Rolling Girls Cast Announcement

roll girl key 526


And we’re rolling right along with another English cast announcement! Take a look below to see the English cast for Rolling Girls!




Felicia Angelle- Nozomi
Monica Rial- Yukina
Jad Saxton- Ai
Leah Clark- Chiaya
Colleen Clinkenbeard- Masami
Jamie Marchi- Shigyo
Rachel Robinson- Haruka
Tyson Rinehart- Momiyama




ADR Director – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Assistant ADR Director – Clifford Chapin
ADR Engineer – Stephen Hoff
Assistant ADR Engineer – Matt Grounds
Translator – Nita Lieu
Script Writer – Bonny Clinkenbeard


series synopsis:

Gun your engines and get ready for the full-throttle adventure ofThe Rolling Girls, the first original anime from the studio that brought you Attack on Titan! In the wake of the Great Tokyo War, Japan, as the world once knew it, no longer exists. What remains is a fragmented network of independent nations ruled by heroes known as Bests. Each Best commands an army made of the Rest as they seek to conquer anyone in their path. Enter Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya. These four intrepid and adorable girls are ordered by their Best to travel across the country by motorcycle, keeping a watchful eye on the field of battle wherever they encounter violence between warring nations!


Rolling Girls episode 1 will premiere in ENGLISH this Saturday at 12:58pm ET as part of our Broadcast Dub line up. Click here to see which other shows from this season are receiving the Broadcast Dub treatment!


Meet the Characters From Unbreakable Machine Doll!

At the Walpurgis Royal Academy to study Machinart, with a dangerous blend of magic and technology, student puppeteers and their automaton partners will battle for the title of the strongest!




Meet the stunning characters of this show and pre-order your copy today!


Yaya UMD

Yaya is a beautiful automaton who is fiercely devoted to her puppeteer, Raishin. She was built by the legendary puppet maker, Shoko. Yaya is incredibly jealous by nature, and she won’t hesitate to use her incredible powers to inflict great damage upon anyone who comes between her and her puppeteer. Raishin quiet often must literally fight off Yaya’s rather intense displays of affection!




Charlotte UMD

Charlotte is stunning blonde puppeteer born of wealth and nobility. Her severe, solitary nature – along with her dinosaur automaton Sigmund – earned her the nickname Tyrant Rex. She is one of the most formidable warriors at the academy, but not even her skill as a puppeteer can keep her from obsessing over a less than bombastic bustline. Although she pretends to be unimpressed by Raishin, she is secretly quite drawn to him.



UMD Frey

Frey is a clumsy and curvaceous puppeteer who commands the canine automaton, Rabbi. She shares a dark and twisted past with her stern brother, Loki. Frey is a true lover of animals, but her affections don’t end there. She becomes increasingly fond of Raishin as the series progresses



UMD Shoko

This mysterious and revered puppet maker’s divine female form can make even the most battle tested warrior weak in the knees. But don’t let her comely curves deceive you – she’s a devious as she is desirable. Shoko built Yaya and many of the most powerful puppets in existence. Beyond that, she wields powerful influence over Raishin, the result of a clandestine contract forged with the boy in the wake of great tragedy.

World Break – Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman Cast Announcement

This next cast announcement is so good you’ll want to live it again (and again, and again). Hold on to your hats, people. Here’s your English cast for World Break: Aria of a Curse for a Holy Swordsman.


Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman_keyvisual.psdCHARACTER – ACTOR


MOROHA – Clifford Chapin
SATSUKI – Felecia Angelle
SHIZUNO – Jad Saxton
GEN – Michael Jones
ANGELA – Morgan Garrett
EDWARD – Seth Magill
JIN – Garret Storms
MARI – Heather Walker
MAYA – Tia Ballard
SOFIA – Alexis Tipton
TANAKA – Sonny Strait
TOKIKO – Trina Nishimura




ADR Director – Tyler Walker
Assistant ADR Director – Kyle Phillips
ADR Engineers – Kyle Phillips, Jose Sandoval
Additional ADR Engineers – Domonique French, Kevin Ussery, Andrew Tipps
Translator – Duane Johnson
Script Writer – Samuel Wooley


series synopsis:

Akane Academy is just like any other school…except the students just happen to be reincarnated legendary heroes from a distant past who battled for the fate of the world. Now, evil monsters are threatening to wreak havoc, and it’s up to the students of Akane Academy to stop them! Follow Moroha, Shizuno, and Satsuki as they navigate love, past lives, and kicking butt in this action fantasy with a dash of fanservice.


The first episode will be available in English this Sunday at 11:05am ET. Click here to see which other shows are getting a Broadcast Dub this season!



