Hetalia: Beautify Your World Contest


Hey there, dudes and dudettes! Do you love Hetalia as much as we do?! Do you love the sparkly, beautiful world where countries are anthropomorphized into hot guys and girls? Ok, well prove it!


To celebrate the upcoming release of Hetalia: the Beautiful World, we’re asking fans to show their love for Hetalia by “beautifying their world” with their creativity. We want to see fanart, crafts, cosplay pics, video skits, fan games, anything that you can think of that relates to Hetalia–the sky’s the limit! Brownie points if you incorporate Season 5 elements into your creations (e.g. the mochis, Nyotalia, etc).


Of course, if you’re one of those who think the pen is mightier than the sword, you can also write an essay (max of 100 words) about why you’re excited for Hetalia: the Beautiful World, and how you kept Hetalia in your life after Season 4. Comment below, comment on Facebook, or Tweet us on Twitter. Keep in mind if you tweet us your response must fit within 1 tweet. By submitting an entry, you give us permission to share it on our social media channels.


Ok, so here are the various ways you can enter:


Riddle Story of Devil – “Class Black” Assassin Roll Call (Part 1)


Twelve female assassins. One target. This season’s simulcast Riddle Story of Devil (AKA Akuma no Riddle) revolves around an assassination game at the prestigious Myojo Academy, where twelve girls in Class Black have the chance to make their wish come true—if they can just manage to murder their classmate, Haru Ichinose. One assassin, the lone wolf Tokaku Azuma, finds herself inexplicably drawn to her would-be target and decides protect Haru from the others instead.


Each assassin has a very distinct personality, history, and fighting style, and the show features a different ending song for every episode, each sung by a different character from her perspective. We’ve posted the first six ending songs with a little info on each girl. Check back on Friday for the rest!


The 12th and final episode of Riddle Story of Devil just went up yesterday! Click here to watch now. Be sure to watch the simulcast—if you’re a binge watcher, now’s the perfect time. Remember that our home video releases are highly dependent on simulcast numbers, so if you want your views to count, watch it this week before the end of the simulcast period.



Assassin: Tokaku Azuma
Song: Paradox
Voice Actress: Ayaka Suwa
Weapon of choice: knife
Tokaku, our cold and stoic heroine, possesses amazing fighting ability and reflexes, and comes from a long line of assassins. For reasons she can’t quite articulate, Tokaku decides to resist the assassination game and instead chooses to protect Haru from their bloodthirsty classmates.


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We hope you enjoy the new FUNimation Xbox app!


Learn to make mochi from Hetalia: The Beautiful World!


The newest season of Hetalia—season 5, The Beautiful World (coming to DVD July 22! Pre-order now!)—is full of new Hetalia goodness: new countries, a new style based on the mangaka’s artwork, and new genderbent characters! Even the mochi Hetalia characters, the fan-favorite blob versions of our nation boys that Hetalia readers have seen for years, show up for some squishy fun in this season! Check out ALL THE MOCHI in this super-cut video.



The Hetalia mochi are just like their country counterparts, but squishier, more hyper, and a little… weirder. As you may know from anime, mochi are a Japanese rice cake confection, soft and slightly gooey and delicious.


To celebrate their appearance in the new season, we made our own mochi! Traditionally, these are made from glutinous rice and involve hours of rigorous pounding, but you can also make them much more easily with pre-made flour in the microwave.



You will need:
• 1 1/2 cup sweet rice flour/mochiko: available at Asian supermarkets
• 1 cup water
• 1/4 cup sugar
• Cornstarch or potato starch
• Fillings: optional. We’ll get to these later!


Here’s how to do it!


FUNimation Acquires Animated Feature BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate

Flower Mound, Texas (June 18, 2014) – FUNimation® Entertainment announced today it has acquired U.S. & Canadian rights to the full-length feature film BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate. From the team that brought you the Emmy nominated AFRO SAMURAI RESURRECTION, studio GONZO and internationally acclaimed director Fuminori Kizaki have come together once again to create this feature-length animated film based on the hugely popular video game franchise “BAYONETTA.” The film faithfully captures the extreme action and sexiness of the original, crafting a storyline that expands and further establishes the world of the sexy, shape shifting witch, Bayonetta.


Director Fuminori Kizaki will be making an appearance as a guest of honor at this year’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, July 3-6 where a “sneak peek” of the English dub of BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate will be shown for fans at the convention, along with a special Q&A with Director Kizaki following on Saturday, July 5th, at 8:15pm in Video 1.


