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Buddy Complex Final Act!

buddycomplex_keyIt’s time for the Final Act! Remember Buddy Complex? It’s this awesome mech show that we simulcasted back in Winter 2014. Well, if you were left wondering what was going to happen at the end of the season, the exciting conclusion begins now!


Here’s a refresher for you since it’s been a while:


When a giant robot suddenly attacks the city, a high-school student named Aoba is saved by a classmate who’s piloting her own mecha. After accepting an offer to join the alliance she’s is a part of, Aoba is thrust into the middle of high-flying robot warfare in this new series from the studio that brought you Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Escaflowne!


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Here’s the situation for Into the Skies of Tomorrow – First Half: Hina comes aboard the Cygnus with Aoba and Dio, and she must decide where her allegiances lie. Meanwhile, her former comrades return home to Zogilia to find a shocking turn of events.

Click here to watch the episode now.


Into the Skies of Tomorrow – Second Half will be available for FUNimation subscribers tomorrow (9/30) at 11am CT/ 12pm ET!



FUNimation Fall 2014 Simulcast Season, Part 1

The Fall 2014 Season is fast approaching, and I’m sure you’re wondering what we have in store for you! Well, here’s what we can confirm at this time:


One Piece will be continuing in its current time slot.


One Piece – Saturdays at 9pm CT/ 10pm ET


Monkey D. Luffy is a boy with big dreams. This daring rubber-man refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, Luffy strikes out in search of a crew – and a boat. Along the way he’ll do battle with scallywag clowns, fishy foes, and an entire fleet of marines eager to see him walk the plank. The stakes are high, but with each adventure, Luffy adds a new friend to his gang of Straw Hat Pirates! Like his hero Gold Roger, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth – the Legendary One Piece!


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Fairy Tail will be continuing in its current time slot.


Fairy Tail - Fridays at 9pm CT/ 10pm ET


Across the Fiore kingdom, wizards join guilds and make their pay by filling magical needs—but one guild has a reputation as the roughest, rowdiest, most dangerous of all: Fairy Tail!

When four young Fairy Tail members unite, their bond is forged by a power found in neither muscle nor magic and grows stronger with every mission. Whatever you do, don’t mess with these friends or you’ll get a taste of Natsu’s flaming fist or Gray’s ice hammer, suffer a painful blow from one of Lucy’s celestial spirits or catch the edge of Erza’s mighty blade! Whether they’re stopping demons from devastating the world or wrestling in the mess hall, this mystical team manages to inflict as much damage to their rivals as they do to the surrounding area!


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Soul Eater Not! Home Video Rights

soul eater not

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the Blu-ray and DVD rights for Soul Eater Not! The series is expected to release in summer 2015, and it will include an English dub track.




Get ready to meet the newest class at Death Weapon Meister Academy! Tsugumi Harudori and her outrageous friends make up the NOT class at this stylish school dedicated to training living, breathing weapons and uniting them with the Meisters who’ll wield them! Soul Eater fanatics will be psyched to meet these epic new characters – and catch up with all their favorites from the original series. Don’t miss a minute of the adventure as Tsugumi and her pals weave their own exciting tale of deadly life at DWMA!


The series is currently available for streaming on

Announcing On-Disc Extras for Cowboy Bebop!

cowboy bebopCowboy Bebop fans, listen up! You won’t have to shell out millions of Woolongs to make the adventures aboard the Bebop last even longer because there is a bounty of on-disc extras headed your way. We’ve got more Spike, Jet, Faye, Edward and Ein than we can fit into 26 sessions — and it’s all included on the Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray for you!


3, 2, 1, …Let’s take a look at the roundup!


DVD Extras (160 minutes):
- Memo from Bebop: The Dub Sessions Remembered – a brand new 95-minute original extra, featuring the original English-language cast of Cowboy Bebop as they give you the behind-the-scenes stories  about recording this seminal series.
-  Session #1 Audio Commentary with Koichi Yamadera (Spike) and Unshou Ishizuka (Jet)
-  Session #5 Audio Commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
-  Interview with Wendee Lee (English Voice of Faye Valentine)
-  Session #10 Audio Commentary with Wendee Lee (Faye) and ADR Producer Yutaka Maseba
-  Interview with Cartoon Network Producer Sean Akins
-  Session #17 Audio Commentary with Director Shinichiro Watanabe and Composer Yoko Kanno
- “Tank!” Full-Size Music Clip
-  “Tank!” Club Remix Music Clip -UK Version-
-  Session #24 Audio Commentary with Megumi Hayashibara (Faye) and Aoi Tada (Ed)
-  Original Opening and Closing Songs
-  Textless Opening and Closing Songs
-  Ein’s Summer Vacation
-  Cowboy Bebop Session #0
-  U.S. Trailer


Blu-ray Extras (227 minutes):
-  All of the DVD extras, plus
- Dinner Aboard the Bebop, a brand new 68-minute original extra, featuring the original English-language cast of Cowboy Bebop reunited for dinner, drinks, and a very special script reading!


