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The new is more than just a streaming service, it’s your one-stop shop for everything anime! We’ve got the latest and greatest anime home video releases, as well as a wide variety of apparel, merch, and accessories from your favorite series. In the past, our shop has been a little hard to navigate, but on the all new site it will be seamlessly integrated into the overall experience so you can find what you need and we can help recommend more items you might want.

(more…) Changes – Discover an Extraordinary User Experience

When it comes to watching anime, we believe the hardest part should be picking a show, not finding one. That’s why the new will feature more ways than ever to easily and intuitively discover and enjoy more anime on any screen!


More Apps on More Devices

Anime spans a ton of diverse genres, and that means a ton of diverse fans! Not every fan watches the same way, but everyone deserves to be able to watch how they want. During our FunimationNow launch, we’ll be rolling out new apps for more devices than ever. Including updated apps for ALL mobile and tablet devices, completely new console apps for Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, and PlayStation Vita!




Mobile Responsive Site

No app? No problem! The new will be built responsively so you can watch any FunimationNow shows on the web from your tablet or phone. It’s not just our video player that’s mobile optimized, the all-new Funimation Shop will also be easier to browse on any device so nothing can stand between you and your favorite anime merch.


responsive new


Search and Discover has the largest library of English dubs online, and with every passing season our catalog grows bigger and bigger. Finding new shows to watch will never be a problem, but picking the one that’s right for you can be paralyzing. Not anymore! Our new site will allow you to search for shows by show title, keywords, genre, and year—as well as make smart show recommendations based on your previous viewing habits.


search new


Curated Content

The new shows we get every season are great and get a lot of love, but we don’t want to forget the classics you may have missed the first time around. That’s why we’ve created curated and mood-themed playlists to help boost the visibility of some of our favorite cult classics and underappreciated gems. These lists will come out regularly and grow and change with the help of fans like you!


curated new


Follow Your Showsemail

Keep up to date on your favorite shows with our new Follow feature! Get the latest news, episodes, updates, sales, and merch for each title you follow automatically delivered to your inbox with the click of a button. See fan reviews, forum posts, trailers, and uncut content all in one newsletter broken out by show and the information you care to see. Getting excited yet? We’re just scratching the surface. Keep an eye out for more feature reveals as we work towards the new site launch. And let us know in the comments which features you’re looking forward to! is Changing!

FUNimation has launched a new experience on the web with streamlined navigation that allows you to find what you’re looking for with fewer clicks.




Designed with your needs in mind, the navigation has been simplified to: STREAM, SHOP, and DISCOVER. We’ve also added a Welcome screen with engaging full-screen video to captivate first-time visitors.


What’s New:


STREAM: Start watching anime online now! Go straight to the latest simulcasts, dubbed episodes, and featured shows to start watching anime instantly.


SHOP: Looking for the next Blu-ray for your shelf, a T-shirt for a convention, or the perfect gift for a friend? We got you covered here in the FUNimation Shop.

Find the latest FUNimation updates, start a conversation with other fans, explore the latest simulcasts this season, or find a convention we’re attending. There’s something new to explore with every click.

Welcome Page:
A brand new Welcome page has been added for people new to This page will load the first time you visit the site. You will be directed straight to the main page upon return visits.

Video Queue:
When visiting the Stream page, logged-in users will see their video queue at the top of the page—an easy way to watch exactly what you want quickly.

Start Page:
Subscribers now have the option to choose a start page for each time they visit You can set this via your profile account settings page under Personalization. Now every time you visit, it will take you directly to your start page.

Conventions Page:
Stay up to date with all the cons we’ll be attending nationwide with our new Conventions page. We hope to see you at one of these shows this year.

The search bar in the top right of every page has been upgraded with predictive text and item categorization to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


We hope you enjoy these enhancements, and we will continue to update the site to provide the best experience possible for the best anime fans in the world!


You can also enhance your online anime streaming experience on by subscribing to the FUNimation Streaming Service. Watch the latest anime simulcasts, English dubs, and movies online today.

Visit for more info.

FUNimation Site Updates

Great news, FUNimation fans! We’ve undergone some major upgrades to our site to make your viewing experience even better. Take a look below for some of the improvements.


Users May Notice:

  • The video player now remembers where you left off on all episodes and movies.


  • Based on user feedback, we have completely overhauled the Queue.
  • Add any show to your Queue directly from the Queue. Just choose a Show and click “Add to Queue”.




FUNimation Shop free swag bags!

If you have ever been to the FUNimation booth at a convention you have probably picked up some free postcards, buttons, and other cool stuff.  Sometimes we get a little too excited and print more promo items than we end up needing. We hate to waste good swag, and know many of you would enjoy them, so we have decided to give away a free a bag of random goodies with every purchase in the FUNimation Shop. If that wasn’t enough to entice you to start shopping we also will be tossing in a free DVD or Blu-ray disc as well!



Get a First Look at the New!

We are happy to announce that the new has launched! It’s faster, easier to find great content, and there are even more ways to explore and enjoy. We invite all of you to take a look around the site and let us know if you have any feedback.

You can send us feedback, suggestions, and overall thoughts about the new site in our Suggestion Box forum. For any technical issues or bugs you come across you can send us a message via our support page.

We have also launched an online store with the new site for all your anime needs. You can log on to and with the same log-in credentials.

With so many new and updated places we wanted to give you some options to get you started:

  • Profile – Personalize your profile, manage your video queue, make playlists, and more!
  • Shows – We have 350 show pages loaded with content!
  • Videos – We have over 1,200 free episodes and movies, with more than 8,500 for our Elite Video Subscribers (learn more below).
  • Shop – Your one-stop-shop for all things FUNimation. We have a wide selection of products at great prices. Check back regularly for sales!
  • Blog – Get the latest, breaking news about FUNimation shows
  • Forums – Discuss, debate, and discover even more about anime by talking with other fans in our forums.
  • Schedule – Get DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming release dates so you never miss an episode or a box set.
  • Apps – Take anime anywhere you go with the FUNimation app. Currently available for your mobile device, tablet, and Roku.
  • TV – Want to know when an anime will be on TV or what is currently running on the FUNimation Channel? We’ve got you covered! 

Looking for even more anime? The possibilities are endless when you have the power of a FUNimation Elite Video Subscription! Here are some of the exclusive perks available only to Elite Video Subscribers:

  • Watch Dubs before DVD & Blu-ray
  • Unlock over 8,500 episodes and movies
  • Commercial-free Anime in HD
  • TV-MA uncut and exclusive series
  • Subscription content access across all apps
  • Store discounts and specials
  • Exclusive news and extras

Start your free 14-day trial now!