Xbox November Anime Hits

Xbox Video is having their monthly AnimeHits sale just in time for the Xbox One launch!  Pick up your new console and one of our new series at a huge discount from 11/19/13 – 11/25/13:


Attack on Titan (subtitled)
Unbreakable Machine Doll (subtitled)
BlazBlue: Alter Memory (subtitled)
High School DxD Season 2 (subtitled)
Fairy Tail Part 6
Freezing: Vibration (subtitled)


Do you watch anime on your Xbox?



Wolf Children – Character Profiles – Ame


Younger (Japanese: Amon Kabe / English: Alison Viktorin)

Older (Japanese: Yukito Nishii / English: Micah Solusod)

Timid Ame – named after the rainy day on which he was born – is the exact opposite of his big sister. He is a timid boy who worries his mother by crying himself to sleep every night. He shows little interest in exploring his wolf heritage, refusing to stray too far from the safety of Hana. Gentle and thoughtful, Ame feels more at home in the human world than in the wild.




Wolf Children releases on BD/DVD Combo and DVD on November 26th. Click here to order your copy today.

New Release Tuesday – Let’s get Lucky!

Fans are in luck, today we’ve got two FUNimation releases and a Giant Ape Media release. On the anime side, we have One Piece Film: Strong World on BD/DVD Combo & DVD and Good Luck Girl! on BD/DVD Combo. On our live action side we’ve got the release of Season 3 of Lost Girl on Blu-ray and DVD.


First up, we’ve got One Piece Film: Strong World! This is the first time that fans have gotten a chance to hear the English voice of Brook–played by Ian Sinclair.



When the Straw Hats catch wind of trouble in the peaceful waters of the East Blue, they quickly set a course for home! But before they reach their destination, fate leads them into the deadly path of Golden Lion Shiki. This gravity-defying madman needs a navigator, and he wants Nami! Shiki scatters the Straw Hats across the far corners of a floating island filled with ferocious, genetically-mutated monsters, and issues Nami and ultimatum: join his crew – or her friends die! BIG mistake. Luffy kicks his attack mode into Third Gear and begins a brutal rampage across the beast-ridden island. It’s all hands on deck – including a new character – for this watershed adventure in the One Piece canon. Monkey vs. Lion. Winner gets the navigator!


Are you going to Anime North Texas?


If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend, be sure to stop by Anime North Texas! A brand new convention this year, our very own Justin Rojas will be appearing as a guest. Take a look at the FUNimation panel times below:


FUNimation Industry Panel – Saturday @ 2:00pm in Main Events

FUNimation Previews Panel – Saturday @ 3:00pm in Main Events


We hope to see you at our panels this weekend! Please stop by… we’ll be lonely otherwise…



Can you survive in Strong World?

To celebrate the release of epic One Piece movie Strong World we are holding a contest that will run through the weekend. Don’t let this fool you though, you will want to get on board with this contest as soon as you can! So with out further ado, here is how to play:

You have been dropped into Strong World, which is covered in all sorts of nasty creatures and huge beasts all ready to make you their dinner. If you want to survive you need to escape pronto. Luckily there have been clues left around the island that will help you get out alive.  Follow the clues through the island to claim your prize – your life, and something else extra special!


Jormungand – Brush Up on Your Norse Mythology


Norse mythology and culture have been inspiring our daily lives for over a thousand years (our days of the week, for example, are actually named for the Norse Gods: “Thursday” actually comes from “Thor’s Day”). Pop culture is immersed in Nordic myths. You can see their influence in things Marvel comics and movies, the TV series Vikings, and even anime properties like Fafner, Ah! My Goddess, and Jormungand. No doubt some of you went to go see Thor: The Dark World over the weekend and enjoyed Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.


Loki’s an interesting character—not just in the Marvel universe, but in the actual Norse myths as well. Many accounts depict Loki as having three children with the Giantess Angurboda: the wolf Fenrir, Hel (who acts as host to the dead), and the world serpent Jormungand. Jormungand grew so large that it encompassed all of Midgard (aka “Middle Yard” or “Middle Earth”), the land where humans dwell. It reached such length that it encircled the earth, until it was able to bite its own tail. This is an example of an ouroboros that Fullmetal Alchemist fans will no doubt find familiar. In Old Norse mythology, there are stories of contests and feats of strength and struggles between Thor and Jormungand. In fact, legends said the serpent would wrap its way around Earth until the end of days and the last, great battle at Ragnarok.