Fuminori Kizaki started his career in the animation industry at Studio Giants and, soon after, joined Studio Hercules. After he moved to Gonzo, Kizaki directed “AFRO SAMURAI” which found success in the worldwide market. The sequel, “AFRO SAMURAI RESURRECTION”, was nominated for the Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or more) at the 61st Emmy Awards. His latest work is X-MEN (animated TV series, director). FUNimation plans to release the film on Blu-ray and DVD later this year and Nintendo announced earlier this month at E3 that Platinum Games will be releasing the BAYONETTA 2 video game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U this October.


Be sure to ‘Like’ FUNimation’s official BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate Facebook page for all the latest news and details regarding the film and cast: https://www.facebook.com/BayonettaMovie






New Release Tuesday – Red Data Girl

Happy New Release Tuesday! We have a gorgeous series for you today. Welcome to the world of Red Data Girl, where an awkward teen girl enrolls in a school for students with supernatural abilities to find out that she is the vessel for the spirit of an ancient vengeful goddess who could destroy the world! Pick this one up today and find out why Anime News Network calls it “one of the year’s best series.” Click here to order now!




Izumiko is a fifteen year old outcast who was raised inseclusion at an ancient shrine hidden deep within the forest. This mysterious teenager destroys any electrical device she attempts to use, and her painful shyness has left her with few, if any, friends. Her world begins to evolve after enrolling in Houjou Academy, a school home to students of supernatural origins. Accompanied by her fated guardian, the brooding monk-in-training Miyuki, Izumiko soon discovers the shocking truth about herself: she is a vessel for the spirt of a powerful and vengeful goddess from a time long since passed. As her bond with Miyuki growns stronger, the spirit lurking within Izumiko begins to awaken. Can this fragile beauty learn to control her newfound power– or will the secret she carries make her the enemy of all mankind?




New line of Dragon Ball Z and Black Butler Pop! Vinyl Figures available at stores nationwide in summer 2014.


EVERETT, WA – June 16, 2014– Funko is excited to announce a new line of Dragon Ball Z and Black Butler Pop! Vinyl Figures.


These series will include some of the most popular characters from Dragon Ball z and Black Butler.  Each super stylized figure will stand 3.75” tall and come in a window display box. Pop! Vinyl Figures are Ages 5+.


Dragon Ball Z Pop! Vinyl Series

· Super Saiyan Goku

· Final Form Cell

· Vegeta

· Piccolo

· Final Form Frieza


The Dragon Ball Z Pop! Vinyl series will be available in August nationwide in stores at Hot Topic, specialty toy retailers, and online at EntertainmentEarth.com and Amazon.com.


Red Data Girl Contest: Welcome to Houjou Academy

Congratulations on your acceptance to Houjou Academy, an exclusive school for students with supernatural powers. You and your classmates will study side-by-side and compete for World Heritage status, which grants you power and influence among all those involved with the supernatural. But first, let’s learn a little bit more about you, dear student.


What kind of spiritual power do you possess? Do you have spirit summoning powers of onmyouji? The shapeshifting abilities of tengu? Or maybe the exorcising abilities of the miko, or mountain monk?


Contest Details:


Three Ways to Enter:


1) Facebook:

- Comment on the contest thread on Facebook with your answer to the question

- Get a second entry by sharing the contest post to your feed

2) Twitter:

- Tweet your answer to the question using the hashtag #RedDataGirlContest and this url: http://funi.to/1i1PLHF

- Get a second entry by retweeting the original contest tweet

3) Blog:

- Comment on this blog entry with your answer to the question


Need a little help with your answer? Here’s an after school mysticism lesson from Red Data Girl.



Friday the 13th – Kamijou Edition

It’s Friday the 13th! Anime has its share of characters that are down on their luck, but none really experience such misfortune as Kamijou Touma, protagonist of A Certain Magical Index. (You can catch his latest adventures in A Certain Scientific Railgun S parts 1 & 2, up for pre-order now, or in A Certain Magical Index II, streaming on FUNimation.com!)


Kamijou, as fans of the Index and Railgun series know, possesses a special ability called the Imagine Breaker, a power in his right hand that nullifies any supernatural forces, from esper abilities to magic. Although he has no esper or magical ability of his own, just raising his right hand can stop 5000 degree sorcery flames, psychic electric shocks, protective religious magic, and even (supposedly) the power of God himself. Yes, divine power is not immune to Kamijou’s ability, which also means that just by existing, Kamijou nullifies the unseen forces of fortune around him—meaning that he naturally has rotten luck, to the point that calling it out is basically his catchphrase.


As a result, he’s always low on food and money, gets bad grades, ends up followed around by troublesome (and violent) girls who want to fight and/or bite him, and generally ends up dragged into huge-scaled scientific and magical conflicts that really shouldn’t affect an otherwise ordinary guy like him (which inevitably almost always result in him being hospitalized). It could be said that the entire story of A Certain Magical Index is one of Kamijou’s terrible luck!


So, what do you think? Would you say that Kamijou is the unlucky?