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Cowboy Bebop Jam Sessions: How Will You Watch?

cowboy bebopCowboy Bebop finally came out on Blu-ray in North America yesterday—if you haven’t ordered your copy, what are you waiting for? Get it here — now! 


For those of you who have received or are waiting for your copy, we’re curious about when and how you plan to sit down and watch one of anime’s biggest classics in gorgeous high-definition! So we’ve worked out a little questionnaire for you…or you could just share your plans by posting to social media using the hashtag #BebopJam, of course!




Your Top FUNimation Home Video Release Picks of 2013

So remember that survey we asked you to take earlier this week? The one where we asked you to rank your top 5 FUNimation home video releases of 2013? Well, we had a reason for that…


We’ve taken the top 10 FUNimation home video releases of 2013 (as voted by you) and we’re making them 40% off in our FUNimation Shop from now until the end of day Jan. 6th. Take a look below at your top 10 list:


- Wolf Children BD/DVD Combo
- One Piece Film: Strong World BD/DVD Combo
- High School DxD BD/DVD Combo
- Summer Wars BD/DVD Combo
- Guilty Crown, Part One BD/DVD Combo
- Future Diary, Part One DVD
- Fairy Tail Collection One BD/DVD Combo
- Haganai BD/DVD Combo
- A Certain Scientific Railgun, Part One DVD
- Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Blu-ray


Thank you to everyone who voted. If you haven’t picked up these titles yet, click on the links and see what all the buzz is about!


What do you think of the list, agree or disagree?