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FUNimation.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why should I get an Elite Membership Video Subscription?

  • Watch uncut and exclusive series that are unavailable to non-subscribers.
  • Gain access to over 300 shows and movies. That's over 8,500 videos, including 2,500+ in HD.
  • Get English dubs the same day they’re released on DVD and Blu-ray – sometimes even sooner.
  • Watch your anime in HD, commercial-free.
  • Watch TV-MA uncut and exclusive series.
  • Get access to subscription content across all of our apps.
  • Access the Elite Member forum where you can get extras and hear breaking news before anyone else.

What if I no longer have my subscription?

We are aware that there are a few issues affecting some user’s subscriber status. - If you have used a gift subscription code for your subscription, please try putting in the gift subscription code again and see if this resolves the issue. - If you have a reoccurring subscription, please check your bank statements for the past month. If you have not been charged for your subscription, it is likely that you were able to see EVS content due to an issue with our systems and did not have an active Elite Video Subscription. If the gift subscription code does not work to restore service, or if you have been charged for Dec/Jan and are not receiving service, please submit a ticket with the reason code “Subscription Billing” to speak to a billing representative. If you need to resubscribe and experience any issues with resubscribing, or your EVS videos do not work after you have resubscribed, please submit a ticket with the reason code “Subscription Access” for the fastest service.

How do I subscribe to become an Elite Member?

Go here and then follow the instructions. If you do not already have a regular member account on FUNimation.com, you will be prompted to create one.

What is the difference between being a Free Member and being an Elite Member?

Elite Members pay for a subscription to the FUNimation.com Elite Video Service (EVS) and have access to content that is unavailable to free members including HD anime and exclusive episodes. Some series on FUNimation.com are only available to subscribers.

Become an Elite Member Video Subscriber today!

Which countries is the Elite Video Subscription Service available in?

USA and Canada.

What is the Elite Member Forum?

This is a forum that only Elite Members can see and post in. Some FUNimation news, information, and content will be posted to this forum first before it is available anywhere else on the site.

Where is the Elite Member Forum?

It’s right here.

What should I do if I signed up for subscription, but the video player still says that I need to subscribe?

There might be something wrong with your account. Please go to the Support page and fill out the contact page. Under “Reason for Contact”, please choose “Subscription Access”

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