Tokyo Ghoul √A Cast Announcement

Now, here’s an announcement you can really sink your teeth into. Take a gander below to see the English cast for Tokyo Ghoul √A.


tokyo ghoul s2 root aCHARACTER – ACTOR


Kaneki – Austin Tindle
Touka – Brina Palencia
Tsukiyama – J Michael Tatum
Yamori – Christopher Sabat
Rize – Monica Rial
Hide – Clifford Chapin
Nishiki – Eric Vale
Hinami – Lara Woodhull
Mado – Kenny Green
Amon – Mike McFarland
Ayato – Todd Haberkorn
Eto – Lindsay Seidel
Tatara – Chris Wehkamp




ADR Director – Mike McFarland
Assistant ADR Director – J Michael Tatum
ADR Engineer – Patrick Morphy
Assistant ADR Engineer – Dominique French
Translator – Steve Simmons
Script Writers – Monica Rial, Josh Grelle


Don’t forget to tune in TONIGHT for our new prime time anime block and live show to see the first episode in English! Click here for more information about DubbleTalk.


Here’s a peek at the English dub!




And the Award Goes to…

The Oscars are this weekend! Sunday will be filled with stars walking the red carpet dressed to impress with the hopes of taking home one of those coveted awards. Speaking of awards, here are some award winning anime (and live action) titles you can binge on this weekend while you wait for the Oscars to start. Have you seen these titles yet? Which ones are your favorite?


Click on the images below to learn more about each title!



Slipcase Evangelion 1.11 eva 2.22
 Afro Samurai: Resurrection  Evangelion: 1.11
You are (not) alone
 Evangelion 2.22 –
You can (not) advance
 vexille  king of thorn  mushishi
Vexille  King of Thorn  Mushi-shi
mushishi live action Summer Wars combo pack 3d mock wolfchildren_box
Mushi-shi (live action) Summer Wars Wolf Children
fma milos fma_shamballa blood c

Fullmetal Alchemist:
The Sacred Star of Milos

 Fullmetal Alchemist – The Movie – Conqueror of Shamballa  Blood – C




Afro Samurai: Resurrection

o 2009 Primetime Emmy Winner – (Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Shigemi Ikeda – Art Director)
(The only anime title to EVER win an Emmy)


Evangelion: 1.0 You are (not) alone

o Animation of the Year – Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008
o Best Director (Hideaki Anno) – Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008


Evangelion 2.0 – You can (not) advance

o Best Animation Award – 15th Lyon Asian Film Festival
o Excellent Animation of the Year Award – Japan Academy Prize



o Jury Award Winner Best Animation Feature – Philadelphia Film Festival 2008


King of Thorn

o Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film – Asia Pacific Screen Award 2010


Mushi-Shi [anime TV series]

o 2006 Tokyo Anime Awards – Grand Prize Best Television Series
o 2006 Tokyo Anime Awards – Grand Prize Best Art Direction


Mushi-shi [live action film]

o Best Special Effects, 2007 Sitges International Film Festival
o Best Original Soundtrack, 2007 Sitges International Film Festival


Summer Wars

o Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year


Wolf Children

o Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – The Movie – The Sacred Star of Milos

o Best Animated Feature – Burbank International Film Festival
o Best Director – Burbank International Film Festival
o Best Writing – Burbank International Film Festival


Fullmetal Alchemist – The Movie – Conqueror of Shamballa

o Tokyo Anime Fair’s Best Original Story
o Tokyo Anime Fair’s Anime of the Year
o Best Animated Film at Fantasia International Film Festival


Blood – C – The Complete Series

o  2013 Reaper Award for Best Animation.

New Release Tuesday – Treasure Boxes and Space Elevators!

Ahoy! We have a magical bounty of new releases for you this week! Take a trip on the high seas or ride a space elevator with these two great titles, available now:



A Certain Magical Index The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion


Available now — on Blu-ray/DVD combo!


Welcome to Academy City, a futuristic metropolis populated with super-powered students. As the brightest intellectual minds in the city work to complete the world’s first space elevator—a towering spire capable of taking citizens into the heavens—perpetually unlucky Kamijo and nun-in-training Index befriend a talented street musician named Arisa. When the beautiful singer lands a big break, her miraculous voice attracts unwanted attention, making the songstress a target for magicians and scholars alike. As the battle between sorcery and science blasts into space, Kamijo, Index, and their allies in Academy City are rocketed to a psychedelic stadium thousands of feet above Japan in a desperate attempt to keep Arisa—and the rest of the world—safe. Science fiction and fantasy collide in this action-packed feature film set in the shared universe of A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun!



Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.14.39 PM

One Piece – Collection Treasure Chest – Box Two


Available now — Exclusively on Amazon!


This box set combines One Piece Collections 5, 6, 7, and 8 into a single release and includes:


  • U.S. Commentary on episode 114
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 119
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 140
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 144
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 166
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 171
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 193
  • U.S. Commentary on episode 196
  • Textless Songs
  • U.S. Trailer
  • Trailers




Death Parade Cast Announcement

Break out the pool cues and the darts, it’s time for the English cast announcement for Death Parade!