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Be sure to stay tuned for even more Cowboy Bebop announcements!



Give a Warm Welcome to Lauren!

lauren moorePlease join us in welcoming our brand new team member, Lauren Moore! As you guys may know, our little social team has been just Rojas and myself for a few years now, and we’ve desperately needed the additional support. So, we are absolutely thrilled to have Lauren join our team as our new Social Media Coordinator!


Lauren first moved to Texas from her home in the Cayman Islands to snag a journalism degree and pursue a career in the broadcast industry. Lauren held a number of roles at the gaming entertainment website, before working her way across DFW and North America as a producer. Now, Lauren has joined the ranks of fellow anime lovers at FUNimation and we could not be more excited to have her! Aside from anime, her other loves include theatre, cats, kickball and giant plates of food.


This is also not the first time that FUNimation fans may have seen our lovely Lauren! Check out the FUNimation Show Quickie below where we attended the Xbox Area One tour party in Dallas!



FUNimation Show Livestream on 9/18



You may recall a few weeks ago we asked if fans would be interested in a FUNimation Show Livestream. We did these regularly last year, but lately our schedules have gotten so full that we just haven’t had time to do one in a while.


So, we’re bringing it back! Tune in on Thursday 9/18 at 7pm CT/ 8pm ET for a FUNimation Show Livestream! Check out the event below:




Post your questions in the comments below and we might just read them live!


You can also post your questions on our official Facebook page, or Tweet your questions to @FUNimationShow using #TFSLivestream.


You’ll be able to catch the livestream via our YouTube channel at, or via Twitch at



IGN Premiere Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition Trailer

dbz bog box artExcited about the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods on Blu-ray and DVD? Head on over to to watch the exclusive premiere of the English dub trailer for the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition!


The Extended Edition will include:

* The Uncut Version – with 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage

* Over 30 minutes of extra features


Don’t miss out on owning the first new Dragon Ball Z film in over 17 years! Available on Blu-ray and DVD on 10/7. Click here to order your copy today!



Prepare to witness Dragon Ball Z as it has never been seen before! Stunning animation and epic new villains highlight this first new Dragon Ball feature film in over seventeen years!

Following the events of the Dragon Ball Z television series, after the defeat of Majin Buu, a new power awakens and threatens humanity. Beerus, an ancient and powerful God of Destruction, searches for Goku after hearing rumors of the Saiyan warrior who defeated Frieza. Realizing the threat Beerus poses to their home planet, the Z-fighters must find a way to stop him before it’s too late. Only Goku, humanity’s last hope, can ascend to the level of a legendary Super Saiyan God and stop Beerus’s from destroying Earth, and possibly the entire universe!

FUNimation Website Navigation Updates

FUNimation recently updated its website navigation to better represent the services provided at The new navigation consists of Watch, Shop, News, & Simulcasts. update


Watch: The “Shows” and “Videos” sections have been merged and replaced with “Watch.” This tab contains all show, episode and movie content that can be streamed from the website. FUNimation Subscribers can WATCH full 1080 HD Anime streamed for as little as $0.15 per day.

Shop: This tab goes to our online store where physical DVDs, Blu-ray and Merchandise can be purchased. FUNimation’s Shop provides a standard 25% off suggested retail pricing for all products and often has specials that beat most Anime retailers.

News: Previously referred to as Blog. FUNimation continually keeps our fans up-to-date with the latest information about our titles, products and upcoming merchandise.

Simulcasts: Provides quick access to Anime content released sub-titled on our streaming platform right after the broadcasts in Japan. You can watch the latest shows online at


We believe that this updated navigation will provide easier access to the content and products that you are looking for. Please let us know your opinion.


We’ve also made some important changes to help make your viewing experience more enjoyable:


*   You can now sort Episodes on show sites to “From Beginning,” “From End,” and “Most Recent” to make finding videos easier.

*   There are now several ways you can add shows to your queue.

- Click on the + icon on the thumbnail of the video/show

- Click on the +Queue button on the show site

- Click on “Add to Queue” when you hover over the show title in the Shows category of the Watch tab



FUNimation to Simulcast One Piece ‘3D2Y’ TV Special

one piece 3d2yFear not, loyal One Piece fans, FUNimation will be simulcasting this weekend’s ‘One Piece 3D2Y’ TV Special just mere hours after it airs on Japanese broadcast! The two-hour special is scheduled to be available Saturday night (Aug 30) at 12am midnight ET / 11pm CT. This week’s One Piece simulcast episode, Episode 659, will be available at the normal 10pm ET / 9pm CT time. As with all One Piece episodes, you’ll be able to watch on or the official One Piece website.

For more information about ‘One Piece “3D2Y” Overcoming Ace’s Death! The Oath with Luffy’s Crewmates!’ check out these :30 promotional videos Toei posted earlier this week.