Anime Weekend Atlanta, we’re heading your way!

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A-Town, ATL, Hot’lanta… whatever you call it, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time in Atlanta, Georgia during AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta)! Our crew is hitting the road once more to bring panels, screenings and the FUNimation booth to thousands of anime fans in The Hollywood of the South! We’ve got a TON of stuff planned to keep you busy. Check out our line-up and mark your to-do list:



From industry insider info to late-night antics, join Tara & Lauren at FUNimation’s panels this weekend!

Catch us on the Crunchyroll Live Stream at 10:30am on Saturday morning! 

FUNimation Favorites Panel | Friday, Sept 25 | 5:30 pm | Grand Panel

FUNimation Industry Panel | Saturday, Sept 26 | 12:15 pm | Williams AB

FUNimation Live-Action Attack on Titan Panel | Saturday, Sept 26 | 5:30 pm | Williams E


Plus, join Cookie (@CookieStratford) and Kiki (@PeepShowKiki) for some naughty late-night fun:

FUNimation Peep Show (18+)| Saturday, Sept 26 | 10:00 pm | Williams CDF



Catch some awesome English Dub premieres, exclusively at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Daimidaler | Friday, Sept 25 | 9:00 pm | Main Video

Noein | Saturday, Sept 26 | 5:00 pm | Video 2

Ghost in the Shell Arise: Borders 3 & 4 | Saturday, Sept 26 | 10:00 pm | Main Video



Don’t forget to hit the FUNimation booth between activities to pick up some great titles, and check with the crew for some cool gifts with purchase!

Time To Celebrate – National Cheeseburger Day

September 18th is Cheeseburger Day! Are you celebrating? Our favorite anime characters sure are with giant burgers! Here, we’ll be showcasing our some of favorite anime characters chowing down on the good stuff and maybe why you should be eating a cheeseburger today! (Warning: some burgers are without cheese.)



Solty Rei

How To Eat A Burger


It’s all good if you don’t know how to eat a burger! We have you covered our android protagonist learns how to chow down!





America Wants YOU… To EAT!


Everyone knows that cheeseburgers are the most American thing! And they’re much more tasty than rations…




Ouran High School Host Club

Even Beautiful People Eat Cheeseburgers


Who knew it was possible to be so studly while enjoying a cheeseburger?





Playing with an Empty Stomach


You know the advice to not play on an empty stomach? This is why…




Full Metal Panic!

Great For Group Outings!


Need a food that’s perfect for group outings? Cheeseburgers are the classic choice!





Perfect Compliment with Any Food!

Did you know you can eat cheeseburgers with other foods? These guys show you how it’s done!




There are plenty of anime characters who enjoy a nice cheeseburger! You can definitely find more characters on! Who are your favorite cheeseburger-eating characters?

Logic and Steve Blum Autograph Signing at NYCC


Our friend and anime fan, Logic, is having his first panel at New York Comic-Con to promote his upcoming album The Incredible True Story.  Inspirations in creating the album varied from Cowboy Bebop to film directors Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino. Even Steve Blum, the voice of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, is a part of the album! You can find out more about Logic by watching our FUNimation Show interview with him here.


Since we’re going to also be at NYCC this year, we thought it’d be a good idea to have Logic and Steve Blum stop by our booth for an autograph signing. See below for details:



Signing: Sunday, Oct 11 | FUNimation Booth #542 | 1:00pm-2:30pm

Tickets to be distributed at Logic’s panel, FUNimation’s Industry panel, and at the FUNimation booth (open on Sunday morning):


FUNimation Industry Panel | Sat. October 10| 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM | Room 1A24


Logic and Steve Blum Discuss The Incredible True Story – Where Music and Anime Intersect | Sat. October 10 | 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM | Room 1A21


Anime Matsuri Hawaii Added to 2015 Convention Schedule

anime matsuri header


FUNimation is in an Aloha State of Mind

Anime fans prepare to go coconuts! FUNimation is adding to a whirlwind 2015 convention year. We’ve made official plans to be an official part of Anime Matsuri in beautiful Hawaii!


When: November 27th-29th
Where: Hawaii Convention Center
Hotel: Ala Moana Hotel


Justin Rojas will be representing FUNimation at various panels and events. This will be his first time in Hawaii so be sure to say “Aloha!” to him.

