C2E2, it is you, it is you!



We’re braving the wind and heading to Chi-Town for C2E2 2015 (April 24-26)!  Be sure to join us, as we’ll be bringing in some of our heavy hitters to help pump up the con. You won’t want to miss out on our panels, screenings, and events!





FUNimation Industry Panel – Room S402 – Saturday (4/25) | 12:30 – 1:30 PM

  • From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information from North America’s largest anime distributor – FUNimation

FUNimation Presents: 25 Years of Dragon Ball Z – Room S404 – Saturday (4/25) | 5:30-7:00 PM

  • Join FUNimation and Voice Actors Seán Schemmel (Goku) and Christopher Sabat (Vegeta) for a nostalgic look back at the past 25 years of Dragon Ball Z from its broadcast debut to the upcoming summer theatrical release of the the new feature film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F.’

Lost Girl: Season 5 and Beyond – Room S404 – Sunday (4/26) | 2:45- 3:45 PM

  • We are proud to present two of the amazing Stars that help to make Prodigy Pictures’ Lost Girl airing on Syfy Channel such a Fan fae-vorite. Join us for a Panel discussion featuring Paul Amos (Vex) and Emmanuelle Vaugier (The Morrigan) for a Q&A session.



Autographs/Photo Ops

Typically, there’s a fee for autographs; however, if you buy any Dragon Ball Z or Lost Girl title at the FUNimation booth, you can receive a free autograph!


Dragon Ball Z Signings

  • Saturday (4/25): 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM  |   Signing Table 18
  • Additional times at FUNimation Booth | TBD


Lost Girl Signings

  • Friday (4/24): 3:00 – 4:30 PM  |  FUNimation Booth
  • Saturday (4/25): 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM  |  FUNimation Booth
  • Saturday (4/25): 3:00 – 4:30 PM  |  FUNimation Booth
  • Sunday (4/26): 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM  |  Signing Table 18


Lost Girl Photo Ops

  • Friday (4/24): 2:00 – 2:45 PM  |  Epic Photo Ops
  • Saturday (4/25): 12:00 – 12:45 PM  |  Epic Photo Ops
  • Sunday (4/26): 11:00 – 11:30 AM  |  Epic Photo Ops


Also, be sure to join us at the Twitch Stage on Saturday (4/25) at 3:30 – 4:15 PM for a live stream interview of the cast members of Lost Girl and Dragon Ball Z!


Finally, be sure to drop by the FUNimation booth to pick up some classic series as well as new titles like Freezing Vibration, D-Frag!, Noir and more! And just between us (hint, hint) you could even find some new titles available early…


Be sure to join us! C2E2 takes place in the South Building at McCormick Place located at 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois.


Noragami English Cast Announcement



Any Yato fans out there? It’s not every day you find a delivery god this affordable! Know what else is affordable? This English cast announcement! It’s absolutely free, our gift to you. Check it out below!




Yato – Jason Liebrecht
Hiyori – Bryn Apprill
Yukine – Micah Solusod
Kofuku – Alexis Tipton
Daikoku – Ian Sinclair
Rabo – Mike McFarland
Nora – Lauren Landa
Bishamon – Elizabeth Maxwell
Kazuma – Eric Vale





ADR Director – Mike McFarland

Script Writer – Bonny Clinkenbeard


Noragami will be available on July 7th. Keep an eye on our Shop for pre-order listings!


series synopsis:

Yato may just be a minor god now, but he’s determined to make it big and he’s got a plan. Unfortunately, things just don’t seem to be going his way. He doesn’t have a single shrine dedicated to him, his partner has just quit, and now he’s got to find a new divine weapon. Just when things look bleak, he meets a girl named Hiyori and changes her life forever.



Like the music from the trailer? It’s an original piece composed in house! We’re making it available for download for free!  Either play the music on the player below or download the MP3 file by right-clicking this link and use the “Save Link As…” option.