決定DP_key1211_fixCHARACTER – ACTOR


DECIM – Alex Organ
WOMAN – Jamie Marchi
NONA – Jad Saxton
QUIN – Anastasia Munoz
CLAVIS – Z. Charles Bolton
TAKASHI – Eric Vale
MACHIKO – Trina Nishimura




ADR Director – Zach Bolton
Assistant ADR Director: Cris George
ADR Engineer – Cris George
Translator: Steve Simmons
Script Writer: Bonny Clinkenbeard


Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for the first episode in English AND our brand new prime time block and live show- DubbleTalk! Click here for more info.


series synopsis:

There is a place after death that’s neither heaven nor hell. A bar that serves you one chance to win. You cannot leave until the game is over, and when it is, your life may be too. From Studio Madhouse (Death Note, Black Lagoon) comes a thrilling new series where the stakes are high and the rules are simple: your life is on the line.


Now, check out a sneak peek of the dub!



Darker than Black Coming to Blu-ray!

darker than black


Darker than Black is coming to blu-ray for the first time in North America in a special Premium Edition. Since this release is coming by special arrangement it will be limited to 5,000 units, so be sure to reserve your copy today before they’re all gone!


Now we know that might disappoint some Darker than Black fans out there, but depending on how well this release does there might be a possibility for other releases in the future. For now, we hope that many fans will enjoy the Premium Edition we’ve cooked up! Just take a look below:


* Releasing in May 2015


* Premium Edition Features:

- Complete First Season on Blu-ray

- Specialty “classified” packaging

- 48-page art book

- Display easel


* Retails for $99.98


* This title is NOT a retailer exclusive. So, check with your favorite retailer to place your pre-order!
(Click here to pre-order on


series synopsis:

A new and deadly breed of covert agent walks the streets. Known as Contractors, these assassins and spies wield bizarre supernatural powers to carry out the dirty work of others. They thrive in the underworld, between rumor and reality, their loyalties always in question. One among these operatives is more mysterious than the rest – The masked killer BK201, the Black Reaper. His true identity and intentions remain unknown, but as his path weaves through the shadows and alleys of Tokyo, blood is spilled on both sides of the law. It’s a new age of confusion, and the rules of engagement have changed.




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And don’t forget about Season 2! Coming soon to our Anime Classics line. Click here to order now.



Bepo Fans Rejoice! One Piece Season Seven Is On Its Way!

one piece s7


The Straw Hats have set sail for Sabaody Archipelago and they’re about to run into a heap of trouble! We’re thrilled to announce that we have acquired the U.S. home video rights to Season Seven of the long-running action, adventure series. One Piece Season Seven is going to be a big one! Releasing in six installments and spanning episodes 385 – 456, Season Seven will include the following arcs:


- Sabaody Archipelago
- Amazon Lily
- Impel Down


More One Piece also means more English voice actors for some of the most beloved characters in the series! Stay tuned over the next few months as we unveil who’s been cast for fan favorites like Silvers Rayleigh, Eustass Kid, and, of course, Trafalgar Law.


The Straw Hats wrap up their adventures in Thriller Bark in Season Six, Voyage Four – releasing April 7. Be on the lookout for Season Seven shortly after. Coming your way Summer 2015.


Can’t get enough One Piece?! Be sure to catch new simulcast episodes every Saturday at 9:00pm EST on and

Assassination Classroom Cast Announcement




Our Broadcast Dubs start this Wednesday, plus we’re launching our new Live Show–DubbleTalk (Click here for more information)! You’re probably curious about how your favorite characters from this season will sound in English; so, we’re rolling out cast announcements all this week! Take a look below at the English cast for the hugely popular Assassination Classroom.


series synopsis:

Forget about homework and pop quizzes. The students of Class 3E have a far more important assignment: kill their teacher before the end of the year! A tentacle-d sensei that moves at Mach 20 is out to conquer the classroom after destroying seventy percent of the moon. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, the murderous monster behind the lectern will teach his students everything he knows about the assassination game. Should some eager beaver prove to be a quick study in killing, he or she will save Earth from extinction – and collect a hefty reward. But they’d better take some serious notes while class is in session because their slaughtering sensei has eight deadly tentacles just waiting to wreak havoc on humanity!




a_classroom_key_0564Koro Sensei – Sonny Strait
Nagisa Shiota – Lindsay Seidel
Tadaomi Karasuma – Chris Ryan
Karma Akabane – Austin Tindle
Isogai – Jerry Jewell
Fuwa – Kristi Kang
Hayami – Jamie Marchi
Hinano – Kristen McGuire
Kaede – Monica Rial
Maehara – Chris Burnett
Mimura – Joel McDonald
Muramatsu – Eric Cherry
Nakamura – Apphia Yu
Okajima – Nick Haley
Okano – Didi Archilla
Sugaya – Kyle Phillips
Kanzaki – Leah Clark
Kimura – Jean Luc Hester
Kirara – Terri Doty
Meg – Morgan Garrett
Okuda – Felecia Angelle
Sugino – Clifford Chapin
Terasaka – Marcus Stimac
Toka – Michelle Rojas
Yoshida – Orion Pitts




ADR Director: Joel McDonald
Assistant ADR Director: Apphia Yu
ADR Engineer: Peter Hawkinson
Translators: Nora Stevens Heath, Clyde Mandelin
Script Writer: J. Michael Tatum