Our 2013 spring simulcast schedule is complete! Below you will find all of our currently streaming simulcasts along with their dates and times.

  Attack on Titan
Sun @ 11:00am ET (EVS)
Following Sun @1:00pm ET (Non-EVS)
  A Certain Scientific Railgun S
Sun @ 11:30am ET
Mon @ 1:30pm ET
  Red Data Girl
Wed @ 1:00pm ET
  Date A Live
Fri @ 1:30pm ET
  Hetalia: The Beautiful World
Fri @ 3:00pm ET
  The Devil is a Part-Timer
Fri @ 3:30pm ET
  One Piece
Sat @ 10:00pm ET

Attack on Titan will be available to Elite Video Subscribers first and then the episode will be available for FREE to non-subscribers the following Sunday at 1pm ET. All of the other simulcasts are available immediately for non-subscribers.

To sign up for your FREE 14 Elite Video Subscription membership, go tohttp://funimation.com/subscribe

The majority of our simulcasts are also available on Hulu! So, be sure to check them out there as well.