Title: “5 Yen”
Composition: Andrew Manson
Guitar Solo: Austin Black

009 Re:Cyborg – English Cast Announcement & Pre-order!

_入稿0718_OLThe wait is over, sci-fi anime fans— the new sci-fi action thriller anime 009 Re:Cyborg is now available for preorder— and getting an English dub! Plus, we’re announcing the release specs AND the cast announcement!


What’s 009 Re:Cyborg? Well, if you loved the classic cerebral sci-fi action anime like Ghost in the Shell or Akira from “the good old days”— movies that astounded you visually, throttled your adrenaline, but also made you think— 009 Re:Cyborg is definitely an extension of that tradition. The film comes to you with the cutting-edge action-packed production values of legendary studio Production I.G. (Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell: Arise), plus smart, slick direction that could only come from the mind of the director of Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Eden of the East, Kenji Kamiyama.


The first-run release of 009 Re:Cyborg is our Limited Edition and comes with an exclusive 44-page Interview and Data booklet, packed to the brim with behind-the-scenes key points about the direction and world of the film, as well as artwork, character profiles, and a very thorough interview with the director. As anime fans, we’ve loved seeing Director Kamiyama’s take on how technology affects human interactions in our modern and increasingly globalized world, themes hugely apparent in his past works, so if you like cool sci-fi that also has meaning, 009 Re:Cyborg is a real showcase of all of that. When we say that this booklet is packed, we mean PACKED— it’s very dense and a great value add to any fans who wants to get a little more out of anime. Look out for previews of the booklet soon!


With that all out of the way, here’s your cast!


009: Joe Shimamura…………………  JASON GRIFFITH
003: Françoise Arnoul ERIN FITZGERALD
004: Albert Heinrich DAVE B. MITCHELL
007: Great Britain JOHN WHITE
006: Chang Changku MICHAEL SORICH
005: Geronimo Jr. PATRICK SEITZ
001: Ivan Whisky STEPHANIE SHEH
Dr. Isaac Gilmore GEORGE C. COLE



Produced by N.Y.A.V. Post



009 Re:Cyborg is now available for preorder and releases on Blu-ray Combo Pack July 28. Stay tuned for more details, including sneak peeks at the packaging and booklet, plus the trailer!



FUNimation.com is Changing!

FUNimation has launched a new experience on the web with streamlined navigation that allows you to find what you’re looking for with fewer clicks.




Designed with your needs in mind, the FUNimation.com navigation has been simplified to: STREAM, SHOP, and DISCOVER. We’ve also added a Welcome screen with engaging full-screen video to captivate first-time visitors.


What’s New:


STREAM: Start watching anime online now! Go straight to the latest simulcasts, dubbed episodes, and featured shows to start watching anime instantly.


SHOP: Looking for the next Blu-ray for your shelf, a T-shirt for a convention, or the perfect gift for a friend? We got you covered here in the FUNimation Shop.

Find the latest FUNimation updates, start a conversation with other fans, explore the latest simulcasts this season, or find a convention we’re attending. There’s something new to explore with every click.

Welcome Page:
A brand new Welcome page has been added for people new to FUNimation.com. This page will load the first time you visit the site. You will be directed straight to the main page upon return visits.

Video Queue:
When visiting the Stream page, logged-in users will see their video queue at the top of the page—an easy way to watch exactly what you want quickly.

Start Page:
Subscribers now have the option to choose a start page for each time they visit FUNimation.com. You can set this via your profile account settings page under Personalization. Now every time you visit FUNimation.com, it will take you directly to your start page.

Conventions Page:
Stay up to date with all the cons we’ll be attending nationwide with our new Conventions page. We hope to see you at one of these shows this year.

The search bar in the top right of every page has been upgraded with predictive text and item categorization to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


We hope you enjoy these enhancements, and we will continue to update the site to provide the best experience possible for the best anime fans in the world!


You can also enhance your online anime streaming experience on FUNimation.com by subscribing to the FUNimation Streaming Service. Watch the latest anime simulcasts, English dubs, and movies online today.

