. Click on the title of the Review that you would like to edit. Make your changes and then click the Save button on the Preview Review page.

Can I delete my reviews?

Yes. Go to your Profile, then to My Stuff, then to Reviews. Check the box next to the Review that you would like to delete. Then from the Actions menu click on "Delete".

Why doesn't my Show Review show up right away on the site?

There is a 4-hour cache time. Your review will show up any time within the next 4 hours. However, it should show up in your Profile under My Stuff → Reviews right away.

How do I report inappropriate Reviews?

Please click on the Report link that is beneath the review on the Reviews section of the show site. Then fill out and submit the form. This will notify FUNimation.com Staff to review the content.

Can I comment on Reviews?

Not at this time. We will be implementing this feature soon.

How do I make playlists?

Playlists are a hidden feature. They will eventually be removed, but for now, you can set them up here: http://www.funimation.com/profile?#profile_my_stuff_playlist Click on "Create Playlist". Fill out the Title and Description fields. Then set the privacy setting. Then use the menu to add videos to your playlist. Unlike Queue, you cannot add entire shows worth of videos to your playlists. You have to build it one video at a time by choosing a show, then a type, and then a video. Then click on "Add to Playlist". This will populate the table below with your video. Once you are done adding videos, click "Save".

Why don't my playlists show up in show sites?

Only playlists made by FUNimation staff appear in show sites. However, other users can see your playlists by visiting your profile and looking under My Stuff --> Playlists. If you don't want other users to see your playlists, then be sure to set the privacy settings accordingly. You can also share your playlists by clicking on the share icon that appears on the playlist thumbnail when you move your mouse over it.

How do I add a product to my wish list?

You can do this in either of two ways:
  1. Move your mouse over any product thumbnail on the site outside of the shop. Click on the plus icon that appears.
  2. Move your mouse over any product thumbnail. In the box that appears, click on the +Wish button.

How do I change the privacy settings on my wish list?

Go to your profile and then to My Stuff --> Wish Lists. Click on the Settings button. Choose the privacy setting. Then click "Save".

Can I create wish lists?

Currently, you can only manage your default wish list, which is created for you when you create your free user account. We will be adding the ability to create more wish lists soon.