Of course you use your Xbox for gaming, but do you also use it to watch video content?  There’s no lack of fun stuff available for you to download via Xbox Live and Zune marketplace, including more than a bit of FUNimation entertainment.

Did you know that you can download digital episodes of some of our most popular simulcasts of the season the day after they air on FUNimation.com?

That’s right, you can get new episodes of JormungandLupin the Third the Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean the day after they stream on our site.  Just search for them in the Xbox Live/Zune marketplace.  If you get the season pass then you won’t have to worry about downloading them each week, it’ll be automatically delivered to you!

Are you watching any of these simulcasts?  What else would you like to see on Xbox Live/ZUNE?