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Hetalia: The Beautiful Makeover!

If you haven’t heard already, Hetalia got a new fifth season– Hetalia: The Beautiful World, and it’s coming to DVD this July! Not only is it a long-awaited new season with everyone’s favorite nation boys, but this time they’re back and better than ever.



If you’ve read the original Hetalia manga, you may notice that the character designs in The Beautiful World are a lot closer to mangaka Hidekaz Himaruya’s art style—lots of detail, bright colors, and intricately-rendered eyes and hair. We took a look at the original anime character designs of the Main Eight way back from the first season to compare to this newer Beautiful World art style—check out the differences!


Even with the cosmetic changes, they’re still the same characters you know and love! Be sure to catch more of their historical hijinks in season 5 – Hetalia: the Beautiful World, available for pre-order now! The Limited Edition comes with an exclusive season 5 bandana, and both season 5 versions feature an adorable chibi sticker set.


Hetalia Day 2013

October 24 is United Nations Day, which marks the anniversary of the United Nations charter, but for Hetalia fans, it’s also a celebration of international antics and nation-on- nation bromance known as Hetalia Day! Now on its fifth year running, Hetalia Day (this year on October 26, to fall on a Saturday) is a by-fans-for-fans global meetup event of Hetalia fans, held in over a hundred different cities all across the world—from Australia to Peru, Hungary to Malaysia, Canada and the US, and everywhere in between. (more…)