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FUNimation.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Which devices have a FUNimation app?

iPhone, iPad, Android mobile, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, and Roku.

Will you be adding more devices?

Yes. Samsung Web-enabled TV is next. We’ll be announcing more soon.

Which app should I get - free or paid?

If you are an EVS subscriber, go for the free app unless you really hate app banner ads.

If you are not a subscriber and want access to all of the free episodes that are available on the website, then go for the paid app.

Can I get the paid app if I am a subscriber?

Yes, but you’ll be able to watch ALL episodes including subscriber exclusive videos on either the free or the paid app. If you are a subscriber, then the paid app will only remove the banner ads.

If I am not a subscriber and I buy the paid app, does this get rid of the commercials during the videos?

No, the paid app only removes the banner ads and grants non-subscribers access to all of the free episodes on FUNimation.com. Commercials will still play if you are not a subsriber.

What do I get if I download the free app and I am not a subscriber?

Non-subscribers get access to the first 2-4 episodes of every show on FUNimation.com. To get access to all of the free episodes, non-subscribers should get the paid app.

Why can’t I log into the FUNimation Roku channel or into any of the apps?

You will need to use your username and not your email address to log into the Roku channel. The same goes for all other device apps. Please use your username to log in. You only need to use your email address to log into the website.

What do I do if I can't see all shows or videos in the Roku channel even though I'm a subscriber?

Logged in, but only seeing 2-4 episodes of each show (Scenario A):

We launched our new website on October 7, 2013. If you have not already done so, please log into www.funimation.com and reset your password. The site requires you to use your email address to log in instead of your username. Once you’re logged in, please go to your profile. If you see a Subscriber ribbon on the sidebar on the left side of your profile, then your account is a subscriber. If you don’t see the ribbon, then you aren’t a subscriber anymore and will need to subscribe again. You may be prompted to log in again in order to sync up your account with the Shop side of the website.

Note: If a message appears saying that you are already a subscriber when you try to purchase subscription, then please visit www.funimation.com/support and choose "Shop & Products - Subscription" as the Reason for Contact. Tell them that even though you are logged into the website and do not have the Subscriber role, you are unable to purchase a subscription.

When you have confirmed that you are a subscriber, please see Scenario B.

Logged in, but only seeing 2-4 episodes of each show (Scenario B):

First, please confirm that your subscription account is working. Please log into your account on www.funimation.com and then try to watch this video:


If you get the Subscriber player (looks like this http://screencast.com/t/axgrsngZx1K), then please see Scenario C.

If you get the free player (looks like this http://screencast.com/t/bDNHeEgndB4), then there might be a sync issue with your account and you will need to use our Support page to submit a ticket. Please go to www.funimation.com/support. Under Reason for Contact, please choose “Shop & Products – Subscription”.

Logged in, but only seeing 2-4 episodes of each show (Scenario C):

If you have confirmed that you are a subscriber and get the Subscription player when you try to watch Eden of East, but still get limited access on Roku, then please make sure that you have the latest build of the FUNimation Roku Channel by removing and reinstalling it from the Roku Channel Store. The build will have a date of 1/13/2014 or later.

If you are still unable to get access to EVS or TV-MA content, then please email [email protected]

Who do I contact for app support?

  • For mobile and tablet app issues that aren’t video issues, please contact Phunware, the app’s developer.
  • For mobile and tablet app video issues, please visit our support page. Under “Reason for Contact”, please choose a reason in the Video section that most fits the issue that you are reporting.
  • For Roku channel issues, please email [email protected]

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