Hey folks! In case you haven’t read or heard, FUNimation Channel has expanded its On Demand service to iO TV in the New York Metropolitan area. Remember when we had those petition cards at conventions? It paid off! Where can you find it on iO TV? Follow these simple steps:

  • Tune to Channel 500
  • Go to Movies On Demand
  • Look for FUNimation Anime

You will find titles such as Rin~Daughters of MnemosyneBlack Butler HDEden of the East HD,Evangelion 1.11 movieSekireiGoemon movie HDHetalia HD. This is a limited time offer so check out these shows and let friends, family, co-workers know that we are on iO TV. Episodes are available at $.95 each while movies are $2.95. Cablevision is testing to see how receptive their customers are to FUNimation Channel’s offering. So it’s really important for viewers and anime fans to participate and help us become a permanent fixture on iO TV.

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