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Southern Con Time Y’all: MomoCon and Fan Expo Dallas

We’re staying down south for two conventions happening this weekend: Fan Expo in Dallas and MomoCon in Atlanta! Look below for the line-up of what we have planned for both conventions.


 May 28th – 31st – Atlanta, Georgia


  • FUNimation Previews | Friday 2:00pm - Underdog Room A-313 (60 minutes)
    Come see extended clips and trailers for some of the hottest anime series from FUNimation!
  • FUNimation Industry Panel | Friday 6:30pm - Main “Villains” Omni-International (60 minutes)
    From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information from North America’s largest anime distributor–FUNimation. 
  • BlazBlue English Dub Premiere | Friday 3:30pm - Main “Villains” Omni-International (60 minutes)
    Catch all your favorite BlazBlue characters in action in this thrilling anime based on the popular fighting game franchise!



Long ago, an insidious black beast sought to obliterate the human race, but the monster was defeated by a valiant Band of Heroes wielding the power of Ars Magus: a potent combo of magic and technology. Now, a roguish outlaw known as Ragna the Bloodedge seeks to wreak havoc upon the Librarium, a clandestine organization that governs Ars Magus. Armed with the mighty Azure Grimoire, Ragna quickly becomes the target of vigilantes, scientists, vampires, and Librarium foot soldiers. As he spirals toward a violent showdown with the maniacal Hazama, Ragna will discover just how closely his fate is tied to the future of our world!

Discover the story behind gaming’s deadliest moves in this series from the animation studio behind the BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasmcutscenes!




logo-transMay 29th – 31st, Dallas Convention Center


Fans of the show Lost Girl, get ready! Because cast members Kris Holden-Reid (Dyson), Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) and Paul Amos (Vex) will be hitting Fan Expo Dallas in a big way. Check out your opportunities to see the cast, below:


  • Lost Girl Q&A | Saturday, 11:30am - Ballroom A3/A4
  • Lost Girl Photo Op | Saturday 1:00pm –  Hall A: Photo Op Area
  • Lost Girl Photo Op | Sunday 1:00pm - Hall A: Photo Op Area




Plus, stop by the FUNimation Booth at both shows and bring home some great titles! You also get a free lanyard with every purchase!

FUNimation at MomoCon this Weekend!

Summer conventions season is about to get into full swing and this time we are back on the road for MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia.  We have panels, and booth promotions planned.  Just read on for more details.


FUNimation Panels:


Friday @ 5:30 pm – FUNimation Previews Panel
Come check out the latest clips and trailers from the hottest new shows from FUNimation!

Saturday @ 11:30 am – How to Break Into the Animation Industry
Rojas will be participating in this panel to give you an inside look at the industry.

Saturday @ 2:30 pm – FUNimation Industry Panel
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information from FUNimation!


Visit our booth in the Dealers Room!  Come on by and pick up some of our newest releases.  We have a bunch of gift-with-purchases, and are bringing back the super popular Lucky Draw, which has more goodies and is better than ever!


- Make any purchase at the booth and receive a free 1 month gift card for our Video Subscription Service!

- Spend $75 and receive a FUNimation Lanyard and a the 1 month gift card to our Video Subscription Service.

- Spend $125 and receive a FUNimation Lanyard, a middle tier prize, and a 3 Month Gift Card to our Subscription Service!

- Spend $200 and receive all of the goodies from the $125 tier and a top tier prize!


Come by early for the best selection, and all of our promotions are while supplies last!


MomoCon Added to 2014 Conventions Schedule!

We’ve just added another convention to our official 2014 conventions schedule. Rojas will be a guest at MomoCon in Atlanta, GA on May 23-25, 2014.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to stop by the FUNimation booth and panels to say hello! Once event details are confirmed, we’ll let you know. This con is for geeks of all kinds so whether you’re into anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, or whatever you should check it out.


May 23 – 25, 2014


Downtown Atlanta,
Hilton Atlanta And Marriott Marquis
255 Courtland Street NE,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303