For more information on Anime Matsuri Hawaii, visit

Bikini Warriors Contest – Get Your Bikini Warrior Stats to Win Free Stuff!


If you’ve got a soft spot for classic JRPG tropes but also definitely don’t mind sexy anime girls, you’re probably already watching Bikini Warriors (new episodes streaming every Tuesday at 2:40 PM ET). It’s our new summer simulcast show that’s surprisingly clever in its exploration of video game jokes, and also its vast… expanses of plot. Even the creators think you should be watching just for the alluring girls!

Seven episodes are out now, and we’re commemorating this achievement with a giveaway contest! Win a Bikini Warriors poster and hand fan, exclusive from Japan, by finding out what kind of bikini warrior YOU are.

Entry is simple: just go to, enter a name, and find your result! Then share the result with the Tweet button on the results page, and keep the hashtag #bikiniwarriors, and you’ll be automatically entered to win scandalous fabulous prizes (ahem, see below). Enter by September 15th to win!



And if you haven’t started watching Bikini Warriors yet, check it out! Each episode is a great quickie at about 3 minutes long, and they seriously may surprise you with the video game in-jokes. (And don’t take it from us— check out Kotaku’s review:


See full contest rules here.

Fall Simulcast Season Is Heating Up!


Sure, maybe you just scratched Labor Day off on your One Piece calendar. Maybe you’re picking up your Fairy Tail backpack and trudging off to school wearing your favorite Noragami shirt. (and pants. Please be wearing pants.) Maybe you’re sketching out your next Moon Demon Company cosplay from Seraph of the End during that boring meeting at work. Or maybe you’re just asking yourself what you have to look forward to now that Summer is over??

Have no fear, my friends! Summer may be over but we’ve already got the hottest shows on simulcast ready for you – and these are just the beginning! You’ll definitely want to keep your FUNimation app of choice (you know we’ve got you covered on almost any device, right?)  ready to stream these amazing selections on your screen and straight into your eyeballs.

So get your viewing palette ready for these delicious dishes:


Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA

Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail





One Piece

One Piece


Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign – Part 2


What’s that you say? You’re not a FUNimation Streaming Service subscriber?

Well click here to Subscribe Now!


Whoa, three conventions in one weekend — are we crazy?! Eh, probably. We’re splitting up and heading out across the country to DragonCon, Nan Desu Kan AND AnimeFest this weekend! Join us!


300x218_1 10440838_10152575161699058_3033953810876155862_n 23574_342949802188_2694817_n_4

Join Justin in Atlanta, GA for :



FUNimation Favorites | Friday| 4:00pm | Regency V

FUNimation takes a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your FUNimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FUNimationFave and you could win a prize!

FUNimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday | 10:00pm | Courtland

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles. Don’t forget to bring tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. Audience participation encouraged by tweeting using the hashtag #FUNimationPeepShow.

FUNimation Industry Panel | Saturday | 2:30pm | Regency V

From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor—FUNimation. Live tweet with us using the hashtag #FUNimationPanel for a chance to win prizes!

The Anime Biz – Is It Right For You? | Sunday | 4:00pm | Regency V

Looking for a job in anime that’s NOT voice acting? So were we! Until we got hired. Hear from actual employees of FUNimation on what it takes to bring anime to North America. From licensing to graphic design and everything in between, see if you have what it takes to be in the anime biz.



 Join Tara in Denver, CO for:

Nan Desu Kan 


Funimation Favorites | Friday | 7pm – 8pm

FUNimation takes a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your FUNimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FUNimationFave and you could win a prize!


Funimation Peep Show | Friday | 10:30pm – Midnight

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles. Don’t forget to bring tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. Audience participation encouraged by tweeting using the hashtag #FUNimationPeepShow.


Funimation Industry Panel | Saturday | 3:15pm – 4:45pm

From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor—FUNimation. Live tweet with us using the hashtag #FUNimationPanel for a chance to win prizes!


Funimation Dimension W Panel | Saturday | 8pm – 10pm

Come learn about about the upcoming production of Dimension W with a special guest from Japan — Plus! Every panel attendee gets an awesome prize and a chance to win Japanese copies of the manga!



Make a purchase at our booth and receive a free FUNimation lanyard and collectible bag! We’ll also have lots of gifts with purchase for you to pick up, just ask our awesome booth staff!



Plus, look for Lauren, Godswill and Tim at the FUNimation booth during AnimeFest in Dallas, TX this weekend!