Visit http://funimation.com/subscribe for more info.

New Release Tuesday – Noir is the New Black

Noir_AC_Blu-Ray_(3D MOCK)Happy New Release Tuesday! Noir is the new black, as this classic series is available on blu-ray for the first time!


series synopsis:

From the director of Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja comes the first series in his trilogy of sharp-shooting vixens.

Mireille makes a living out of killing as an international assassin. Kirika is an amnesiac with uncanny speed and stealth. Under the codename Noir, these two young mistresses of semi-automatics and improvised weapons track and execute criminal syndicates across the globe as they hunt for clues to their connected pasts—but it is they who are actually being hunted. Caught in the crosshairs of a centuries-old conspiracy, the deadly beauties of Noir aim to expose the secrets of the ancient society orchestrating their lives. Will Mireille and Kirika have a future after they learn the truth about their pasts?


Click here to order now! Already own the series on DVD and now sure you want to double down for the HD version? Check out our comparison video below.



Hello, Tekko!

Hey Pittsburgh! We’re heading to Tekko 2015 this weekend and we’re bringing lots of anime goodness with us! We’ve got big plans for the weekend, so check out our lineup below and be sure to add our events to your Tekko To-Do list!



  •   FUNimation Previews |Panel Room 1 |Friday from 7pm – 8pm
    Come see extended clips and trailers for some of the hottest anime series from FUNimation!
  • FUNimation Peep Show (18+) | Panel Room 1 | Friday from 10pm – 11pm
    Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW.  Watch some jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles.  Don’t forget to bring some tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. 
  • FUNimation Industry | Panel Room 1 | Saturday from 6pm – 7pm
    From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information from North America’s largest anime distributor – FUNimation.


FUNimation Booth!

Be sure to come see us in the Dealer’s Room for some awesome anime finds! Plus, every purchase gets a FREE FUNimation lanyard!


Dealer’s Room Hours

Friday: 11:30 am to 8 pm
Saturday hours: 10:30 am to 8 pm
Sunday hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm



We have an entirely dedicated FUNimation Screening Room.  Tons of new titles will be screened over the weekend, check your printed schedule for details and times.


What’s your Elemental Alignment?



It’s International Tabletop Day, and we’re celebrating with our newest anime release all about games— D-Frag! Take our quiz!


In the show, the crazy girls of the Game Creation Club (Provisional) all claim to be fantasy magic users channeling elementals— the water girl “attacks” people by forcing them to drink water, the lightning girl uses a taser, etc. You know, just like your normal friends.


Take our D-Frag! quiz to find out which elemental YOU’RE channeling, based on your game-playing habits! Also, check out the clip this quiz is based on below.


Have you pre-ordered D-Frag! yet? Remember that if you do, we’ll be sending you a free digital artbook with tons of exclusive artwork just for pre-ordering! The Blu-ray/DVD complete series streets 4/28.  Click here to pre-order now! (more…)

April Showers Bring… More Subscriber Exclusives!

Hey folks! You probably already know that every month we give you exclusive video content through the FUNimation Streaming Service before it hits Blu-ray or DVD, and April is no exception! Spring is here, and with it comes a bounty of new shows to stream! Check out what’s coming to FUNimation.com each Tuesday this month:



freezing vibrationApril 7th


Freezing Vibration

Complete season, dub, uncut, HD!


Click here to watch!


The masters of action-oriented fan service who brought you Ikki Tousen are back with a brutally busty bloodletting that includes six scintillating OVAs!
Eager to follow in the footsteps of his fallen sister, Kazuya enrolls at West Genetics Academy, a training facility for buxom heroes known as Pandoras. These courageous schoolgirls are genetically-enhanced with enough sex appeal to cripple a man – and the superhuman strength to slaughter aliens by the dozen. Kazuya’s role is that of Limiter, a Pandora’s battle partner, and he quickly sets his sights on the most feared beauty in school, Satellizer el Bridget. This full-figured annihilator of aliens is as desirable as she is deadly, but rubbing her the wrong way could lead to gross bodily harm. Can Kazuya forge a bond with his new partner and rise to the top of the ranks at West Genetics? Or will he fall victim to the mysterious bloodlust lurking within Satellizer?