FUNimaniacs! – IGN’s Anime Club Special OVA

FUNimation frontrunner, Justin Rojas, made a special guest appearance recently at IGN’s Anime Club podcast; you’ll definitely want to check it out!


In this special OVA episode, we reveal quite a bit of insider information such as more information about theatrical releases coming next year, Broadcast Dub behind-the-scenes, *cough Dragon Ball Super cough* and even Justin’s history with anime! Also is Mass Effect a dating sim?


You can find this episode on IGN’s website right here!




Tickets Now on Sale For “Attack on Titan” Live Action Movies

Limited Theatrical Release to Screen in Two Parts in Nearly 300 Theaters Across U.S. and Canada

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS – August 28, 2015. FUNimation Entertainment announced today that tickets for the “Attack on Titan” live action movies are now available for purchase via the official movie website The new, two-part feature film is a limited theatrical release and will screen in nearly 300 theaters across the United States and Canada. In the U.S., Part 1 will play in theaters on September 30, October 1 & 7 and has an approximate running time of 98 minutes; and Part 2 will screen two weeks later on October 20, 22 & 27 and has an approximate running time of 87 minutes.  In Canada, Part 1 will play in theaters on October 5 and 26 followed by Part 2 on October 22 and October 26.


“The day Attack on Titan fans across North America have been waiting for has finally arrived. This is a limited theatrical release so I encourage fans to find their nearest theater and purchase tickets to both movies now,“ said Gen Fukunaga, CEO and founder of FUNimation. “A movie as colossal as Attack on Titan truly takes two parts to tell. Fans do not want to miss this opportunity.”


The “Attack on Titan” live action movies are based on the popular manga series of the same name (“Shingeki no Kyojin” in Japanese), which tells the story of a world where most of humanity has been destroyed by giants and where the last of mankind fights to survive behind three concentric walls – walls that were once impenetrable to the giants. With more than 50 million copies in print today, “Attack on Titan” has also inspired four spin-off manga as well as a 25-episode anime series which FUNimation both simulcast and released on home video in North America.


“We wanted to make sure that we could bring Attack on Titan to as many fans as possible and we’ve put together a great network of theatrical partners to do just that,“ said Mike DuBoise, COO of FUNimation. “That said, we know Attack on Titan will draw in people new to anime as well as fans of other genres like horror and sci-fi. This movie will not disappoint.”


As part of the ticket sales launch, the new version of the official movie website will go live that includes a theater locator, additional movie info and cast posters, the theatrical trailers as well as extras including photo galleries from the movie, the world premiere in July and fan fun.


For more information on the “Attack on Titan” live action movies, to locate theaters or to purchase tickets, please visit Tickets are limited.

Time To Celebrate – National Dog Day!

It’s National Dog Day today and that means it’s time for us to share our favorite anime dogs! Today we showcase the strongest, smartest, and cutest of man’s best friend in this list! And of course, you can find and stream all of these shows on!



Cowboy Bebop



We start the list off with one of the smartest (and coolest) dogs in anime! This super smart top dog joins the Bebop bounty hunters and helps them in many tough situations. Not to mention, just being a Welsh Corgi makes him the cutest member of the crew!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.55.48 PM




Casshern Sins



Next on the list is a lesser-known, but ever faithful friend, Friender! In the series, Casshern SinsFriender is a robotic dog that travels with the protagonist, Casshern, across the land fighting against malicious robots. His main qualities of loyalty, intelligence, and boldness come in handy many times in the series!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.24.44 PM




Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Hayate


Up next on the list is the extremely obedient and extremely adorable Shiba Inu, Black Hayate! Under the tutelage of Lt. Hawkeye, Black Hayate becomes a lovable and tough sidekick that is able to fight Homunculi and not pee on the carpet!





Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad



This next dog is neither cute nor lovable, but he is cool enough to have a band named after him! This gruff dog is quite the mutt with multiple dog breeds, literally. While his appearance tends to scare most people, he has found love with a band who named their group after him.





Space Dandy



This last entry is only in one episode of the quirky series, Space Dandy, but leaves an indelible mark. We won’t say too much, but we believe P.U.P. shows why dogs are truly man’s best friend.





There are so many other wonderful dogs in anime that we wish we could list, but there’s only so much space! What are your favorite anime dogs?