BS-XXXXX 111001C1 Combo Pack LE BD13

April 14th



Complete series, dub, HD!


Click here to watch!


Kenji likes to think that he and his gang of friends are the bad boys of their school. That is, until he meets the four insane girls of a game-making club whose personalities are all super weird (and a little on the violent side). When Kenji’s forced to join their little group, his life quickly takes a turn for the outrageous.






hack rootsApril 21st



Episodes 1-4, dub!

Click here to watch!


In the newest version of the massive online RPG know as “The World,” Haseo and his guild mates search for a legendary item called the Key of the Twilight—but they’re not the only ones looking for it. When a rival guild faces off against Haseo and his teammates, the conflict has deep repercussions both inside and outside the game, and threatens to leave the players forever changed.





PM_key-hanken_0906.jpgApril 28th


[email protected]

Complete season 1 episodes, Directors Cut special compilation, and OVAs 1-3, sub, HD


Click here to watch!


Fans of the [email protected] franchise won’t want to miss this super cute spinoff! Hyperactive hijinks are sure to follow when the idol girls of 765 Productions discover the mysterious Puchidols – chibis with adorable abilities – have invaded their office!





Not a subscriber yet? To watch these, and other new titles added each month, sign up for the FUNimation Subscription Service today!

Watch the latest anime series & thousands of other titles, and get full access to…


  • Largest selection of English dubs online
  • English dubs for select series while still broadcasting in Japan
  • Hottest new & returning simulcasts every season
  • HD commercial-free episode streaming
  • Video content across your computer, mobile devices, Roku, or Xbox 360


Visit FUNimation.com/subscribe for more info! 



Interview with Kamisama Kiss Manga Artist – Julietta Suzuki – Part 2

Kamisama Kiss 2_key artA few months ago, we asked fans to send us their questions for Julietta Suzuki–the manga artist for Kamisama Kiss. We compiled your questions and she was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer them. Check out part 2 of our interview below. Click here to see part 1.


5) Who is your favorite character, and who is your favorite to draw?


I can’t choose a favorite, but the ones I find easier to draw are the characters who are candidly self-assertive. Characters like Mizuki and Akura-oh and Yatori clearly communicate with those around them about the actions they want to take, so it feels refreshing to draw them.


6) What advice would you give to an aspiring manga artist? When was it that you decided to focus on purely being a mangaka? Did your family and friends support you, and are they fans of manga?


My family didn’t view my drawing manga in a particularly favorable light, so I used to draw in secret, trying to keep it hidden as much as possible. The worlds and ideas that burgeoned within me during that period when I was a girl and my habit of mentally filing away the beautiful things that I come across would later on serve to fuel my stories. A sensitive soul is a rare and valuable thing. Please nurture it with love and care.


FUNimation acquires the rights for Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Alternative Architecture

ARISE_key_logo2FUNimation is pleased to announce that we have acquired the rights for the cyberpunk sci-fi action series–Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Alternative Architecture! Even better, episode 1 will be available TONIGHT at 7:30pm ET! Click here to watch the episode.




The Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA sequence has been rebuilt into eight TV-length episodes and extended with two new broadcast exclusive episodes to create Ghost in the Shell: Arise ­ Alternative Architecture! In this highly anticipated prequel set in the year after the fourth World War, cyborg and hacker Motoko Kusanagi finds herself wrapped up in the investigation of a devastating bombing. But she¹s not the only one looking for answers‹as she delves deeper into the mystery of who is behind the attack, a specialized team unlike any before begins to take shape.


Voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto (Black Butler’s Ciel Phantomhive, Evangelion Rebuild’s Mari Makiname) will be reprising her role as Makoto from Ghost in the Shell: Arise.


The series will stream Sundays at 10am ET. Click here for more info.